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Someone Confessed to Ai Tingya!

It was already autumn when she got close to Luo Feng last semester. Everyone was wearing long sleeves.

Ai Tingya didnt expect Luo Fengs figure to be so good. Her hands that were gradually warming up could feel the tight muscles on his waist. It seemed like she could even feel the defined shape of Luo Fengs muscles.

She was suddenly curious about what Luo Feng looked like under his clothes.

Ai Tingya mustered up her courage and slowly moved her hand under Luo Fengs clothes to his abdomen, unable to resist her curiosity.

It felt like a chessboard. Ai Tingya pinched it in disbelief.

“Pfft.” Luo Feng laughed at the punch.

This was a classroom after all. It was too outrageous to laugh out loud.

He resisted the itch and pressed down on Ai Tingyas hand to warn her. “Dont move.”

Ai Tingya felt that he was too interesting this way. He did not want her to move so she insisted on moving. Her slender fingers were like squirming little bugs as they wandered around the clear boundary of his abs.

“So you have abs.” Ai Tingya said mischievously. Her shyness did not stop her from causing trouble.

Luo Feng had no choice but to use his eyes to warn Ai Tingya to behave, afraid that he would burst out laughing.

“I wont.” Ai Tingya found it extremely interesting.

Luo Feng grabbed her hand and squeezed out a few words. “Dont move! Otherwise, Ill touch you too!”

Dont force me to be a hooligan!

“Haha.” Ai Tingya snickered. She squeezed the abs one last time and pulled her hand back.

She held her warm hand, which still had Luo Fengs warmth on it. Warmth that was boiling in her chest.

“Ill teach you a lesson after class.” Luo Feng glared at Ai Tingya and raised his head to listen to the class.

He coincidentally met Teacher Yus speechless gaze.

Young people nowadays really know how to enjoy life. Everywhere is a sweet garden, right It doesnt matter if the teacher is up there or not, right Do you think I cant see

Teacher Yu felt that she was a little redundant for the first time. She shouldnt be on the podium. She should be at eye level, that way she didnt have to see this sickly sweetness.

For the first time, she regretted moving the two of them from the last row to the first row, implicating the students behind them.

“Luo Feng, come up here and solve this question. Ive just explained it.” Teacher Yu decided to teach Luo Feng a lesson. Otherwise, he wouldnt be thinking about studying anymore.

He must not have listened to the lecture when he was playing with Ai Tingya just now.


Luo Feng tidied up his clothes and walked up to the podium. He picked up a piece of chalk and quickly wrote down the steps for answering the questions. His movements were so fast that Teacher You almost couldnt react.

Luo Feng threw the chalk back into the chalk slot when it was time to write the answer and said “Theres only simple multiplication left following the steps. I wont waste everyones time.”

With that, he stuffed his hands into his pockets and returned to his seat.

“Ugh…” Teacher Yu reacted for a while before remembering that she was the one teaching, “Luo Fengs answer is very good, everyone should learn from him”

She originally wanted to use this as an excuse to make Luo Feng restrain himself, but in the end, he managed to pull one over on her!

The female students looked at Luo Fengs back in admiration, while the other male students rolled their eyes.

Teacher, do you think were blind

Learn from Luo Feng to hold hands with girls during class Can we get good results by holding hands

The heavens are unfair!

However, Luo Feng managed to get first place, so the students could only silently swallow their public display of affection. After all, this was fed to them by the top student.

After the class ended, Teacher Yu looked at Luo Feng again. “You two come with me to the office.”

The two of them fell far behind Teacher Yu.

“Why is Teacher Yu looking for us Is she trying to say that we shouldnt joke around in class” Ai Tingya said uneasily.

She was a good student who did not worry the teachers and had never been called to the office by a teacher to be educated.

Luo Feng pursed his lips and said, “Youre the one making a scene, okay Warming your hands and even tickling me. Lucky for us, I did not laugh out loud, so I can still argue later. Otherwise, itd really be considered as flirting.”

“Who are you talking about Whos flirting with you” Ai Tingya scolded jokingly.

You cant blame your abs for being too charming!

The two of them walked into the office and saw Teacher Yu drinking chrysanthemum tea. She felt that it was not enough and poured herself another cup when she saw the two of them enter.

“I called you here mainly because theres an Oath-Taking Rally next week. Ive decided to let you two speak as the student representative.” Teacher Yu carried herbal tea and said, “You can go up to speak separately.”

Luo Fengs exam results were so good that even the principal knew about it.

Initially, Teacher Yu thought that it would be too hasty to use his performance on one examination to decide on this. She wanted to find a more stable classmate to go up. However, the principal felt that Luo Feng was a good example and asked for him to go up and speak.

As for Ai Tingya, she had deliberately gotten the results this time but she was usually a sensible and obedient student, so there was nothing wrong with letting her go up.

“Go back and prepare your speech. Is there a problem” Teacher Yu asked.

Ai Tingya heaved a sigh of relief. She thought she was going to be scolded. “Im fine.”

“Hm. Luo Feng, you…” Teacher Yu was the most worried about Luo Feng. She took out a document from the drawer, “Theres a template for a speech here. If you dont know how to write it, just refer to it. Dont embarrass our class.”

“Got it.” Luo Feng knew he didnt need it, but he still received it with both hands.

After leaving the office, the two of them took advantage of the break to relax at the track.

There were no other good pastimes on campus, so the two of them walked slowly around the track.

Ai Tingya stretched and said, “Its really uncomfortable sitting in the first row. I dont dare to move at all.”

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Luo Feng recalled how she was shivering from the cold just now. He took off his jacket and draped it over Ai Tingyas shoulders.


“Thank you.” Ai Tingya was touched.

The two of them walked forward in silence and sweetness.

At this moment, a few boys ran over from the other side of the track. Halfway through, the boy in the lead retreated a little. He was pushed forward by the boys behind him to Ai Tingya.

“Classmate, whats the matter” Ai Tingya tilted her head and asked.

“Classmate Ai Tingya, I like you!” The boy mustered his courage and shouted.

Ai Tingya subconsciously took half a step back.

The boy pursued relentlessly. “Ive been paying attention to you for a long time. Be with me. Ill definitely make you happy!”

“But I dont like you.” Ai Tingyas smile disappeared, leaving no room for him to fantasize.

The boy didnt expect to be rejected so bluntly. “You dont have to answer in a hurry. We can get to know each other…”

“Theres no need, classmate. Im in my third year of high school now. Im focused on my studies! I think youre in the same grade as me. Study hard. Youll have everything in university.” She lectured the other party sternly with a hint of anger on her face.

The boy looked very sad and left with his friends dejectedly.


Luo Feng stood at the side the entire time, acting like it had nothing to do with him.

It had to be said that Ai Tingyas stern appearance was a little cute. It was completely different from when she was with him.



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