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Hey, Are You A Transfer Student

“Good! As expected of our class belle! How ambitious!” Her best friend applauded cooperatively.

The more Xing Miaomiao was praised, the more excited she became. “I want to get into a good university, then Luo Feng will drop out of the rankings and be in a lousy job. Ill make him a toad who cant eat swan meat forever.”

“Thats right!” Her best friend chimed in hot-bloodedly. “He still dares to date in his third year of high school. Hes clearly courting death. Its a good opportunity for him to pull down Ai Tingyas results. Our sister group will be in the top few!”

The two of them held a private Oath-Taking


in an empty classroom, as if they could already see a good future for themselves.

Xing Miaomiao jumped up in high spirits and said, “Lets go and ask the teacher for some study materials. Im going to finish five papers when I get back tonight!”

Her best friends blood boiled at her words, and they walked to the office arm in arm.

At this moment, a handsome man walked towards them.

Her best friend shook Xing Miaomiaos arm excitedly and said in a low voice, “Miaomiao, look, theres a handsome man at eleven oclock! Hes about 1.8 meters tall and has a sharp nose and thin lips. Oh my god! His skin is so fair!”

“Its true!” Xing Miaomiao took a deep breath.

She was beautiful and knew how to dress up. She could modify her sack-like school uniform into curves, so almost all the handsome boys of the same age knew her.

“Why havent I seen him before” Xing Miaomiao quickly exchanged information with her best friend.

Her best friend was also puzzled. “Maybe he just transferred here. Why does he look a little familiar”

“Aiya, good-looking people are all similar.” Xing Miaomiao flipped her hair elegantly. “Watch me take him down!”

Her best friend rolled her eyes silently. Who said that she had to study hard just now She had lost her mind in such a short time.

The two of them maintained their arm-in-arm posture and moved towards the handsome man.

Just as they were about to brush past each other—

“Ouch!” Xing Miaomiao gasped and clutched her shoulder. “It hurts!”

Luo Fengs head was full of question marks.

You are the one who bumped into me, are you trying to pick a fight

He remembered that he had received several death glares from her when he had bypassed Xing Miaomiao last semester. She must have cursed him thousands of times in her heart.

“What are you doing” Luo Feng said coldly.

In Luo Fengs previous life, Xing Miaomiao ran away with his money when he was bedridden. Luo Feng didnt want to argue with her, and tried not to show his disgust on his face.

“It hurts.” Xing Miaomiao rubbed her shoulder pretentiously. “Classmate, you bumped into me. Shouldnt you give me an explanation”

“Classmate” Luo Feng sneered.

Did Xing Miaomiao take the wrong medicine

“I need to go to the infirmary. Classmate, send me there.” Xing Miaomiao said sweetly. She was confident that no boy would reject her with her beauty.

Luo Feng stared at Xing Miaomiaos shy face in surprise. He took a step back as if he had seen a ghost. After a while, he realized that she was trying to strike up a conversation with him.

The physique pills Luo Feng took had already completed his transformation after a month of accumulation. He was handsome and tall now. Only people who interacted with him often, like his parents, would recognize him at first glance.

“The infirmary might not be able to treat you,” Luo Feng laughed. “You should go to the ophthalmology department.”

In the past two days, the novel about cold handsome men having sharp tongues was especially popular. Xing Miaomiao thought that she had picked up a treasure.

She was not angry at all. “If I can see you, it means that theres nothing wrong with my eyes. My name is Xing Miaomiao. Handsome, whats your name”

Luo Feng rolled his eyes at her and sneered. “You should be very familiar with my name, right”

Xing Miaomiaos eyes widened. Could he be a famous person No wonder she found him familiar.

Luo Feng smiled as if he was looking at an idiot and said word by word. “My name is Luo Feng. Do you remember now, Classmate Xing Miaomiao”


Xing Miaomiao and her best friend took a step back in panic.

He really did seem to be Luo Feng!

A rare handsome man had suddenly become someone she hated. She was actually trying to seduce him. How embarrassing!

Xing Miaomiaos facial features scrunched up as if she had eaten a fly.

Luo Feng coldly snorted and bypassed her like a pole. He went straight back to the classroom and found a familiar seat to sit down on.

There were other classmates who filed in one after another in the classroom. They were all shocked to see him, especially Lei Jin, who was a lousy friend. The first thing he said when he saw Luo Feng was, “Luo Feng! You changed your head!”

Luo Feng glared at him and laughed, “I shouldnt have expected you to say anything nice.”

Lei Jin sat down on his desk and curiously pinched Luo Fengs face. He clicked his tongue and praised. “The doctors skills are really good. Theres no wound at all… Could it be the nourishment of love How far have you and Ai Tingya progressed”

His mind was filled with unspeakable things with a sleazy smile.

Luo Feng started to play with him as he spoke.

At this moment, Ai Tingya walked into the classroom. Her hair, which was originally used to cover her face, was gathered up and tied into a ponytail behind her head. She was wearing a purple sweater under her school uniform.

Everyone in the class, with the exception of Luo Feng, was attracted to her as soon as she entered the classroom. Even Xing Miaomiao, who prided herself on her beauty, couldnt help but be stunned. The originally noisy classroom instantly fell silent.

Ai Tingya was able to face Luo Fengs gaze calmly after a month of winter break. She sat next to Luo Feng nonchalantly, put down her bag, and asked. “Why is everyone looking at me Is there anything wrong with me”

Luo Feng smiled and didnt say anything. He was extremely proud of himself.

Lei Jin said in surprise, “Oh my god! The two of you are so comfortable with each other! Is it too late for me to find a girlfriend now”

Ai Tingya didnt understand what he meant and turned to look at Luo Feng questioningly.


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The other male students gasped in unison.

She was too d*mn beautiful! Why hadnt they realized it before

Luo Feng smiled without saying anything and slapped Lei Jins face: “Go back to your seat, Teacher Yu is coming”

His words seemed to be able to predict the future. The sound of high heels came from the corridor.

Teacher Yu walked in with the lesson plan. She puffed out her chest proudly when she saw the orderly class. “I havent seen you for a semester, but everyone has become sensible. Our class was the quietest along the way. The class monitor has done very well.”

The class monitor lowered his head in shame, not wanting to say that all of this was thanks to Ai Tingya.

Teacher Yu held the podium with both hands. The students knew that this was her standard posture for talking about important matters, so they propped themselves up.

“Ill make the long story short. This semester is the last semester for everyone. Its very important, so Ive decided… The two students at the back, did you guys go to the wrong class”

Teacher Yu asked Luo Feng and Ai Tingya.

This was a little awkward. After confirming that there were no such good-looking children in her class, Teacher Yu could not ignore their looks and changed the serious topic.

Luo Feng smiled. “Teacher Yu, Im Luo Feng and shes Ai Tingya.”


It is a rally to pledge their resolution before major events such as the college entrance exams.



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