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Whats Your Relationship

Ever since the news that Luo Feng was going to go on stage as the representative of the students spread, some of the third year boys seemed to have received some kind of encouragement and would appear at the entrance of Class 1 from time to time.

“Ai Tingya, I like you. Be my girlfriend!”

“I dont like you, thank you.”

“Ill always be good to you. Ill do everything you say and will go anywhere you ask me to go!”

“Then please go back to your class.”

“You are my goddess, my Destiny!”

“Please go back and study!”

Every day, a few groups of boys came to confess to Ai Tingya. The threshold of Class 1 was about to be trampled. No matter how good Ai Tingyas temper was, she could not stand it and hid out after class.

At night, at the orphanage.

Ai Tingya lay on the bed, exhausted, staring at the ceiling in a daze.

Xiao Fei brought over a cup of hot water and placed it beside her. She said worriedly, “If youre tired, go to bed early. Dont study anymore tonight.”

Ai Tingya wiped her face in frustration and said, “No! They wasted my time during the day. I have to work harder now to make up for it!”

Halfway through the book, she rested her head on Xiao Feis shoulder and said, “Xiao Fei, what should I do Ive already told them that I dont like them anymore, but they still keep bothering me.”

Xiao Fei said, “Youre so pretty, its normal for people to like you. Didnt Luo Feng speak up for you Likeshes my woman, please stay away from her! or something like that”

Ai Tingya said helplessly, “Its not like were acting in a television drama. How can there be such embarrassing lines”

“Then Luo Feng didnt even say anything as your boyfriend” Xiao Fei covered her mouth in disbelief.

“… He… Isnt my boyfriend yet…” Ai Tingya whispered.

“Huh He didnt confess to you” Xiao Fei was surprised.

Ai Tingya shook her head and said nothing.

Xiao Fei had always thought that they were dating. They had met the parents of both parties after all. In the end, they had not even confirmed the most basic relationship No wonder the boys in the school felt that they had a chance.

She grabbed Ai Tingyas shoulder and said seriously, “Xiao Ya, this wont do. With my many years of reading novels, Luo Fengs presence is much more useful than yours when you are being pestered.”

“Really” Ai Tingya didnt understand.

“Of course!” Xiao Fei affirmed, “Think about it, if everyone knew that youre Luo Fengs woman, theyd only go to Luo Feng if they wanted to snatch you, not harass you! You and Luo Feng are still lacking confirmation in your status!”

Xiao Feis words brought Ai Tingya to her senses.

Luo Feng didnt expressly say that he wanted her to be with him even though she was very close to Luo Feng and they looked no different from a normal couple. Thinking about it carefully, Mother Luos words were more direct than Luo Fengs.

“I like him. He likes me. Isnt that enough” Ai Tingya asked Xiao Fei for help.

“If he doesnt tell you, how do you know that he likes you” Xiao Fei was shocked. Countless plots from the novels appeared in her mind. “If one day he turns around and has a good relationship with another girl, what identity will you use to question him, girlfriend or classmate”

“Luo Feng isnt that kind of person,” Ai Tingya retorted.

She could clearly feel that Luo Feng liked her, which was different from how Luo Feng treated Xing Miaomiao.

“My silly Xiao Ya, a relationship without a confession is incomplete! If you like someone, you have to express it. Otherwise, why would humans have a mouth Based on my many years of reading novels, many of the misunderstandings between the male and female protagonists were because their relationship was not clear, which gave the vicious female protagonist a chance…”

Xiao Fei eloquently recounted the love experiences she had summarized from romance novels, but Ai Tingya no longer listened.

Indeed, Luo Feng only watched from the sidelines, making her heart feel empty when those boys confessed to her. After Xiao Feis guidance, she finally understood why there was a gap.

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She quickly took out the prepared speech.

She wanted to confess to Luo Feng! Let him know that she really likes him! Let the whole school know!


Luo Feng walked into the classroom as the bell rang and saw a boy from another class running out.

It did not take much to know that it was definitely someone who had come to confess to Ai Tingya.

He walked to his seat and saw Ai Tingya holding a love letter in distress. There was a big heart on the cover.

“Your love letter is like a novel, constantly being updated.” joked Luo Feng.

Ai Tingya smirked and said, “Take a look at your own drawer.”

Luo Feng reached out and touched it. A familiar feeling told him that his “novel” had also been updated. There were also love letters with big hearts drawn on them, and there were five of them waiting for him in the morning.

“Sigh, I have to think of a way to solve this.” Luo Feng was troubled. If he was in his previous life, he would have been overjoyed to be loved by so many girls. Unfortunately, he was no longer that impetuous person.

Luo Feng only wanted to earn money, specifically by investing in Ai Tingya.

He shifted his gaze to Ai Tingya at the thought of this. He could clearly feel her gaze drifting away.

“Why are you dodging…”

“Please gather at the field to prepare for the flag-raising ceremony. Please gather at the field to prepare for the flag-raising ceremony.”

The broadcast interrupted Luo Fengs question, and Ai Tingya flew out of the classroom like a breeze.

Luo Feng slowly fell behind his classmates and coincidentally bumped into Teacher Yu.

“Is the script ready” Teacher Yu crossed her arms and asked in a rather serious tone.

“Yes.” Luo Feng nodded.

“Show me.”

“Teacher, you dont trust me anymore”

Luo Feng took out his balled up paper. What was Teacher Yu thinking


Teacher Yu snatched the script and opened it with heartache. She nodded in satisfaction and said, “The Oath-Taking Rally is such an important event. Of course, I have to help you look out for it. Who knows what you will say in front of the entire school”

“Of course its to raise morale” Luo Feng said matter-of-factly, “Or do you think Im going to confess in front of everyone Teacher Yu, I know my place.”

“Heh.” Teacher Yu seemed to have heard a joke. “Who knows I wouldnt have been watching you all the time if you were half as reliable as Ai Tingya.”

“I know, I know. Thank you for your careful guidance.”

Ai Tingya, who was standing not far away, heard every word of Luo Fengs chat with Teacher Yu.

When she heard “confess in front of everyone”, her grip on the script tightened.

What if Teacher Yu wanted to check on her script too She would definitely be angered to death when she sees this, but she decided that she didnt want to back down anymore. Its always been Luo Feng getting close to her. This time, she has to show her courage. How else would she be fit to be with Luo Feng!

“Ai Tingya.”

Suddenly, Teacher Yu called out to her.

Ai Tingya squeezed the script until it was deformed, her heart pounding non-stop.




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