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Warming Your Hands, Not Letting You Take Advantage

Luo Feng carried his bag and walked into the classroom early the next morning. He saw Ai Tingya sitting in the first row under the podium and Teacher Yu standing on the podium. Her face was full of smiles when she saw Luo Feng.

She seemed to be saying, “I mean what I say, but do you think Ill let you guys continue to sit at the back Naive!”

She directly moved their seats to the front. Theirs was the only two tables placed side by side in the class. The others seemed to be allergic to all their other classmates. Their desks were separated by an aisle.

Luo Feng stuffed his bag into the drawer while Ai Tingya sat awkwardly in her seat.

“Im still in the first row.”

She still felt imprisoned when she was constantly exposed to others gaze even though she was no longer afraid of them.

Luo Feng resisted. “Teacher Yu, we can study hard no matter where we sit. Its easy for us to be short-sighted if were too close. You should leave this precious position to your weaker classmates.”

Teacher Yu snorted smugly. “The two of you are now the focus of my protection. Its more convenient for everyone if you sit here.”

I dont believe that you dare to flirt with each other under the teachers nose.

She thought.

“But my lungs would be filled with chalk dust.” Luo Feng opened his mouth and said. He didnt really like the first row. During the last exam, he kept hearing rustling sounds behind him, which made him very uncomfortable.

The stronger their reaction, the more necessary it was for them to sit in the first row.

Teacher Yu waved his hand. “Students, you have to study hard after changing seats. Dont think about nonsense.”

She left the classroom with light steps without waiting for Luo Feng to reply.

The two of them looked at each other and smiled helplessly.

“Dont worry about this for now. You havent had breakfast yet, right” Ai Tingya pulled her chair out and asked with concern.

Luo Feng took out a boiled egg from his pocket and handed it to her. “Ive already eaten, but the porridge my mom made this morning was too watery. Eating it was like not eating it at all.”

Ai Tingya took out a meat bun from her clothes and exchanged it for the boiled egg upon hearing this. “This meat bun is very delicious. Eat it quickly.”

Luo Feng looked at the steaming hot meat bun in his hand and sniffed it.

It was indeed very fragrant, and Ai Tingya was afraid it would turn cold, so she put it inside her clothes. The bag still had the fragrance of lemon soap on it. Luo Feng was very familiar with the scent on Ai Tingyas body, so he could smell it immediately.

“Have you eaten” Luo Feng asked.

“Yes, Ive eaten.” Ai Tingya peeled the boiled egg seriously without looking at Luo Feng.

Her small actions were too obvious. Ai Tingya really did not know how to lie.

Luo Feng placed the meat bun on the table and stared at Ai Tingyas face until her face turned red.

Ai Tingya turned her head away guiltily and said, “How do you know that I havent eaten”

“Of course I know. You usually rely on steamed buns for three meals, but youre willing to eat meat buns for breakfast Hurry up and eat this too!” Luo Feng said.

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Does she think Im an idiot

Luo Feng opened the package without any explanation and stuffed the meat bun into Ai Tingyas mouth. He then took the boiled egg, peeled it, and placed it on her other hand.

Ai Tingya didnt dare to resist. She held the meat bun and took two bites. Her round, little squirrel eyes observing Luo Fengs every move.

“Next time, remember to buy it for yourself.” Luo Feng didnt forget to nag. Ai Tingya and him had been together for so long, but Ai Tingya still hasnt learned how to take care of herself. What if he wasnt with her

Ai Tingya bit the meat bun and said. “I am taking good care of myself.”

“Youre taking care of yourself by eating steamed buns three times a day”

“I… I have to save money…”

Luo Feng was confused: “You can still save money even though you are in the orphanage”

“Of course. The Dean will give us an allowance every year during the new year. In the past, I also went out to work part-time when my schoolwork wasnt heavy.” Ai Tingya immediately stood up and said proudly at the mention of this.

Before entering high school, Ai Tingya would wash dishes or hand out flyers every week. She had done almost all the jobs that minors could do.

Luo Feng felt his heart tighten. He joked, “What do you want to do with the money you saved”

Ai Tingya thought for a moment and said, “University tuition, living expenses, these all cost money. I also want to buy a washing machine for the orphanage, but this might have to wait until I start working.”

She was too sensible and saw things too far ahead.

Luo Feng found it hard to imagine a middle schooler worrying about college tuition fees, saving so much money that she would only eat steamed buns and pickled vegetables for three meals a day. She held back her desires to save as much money as she could.

And yet this frugal Ai Tingya spent money to buy me a meat bun that she couldnt bear to eat herself…

Luo Feng grabbed a piece of bun skin and stuffed it into his mouth. He didnt want to let Ai Tingya down, so he repeatedly praised it. “The bun skin dipped in gravy is the best. The bun you bought tastes really good.”

Seeing this, Ai Tingya smiled even more happily than if she had eaten a meat bun herself.

Luo Feng smiled slyly: “But next time, youll have to use your mouth to feed me.”

“Hey you!” Ai Tingya blushed and finished the remaining buns in two to three bites.

Students filed in one after another while the two of them were chatting.

They saw the two of them sitting at the front, caring for each other affectionately. In the end, they went to the corridor to take a walk helplessly, lest they became third wheels for the young couple here.

The bell rang.

The first class was Teacher Yus math class.

She stood on the podium and was able to see Luo Feng and Ai Tingyas actions with the slightest turn of her head. She didnt believe that the two of them were still in the mood to do anything with this scrutiny.

“Alright, everyone, take out yesterdays exercise book.” Teacher Yu took the chalk and officially started class.

Luo Feng yawned in boredom.

Putting aside the fact that he had learned this knowledge in his previous life, the things in his textbook were no longer difficult ever since he took the pill.

Learning what he already knew made him feel like he was wasting his youth. If it werent for the fact that Ai Tingya needed to listen to class, he would have brought her out to play and see the world.


His eyes wandered aimlessly around the classroom, looking at everything except the blackboard.

At this moment, Ai Tingya looked a little strange.

She shrunk her neck, and her taut facial muscles looked like she was about to break her molars. Her breathing was thin and broken, and the hand holding the pen was red, as if she had just been fished out of ice water.

Her handwriting was crooked, and Ai Tingya was so anxious that she kept sniffing.

“Not feeling well” Luo Feng asked softly.

“Its a little cold.” Ai Tingyas voice trembled. “I cant hold the pen well.”

Spring was cold. The difference in temperature between day and night was huge even though the sun came out more often than winter. It was no different from winter in the mornings.

Only then did Luo Feng realize that Ai Tingya was dressed inadequately. There was only a thin cotton shirt under her school uniform.

He unzipped his jacket and took Ai Tingyas hand, letting her reach into his clothes for warmth. This was the fastest way to keep warm.

Ai Tingyas face was so red that it looked like blood was about to drip out. She struggled twice, but Luo Feng was too strong and forced her hand down.

She could no longer resist the warmth. She slowly opened her fist and pressed it against Luo Fengs tight waist.




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