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This Amount Of Betrothal Gift Is Definitely Not Enough

The orphanages New Years Eve party ended smoothly.

Yang Tianzhen said that the donation he promised would be in place in three days. He also asked Qiu Liang to drive Luo Feng to his house.

Qiu Liang thought that Luo Feng and Yang Tianzhen had reached some sort of agreement and that Luo Fengs status was higher than his, so he kept putting in a good word for Luo Feng, hoping that Luo Feng would put in a good word for him and beg Yang Tianzhen not to abandon him.

Luo Fengs words were perfunctory but Qiu Liang probably wouldnt be able to stay popular anymore if his memory served to be right.

The house was quiet when he returned home. His parents were already asleep.

Luo Feng quietly returned to his room and scrolled through the messages on his phone. There were a few more messages that said that he received a few more payments. The larger amounts were in the range of 10,000 yuan while the small ones were only a few hundred yuan.

It seemed that investing was not only about money, but also about feelings and information. Giving Yang Tianzhen a little hint also gave him a return of a few thousand yuan.

There was nearly 30,000 yuan in cash in the card, which was extremely reassuring for high school students.

Luo Feng felt that his dreams that night were extremely sweet.

The next morning, he rushed out and ran around the market after finishing his glutinous rice balls. Its the new year, so there arent many shops that are open. Luo Feng had to go through a lot of trouble to find a bookstore thats open.

He took the things to the orphanage after explaining the situation to the boss.

Dean Du cooked a large pot of glutinous rice balls for the orphanage early in the morning. She wanted to tidy up the courtyard after breakfast.

The sensible Ai Tingya woke up early and was distributing glutinous rice balls with a spoon.

Xiao Fei panted as she ran in from outside and cheered, “Xiao Ya, Luo Feng is here!”

Ai Tingya was secretly delighted, but remained calm on the surface, “So be it. Let him come in and eat glutinous rice balls.”

“No!” Xiao Fei slapped away the spoon in her hand and dragged her out the door. “He brought New Years gifts, a van full of books! So many of them!”

The two of them excitedly ran to the courtyard and saw Luo Feng counting the books. The children from the other orphanages were also helping.

“Luo Feng, what are you doing” Ai Tingya was shocked.

“I saw that your library is bare, those books look like they are about to fall apart, Ill buy a few to fill the shelves.” Luo Feng said indifferently.

Ai Tingya took a deep breath.

These are a few books Did you move the entire bookstore here!

“Oh my god! Why are there still papers”

“Throw it away!”

“Quick, bury it!”

Luo Feng bought all the books suitable for teenagers from the bookstore. There were also a few test papers mixed in. The child who helped to move the books was quietly thrown into the grass, thinking that no one saw it, and Dean Du picked it up and saved it.

Every child was happy to have new books. When the book count was almost done, Luo Feng took out his bank card and said, “Boss, Ill pay by card.”

“Thats a total of 25,000 yuan.” The bookstore owner said.

Ai Tingyas bargaining gene jumped again. She squeezed between the two of them and said, “Boss, we bought so many books. Give us a discount.”

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When the boss heard this, he chuckled and said, “Young lady, you really know how to survive. I havent finished speaking. Just give me 20,000 yuan for 25,000 yuan. I dont see any decent book shelves in your library. Ill get someone I know to make a few for you tomorrow. The money for the cabinets is also included in the 20,000 yuan. How about that”

Ai Tingya happily held the bosss hands and kept shaking them. “Thank you, boss. Youre really a good person!”

What Luo Feng was most afraid of hearing was Ai Tingya bargaining. He lost 5,000 yuan in bargaining which meant 50,000 yuan in cash. Should he say that Ai Tingya was a spendthrift or a good saver

“Youre already helping me save money so early” Luo Feng joked.

“I havent said anything about you yet! Where did you get so much money” Ai Tingya said angrily.

Normally, Ai Tingya would treat Luo Fengs purchases as money from Mother Luo. It definitely wasnt what Luo Fengs family should have now that he paid 20,000 yuan directly.

Luo Feng already knew this question would come up. He was still vexed about how to answer it, but he had a good reason to do so after last night.

“Last night, I introduced two people to Yang Tianzhen, and he gave me 30,000 yuan out of gratitude.” Luo Feng lied.

Ai Tingyas eyes widened in surprise. “30,000 yuan Is he that generous”

Luo Feng said half-truthfully. “People in the entertainment industry can earn big money if they have the ability. This bit of money is nothing to him.”

“So thats how it is…” Ai Tingya believed him and was immediately overwhelmed by emotions.

The first thing Luo Feng did when he received the money was to buy books for the orphanage. He was really caring. She didnt choose the wrong person, he was really worth entrusting herself to!

Ai Tingya happily hummed the song Luo Feng gave her thinking of this.

At this time, Luo Feng had already swiped his card. The phone in his pocket vibrated twice.

200,000 yuan entered his bank account!

The more he invested, the more he earned. This might be the joy of the snowball effect!

Small-scale methods of earning money were no longer enough to satisfy Luo Feng. He suddenly wanted to earn even more money as a New Years gift.

“You… Stay here and help us tidy up the library.” Ai Tingya urged him to stay. This was the first time she made a request to Luo Feng, and also the first time she tried to get closer to him.

Dean Du chuckled: “Xiao Ya, Luo Feng helped a lot, how could you let him work”

Xiao Fei pouted in dissatisfaction beside them. She knew that Luo Feng was a good person and that Xiao Ya would definitely be happy if she were with him. However, she also felt a bit of unwillingness so her feelings towards Luo Feng were rather complicated.

Hence, she muttered stubbornly, “Dont even think of marrying our Xiao Ya with this small amount of betrothal gifts!”

Ai Tingya was discussing with Dean Du on what to eat for lunch when Luo Feng happened to hear this. He turned to look at Xiao Fei who wasnt convinced.

Xiao Fei noticed that Luo Feng was looking at her and blinked guiltily. “What are you looking at”

Luo Feng pinched his chin and said thoughtfully. “This is indeed not enough.”

Xiao Fei panicked hearing this.


Whats not enough Isnt this enough Bro, I was just mentioning it casually. Wouldnt Xiao Yas heart bleed if you get anything more

Luo Feng also felt that buying some books wasnt enough. As the saying goes, wise up and strengthen your body. How could the orphanage not have a place to train their bodies

He had been negligent.

He hurriedly took his leave and looked for the nearest engineering team phone number, getting to the boss directly.

It was a good omen for business to come knocking on his door during the new year! The boss put down the melon seeds and candy and hurriedly gathered the workers on hand. When he heard that they were going to the orphanage to deliver warmth, he did not even have time to discuss the price before he carried his tools and went to the orphanage.

The boss of the engineering team had a good impression of the caring young man who contacted him.

“Little brother, its the new year and youre here to do charity work. Youre promising! Ill give you a discount!” The boss of the engineering team said generously.

“Theres no need!” Luo Feng quickly stopped them, “Its hard on everyone to make a trip during the new year, so you definitely have to earn more money for the inconvenience.”

He obtained the interest on the price he raised when he bought the sweater. This time, he wanted to raise it again to see if he could earn more!



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