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Announcing The Results, Two Unexpected Results!

After the bet with Luo Feng, Teacher Yu told the other teachers to keep an eye on Luo Feng and tell her about his performance in the exam.

It was definitely ones strength to do well in all six subjects even if one could fluke to do well in one subject.

Therefore, the other teachers were so envious that they were about to drool.

“I have always known that Luo Feng was a smart kid. Hes finally willing to focus on his studies.” Teacher Yu patted his chest with relief.

Another teacher who witnessed the entire bet felt that something was wrong.

Teacher Yu, that wasnt what you said previously!

The other teachers said enviously, “Teacher Yu, youre really something. If Luo Feng is in our class, Ill let him sit wherever he wants. It doesnt matter even if he wants to sit with me. Ill move my desk to the classroom.”

“Isnt this to motivate him These children will never know how to work hard without some tricks.” Teacher Yu said proudly.

The teachers could not help but applaud. They all felt that Teacher Yu had taught him well!

In another classroom.

The students waited nervously for the results to be announced.

Everyone felt that the questions this time were too difficult. It was barely possible to finish them in 120 minutes.

The bell rang.

The sound of Teacher Yus signature high heels could be heard in the corridor. Every step was like an approaching Asura.


The thick test paper was thrown on the desk. Teacher Yu said coldly with a straight face, “This test has simply disappointed me to the extreme. Youve all gone crazy during vacation and returned me all the knowledge Ive given you! Someone even dared to score 15 points!”

The students below the stage sat upright with their heads lowered, not daring to raise them. It was as if they would not be the one who scored 15 points as long as they did not meet the teachers eyes.

Teacher Yu walked around the podium with her hands behind her back. “Especially for a few people! Leaving the big questions behind empty. Are you waiting for me to write them for you Didnt I emphasize that you have to try your best to write some formulas even if you dont know how to do it! Didnt I teach you to figure out the teachers intentions”

The students all looked at Luo Feng hearing her resentful tone.

Everyone saw him hand in his paper half an hour in advance and ran out to buy food. It was a classic case of giving up everything.

Previously, he had boasted that he would get first place in the exam. Now, he has lost a lot of face.

“It seems that everyone knows that Im talking about you, Ai Tingya!” Teacher Yu said sadly, “What do you want me to think Come up and get your paper. 92 marks!”

A passing grade was a major failure for Ai Tingya, who was firmly in the top three.

However, Ai Tingya did not feel sad. She only felt that she had let Teacher Yu down.

She took the paper back and walked back. Luo Feng asked worriedly beside her. “Whats wrong Are you feeling unwell”

It was not a big deal if she did badly. He was only worried about Ai Tingyas condition. He reached out to take Ai Tingyas paper and wanted to help her sort out the wrong questions.

“Im fine.” Ai Tingya quickly took the paper and stuffed it into her desk drawer, not allowing Luo Feng to look at it.

Her pride wouldnt be able to take it if Luo Feng knew that he was going easy on him.

She smiled brightly and said. “Its alright, I just didnt do as well as I normally do.”

The other students at the side also blushed when they saw this scene.

Ai Tingya smiled like the most beautiful flower in spring. Anyone would want to admire her.

At this moment, Teacher Yu, who was on stage, changed the topic. “Also, a student improved a lot in this exam! Luo Feng scored full marks!”

“Not only that, but he is top in all subjects. Not only is he the first in our class, but hes also the first in the entire grade! Everyone, clap!”


The class burst into applause immediately. The applause was like a tidal wave. Everyones eyes were wide open, unable to believe that Luo Feng was actually a hidden expert!

A smile finally appeared on Teacher Yus serious face when the applause stopped. “Ill paste the total score sheet next to the blackboard. Students, please learn from Luo Feng.”

The students swarmed forward impatiently as soon as Teacher Yu pasted the form and made way.

Their own results didnt matter anymore, how on earth did Luo Feng manage to get first place

“You can even score 150 marks in Chinese Can your essay be used as a template”

Logically speaking, it was rare for an essay to get full marks since one or two marks would be deducted no matter what. However, Luo Fengs writing was simply too invincible, and there was nothing wrong with its appeal, so he got a rare full score.

“Full marks for English!”

“Full marks for science!”

“Luo Feng is going to defy the heavens!”

The exam this time was ridiculously difficult. The difference between the second place in the class and Luo Fengs total score was as much as 129 points, and this was under the condition that the second place got full marks in English!

This seemed to confirm the old saying: The second place got 150 marks because he could only get 150 marks, while Luo Feng got 150 marks because there were only 150 marks on the test paper.

The students were so shocked that they were speechless. They had never thought about how it felt to have a God-level top student by their side.

However, Luo Feng felt that such a small matter wasnt worth mentioning.

He pushed aside the students in front of him and searched for Ai Tingyas results.


Ai Tingya, who had always been in the top three, had actually fallen below the 25th place. That shouldnt be the case…

Luo Feng frowned and turned his head to look at Ai Tingya, who hadnt moved.

She didnt seem to be surprised that she had dropped more than ten places. It was fine if she didnt perform well in one subject, but why were all of them hovering around the passing mark

He returned to Ai Tingyas side and wanted to talk to her, but he saw Ai Tingyas smile when he was about to speak, as if telling Luo Feng not to ask too much. He suddenly didnt know where to start.


After the class meeting ended, Lei Jin wore a fawning smile as he squatted beside Luo Feng. “My brother, will you still keep your promise of tutoring me”

Luo Feng vaguely remembered something from last semester and replied: “Sure, when are you free”

“How about your place after school”

“That wont do. My mother asked Tingya to go to our house for dinner. Do you want to be a third wheel”

“Ah! Youre too fast! Youre moving in together”

Lei Jin was even more shocked when he heard that Luo Feng was the top student in the entire year when he heard this news. He knew that there was no chance for him to make up for it, so he came up with another brilliant plan.

“If you cant tutor me, why dont you introduce me to someone Its best if shes beautiful and has good grades! I also want to risk my life for someone! Perhaps my conception and governing vessels will be opened!” Lei Jin said yearningly.

“Haha, you have everything in a dream, why dont you be the third wheel then” Luo Feng mercilessly attacked.

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“Youre not even willing to grant me passionate love Are you still my brother” Lei Jin stomped his feet.

Luo Jin gave him a disdainful look. How should he make Lei Jin accept the difference in intelligence It was reality even though it was cruel!


“Oh You want to date too”

At some point in time, Teacher Yu had appeared behind Lei Jin like a ghost. She had a fake smile on her face, and the corners of her mouth curled up slightly, looking very terrifying.

Lei Jin broke out in cold sweat. “I was joking!”

With that, he ran out.

Teacher Yu snorted. When could these children not make her worry

Then she turned to look at Luo Feng: “Follow me to the office.”



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