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The Examination Begins, Xing Miaomiaos Trick!

Luo Feng left the classroom with light footsteps after obtaining a satisfactory result.

The other teacher watched him walk away before saying, “Teacher Yu, are you alright Why are you being led by the nose by a student Are you the one lecturing him or is it the other way around”

“It doesnt matter. Ill thank the gods if Luo Feng can really get first place. Last semesters end-of-semester questions were simple, and he couldnt even be ranked in the entire grade. Look at how proud he is now. I can use this opportunity to teach him a lesson. In the future, he should behave himself while sitting under my nose!” Teacher Yu said nonchalantly.

“But I dont think hes bragging. What if he really gets first place” Another teacher said worriedly.

Luo Feng exuded a rare sense of maturity as a student when he spoke just now. Even though it felt like Teacher Yu was lecturing him, in reality, he had the reins all the time. He had already explained the conditions of the bet, yet Teacher Yu was still completely unaware.

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“Hehe, my class has one more person on the rankings if he really gets first place. Whats there to be unhappy about” Teacher Yu snorted.

She would not lose out either way. She had nothing to lose even if she was led by the nose.

Luo Feng returned to the classroom and felt the gazes of his classmates as if they were looking at a hero.

He actually came back in one piece Didnt she skin him alive

Lei Jin happily ran over and sat on Ai Tingyas seat, asking him: “Luo Feng, what did Teacher Yu say to you”

Luo Feng looked around and asked, “Where did Tingya go”

“The math teacher called her away the moment you left. She probably went to help tidy up the office.” Lei Jin quickly explained and asked, “What did Teacher Yu say to you”

The other students also pricked up their ears to listen.

Luo Feng said calmly, “I suggested that I continue to sit at the same table as Tingya after getting first place. Teacher Yu agreed.”

“Huh” Lei Jin opened his mouth wide and immediately said with pity, “Brother, I heard that love makes people blind. Now I know that it is true by looking at you. First place, are you joking”

“Do I look like Im joking” Luo Feng said calmly.

“Alright, I got it” Lei Jin stood up and hugged Luo Fengs shoulder, “Brother, I support you. Lets go, Ill treat you to sausages to support your love career!”

Luo Feng looked at his watch. It was lunchtime.

He thought that Ai Tingya must not have prepared lunch. “Just nice. Ill buy some lunch for Tingya. Lets go to the convenience store beside the canteen.”


Someone burped, as if they had seen too much flirting around.

The student who had been eavesdropping on the gossip did not expect to be stuffed with these lovey dovey sh*t. He awkwardly retracted his attention.

Xing Miaomiao, who was also eavesdropping, stomped her feet in anger. In the past, she was the only one who could enjoy the treatment of being fed by Luo Feng. She even saved her living expenses and obtained enough money to operate on her double eyelids by doing this.

Now, both her results and looks were inferior to Ai Tingyas!

“Luo Feng, just you wait. You definitely wont get first place!” Xing Miaomiao glared at Luo Feng and began to think about how to make things difficult for him.

The news of Luo Feng and Teacher Yus bet quickly spread throughout the entire third year.

Ai Tingya was the last to know. She had been waiting in her seat ever since she came back from the office.

What awaited her wasnt an explanation from Luo Feng, but a sumptuous lunch.

Luo Feng bought a portion of braised beef, stir-fried lettuce, a small bowl of minced meat egg soup, and kelp soup. There was also a roasted sausage in the rice.

He sat down with a smile and said. “Lei Jin sponsored it as a friend. Hurry up and eat.”

After a semester and a summer break, Ai Tingya was already used to Luo Fengs feeding and no longer shrink from it.

She picked up her chopsticks and took two bites. Then, she said worriedly, “I heard about the bet between you and Teacher Yu. Are you really confident in getting first place”

Luo Fengs grades were indeed improving at a godly speed, but boasting about it right after the start of school was worrying.

“Its just getting the first in the class. Ill still be able to get in even if its for the top student of our year.” Luo Feng said sincerely without any hint of bragging.

Ai Tingya didnt want to hurt Luo Feng, so she forced a smile and said, “I heard from the math teacher that the first test will be in a week. You have to work harder these few days.”

“Yes Madam!” Luo Feng said confidently.

A week passed very quickly. After the third year of high school entered the second half of the semester, any form of leisure and entertainment became an extravagant hope. Originally, they would rest for two days after five days of studying, but now, they would study for six and a half days and rest for half a day.

Ai Tingya didnt even have time to tutor Luo Feng even if she wanted to.

The agreed time had arrived in the blink of an eye.

The students had never expected the exam to start as soon as they did now.

Teacher Yu stepped on her standard high heels and slammed the thick test paper on the lecture table.

“This set of papers was set by me and the teacher from the next class. Theyre all questions that I usually talk about! Its very advantageous for you guys. Take the test well this time! I hope you didnt return the knowledge to me!”

Teacher Yus big eyes would become as sharp as an eagles every time it was time for the exam. The students kept quiet out of fear and could not help but shiver as she shot her laser beams.

“Luo Feng, sit here!” Teacher Yu pointed at the first row.

Luo Feng sat in the designated seat with a nonchalant expression. The only thing that bothered him was that Xing Miaomiao was only one classmate away from him.

“Proctor, please check the seal on the test paper.”

“Proctor, please distribute the test papers.”

“Please start answering the questions. The examination time is 120 minutes!”

They broadcasted the exact instructions for the college entrance examination. Teacher Yu began to patrol the middle of the aisle with her hands behind her back.

She was like a patrolling yaksha. Her small figure carried a powerful aura. The students on both sides did not dare to breathe loudly everywhere she walked.

What was worse was that she would stop as she walked. The sound of her high heels stepping on the ground was too obvious, and they could accurately tell that she had stopped behind a boy.


The boy did not dare to turn his head or touch his pen. He only felt a chill run down his spine. He felt that Teacher Yu was looking at his answer.

“Hmph.” Teacher Yu let out a long sigh and walked over in disappointment.

The boy was so frightened that his heart was pounding. He started to check the answers he wrote before he finished writing the test paper.

Xing Miaomiao smiled with this pressure.

There was a black thermos on her table that could reflect the scene behind her with a 360 degrees view. She could tell how far away the teacher was from her even though it was not very clear.

While Teacher Yus back was facing her, she secretly took out a note from her pocket and looked straight at Luo Feng.

She knew that her chances of winning would be unknown if she tried to use her lukewarm results to suppress Luo Feng.

She might as well “help” Luo Feng. The note in her hand was a gift prepared for Luo Feng! The answers were written all over it.

Luo Feng, its up to you whether you get caught or not!



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