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Dont Speak, I Predicted What You Would Do

Xing Miaomiao hid the paper ball in her palm. It was the size of a pearl and would definitely attract attention if it fell to the ground.

Just as she was about to throw it when the hurried sound of high heels came from behind her, and the reflection in the thermos became bigger and bigger!

Xing Miaomiao quickly tightened her grip on the paper ball and pretended that she was writing furiously.

Teacher Yu swept past her angrily, making the students on both sides heave a sigh of relief.

Xing Miaomiao carefully looked up and saw that Luo Feng had put down his pen and was looking at the ceiling with his legs crossed.

Teacher Yu walked beside him and stopped. Even her peripheral vision emitted anger.

She did not only care about her students grades. Teacher Yu treated children with bad grades but good character equally and even taught them more patiently.

The only students who had made her lose her patience were students with the wrong attitudes!

The exam had only started for 20 minutes, but Luo Feng had already revealed his true colors. His sitting posture was frivolous, and he didnt blend into the serious atmosphere of the exam at all.

Teacher Yu stood beside him and glared at him.

Luo Feng didnt understand. Was it forbidden to be in a daze in the examination hall

Teacher Yu squeezed out a voice from between his teeth. “Sit properly! Theres a patrol leader watching!”

Luo Feng helplessly sat up straight on his chair and stared blankly at the blackboard with his chin propped up. If it wasnt for the exams rule that one could only hand up the paper during the last half an hour, Luo Feng would have already handed in his paper and gone out for a stroll.

He shook the paper for Teacher Yu to take a good look seeing that she had no intention of leaving. He had already finished writing.

He finished writing in half an hour Even copying answers wouldnt be that fast.

Teacher Yu continued, “You have to check after youre gone writing…”

“I checked it twice.” Luo Feng said lightly.

“Hiss—” Teacher Yu was full of questions. She lowered her head and helped Luo Feng check the test papers.

The more she read, the more her brows furrowed and relaxed. After reading half of it, she could not help but smile.

Everything was right!

Not only did Luo Feng get it right, he even used a rare solution to the big question!

Teacher Yu could not help but flip the paper over. The two big questions at the back were a little beyond the examination syllabus. They needed new knowledge that the students had yet to learn. The purpose was to see how many children had studied new classes during the winter break.

Luo Fengs blank space was filled to the brim. If it wasnt for the difference in the solution, Teacher Yu would have suspected that she had accidentally missed a question.

“…Dont be arrogant.” She forced out a reminder after holding it in for some time.

Luo Feng raised his head and smiled. “Thank you teacher for your guidance.”

“Hmph.” Teacher Yu patted Luo Fengs head lightly and continued to patrol with her hands behind her back.

Xing Miaomiao, who was only one person away, heard their conversation clearly. She heard Luo Feng say that he had checked it twice, she then looked at Teacher Yu who couldnt help but smile.

He did not look like he had been scolded.

Xing Miaomiaos palms were sweating. She suddenly did not dare to frame him anymore. She had a feeling that she would shoot herself in the foot.

She scolded herself for being a coward. She had retreated without doing anything.

However, thinking from another perspective, if Luo Feng saw the note and got caught, the handwriting would definitely lead back to her. Even though she wrote with her left hand, her writing habits could still be discerned.

Xing Miaomiao consoled herself that she didnt prepare enough this time. She would definitely teach Luo Feng a lesson next time!

Hence, she silently stuffed the paper ball under her butt.

At the same time, Ai Tingya also noticed Luo Feng.

She knew that if Luo Feng wanted to get first place in the class, she would be the biggest obstacle… She hoped that Luo Feng could win since she also wanted to continue being Luo Fengs deskmate. Being by Luo Fengs side made her feel extremely at ease.

Ai Tingya had pre-studied a new class during the winter break and saw the purpose of the last two major questions.

She didnt know if Luo Feng would be able to do it, Luo Feng would always drag her out to shop because during winter break. In other words… if she wanted to help Luo Feng, she would have to give up on them.

At the thought of this, Ai Tingya hastily wrote an answer in the blank space of the first big question. Then, she turned back and began to check.

Luo Feng, this is all I can do.

Immediately after, the two-day foundation test quickly ended.

Luo Fengs performance in almost every exam was the same. He finished it within half an hour and handed in his paper half an hour in advance. Then, while the other students were packing up their stationery and complaining about how difficult the exam questions were, Luo Feng brought food back, chatted and laughed with Ai Tingya.

Even though Ai Tingya looked like she had a lot on her mind, she was happy to see Luo Feng. The hearts of half of the boys in the classroom melted the moment she smiled.

“How can this question be wrong!”

“Did this person listen to the class or not!”

“What kind of essay is this Even a chickens beak looks better than this!”

“The chemical formulas are all wrong. Where did the last bunch come from”

The teachers of the various subjects who were editing the papers were about to be broken by all kinds of strange answers in the classroom office. There was a nameless fire that could not be extinguished no matter how much chrysanthemum tea was poured down their throats.

“Im so angry. Still thinking about taking the college entrance examination at this level” Teacher Yu slapped the book on the table speechlessly. One more look and her eyes would hurt.

“Dont be angry, dont be angry. Teacher Yu, look at this paper. The answer is very good. The paper is also very clean!” The teacher beside her called out in surprise. “Everyone, come and take a look too. I wonder which class this student is from.”

It was rare for there to be such a high evaluation. Even teachers who did not teach mathematics leaned forward to take a look.

“Its really very good. Theres no mark at all.”

“The handwriting doesnt look like its from our class. What a pity.”

“I want to remember this students name. Lets have a sneak peak at who he is.”


The mathematics teachers were discussing this perfect paper. Teacher Yu glanced at it and retreated to the back quietly. Fireworks exploded in her heart.

Wasnt this Luo Fengs paper She had already seen it once during the invigilation.

She pretended not to know as she looked at the scenery.

Then one of the teachers said in surprise: “Luo Feng! Hes from Teacher Yus class!”

All the teachers attention shifted from the papers to Teacher Yu. They said enviously, “Teacher Yu, why havent I heard you mention such a good student in your class”

“Ill be thankful if our classs papers are half as good as Luo Fengs.”

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“Teacher Yu, can you lend me your lesson plan I also want to help the students in my class.”

“I only knew about Ai Tingya from your class in your class. Why havent I heard of Luo Feng”

Teacher Yus face had never been as bright as it was at that moment. There was an uncontrollable joy on her face.

She pretended to be angry and said, “Luo Feng Dont mention him. He made a bet with me and said he wanted to get first place in order to sit with a girl. I thought he was bragging! Was that his paper Did you see it wrong”

“No!” A teacher handed over the original paper and opened the gap to reveal the name.


Teacher Yu covered her mouth and laughed. “Aiyo, I knew this kid had a lot of potential previously. He has finally exploded now.”



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