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Ai Tingyas Confession!

Teacher Yu walked to Ai Tingyas side and looked at the deformed speech script.

“Relax, dont be nervous. Just treat the people below as cabbages.” Teacher Yu patted her shoulder and comforted her.

“Okay, teacher.” Ai Tingya squeezed out a smile.

“You can do it! I look forward to your performance!”

Teacher Yu made a pep talk gesture and walked to the end of the line.

Ai Tingya heaved a sigh of relief.

Great, she had almost been discovered.

Everyone in the entire school lined up on the field in order. The flag-raising ceremony and the third-year Oath-Taking Rally were held together. The third-year students naturally stood under the platform.

The Principal vacated the stage after he finished speaking.

“Next, lets invite Ai Tingya of Year three Class 1 to speak as the student representative!” The student emcee said.

Ai Tingya took a deep breath and walked up to the rostrum with firm footsteps. The school leaders sat two meters behind her. They would have a row of stools and sit there every time there was an important meeting.

“Hello, everyone. Im Ai Tingya from Class 1. The theme of my speech today is— Confidence.” Ai Tingyas clear voice spread throughout the campus.

The students, who were originally sleepy from the principals clichés, perked up a little when they saw a beautiful girl. They still heard clichés.

“First and second-year students have to attend this Oath-Taking Rally even though it is for the third year students. They repeat those words over and over again every year.”

“Can you let us go back to sleep Im really tired…”

“How boring. Outstanding students are indeed the same. They more or less have a pedantic smell.”

“So pretty without a soul. Wheres the interesting soul”

The more bored the students were, the more satisfied the teachers were.

Teacher Yu nodded in praise and said to Luo Feng beside her, “Look at the theme Ai Tingya chose. It fits the situation of the third year of high school. No matter how difficult it is, you have to believe in yourself. Just bury your head and charge forward. Learn more from her.”

“Yes, yes, yes” Luo Fengs ears were starting to get calluses. His mother said the same.

“If you do well, dont be arrogant. If you do badly, dont be discouraged. Be confident that everything will be fine.” Teacher Yu was extremely satisfied with this theme. She liked Ai Tingya no matter how she looked at her.

Ai Tingya was not disturbed by the whispers below and took a deep breath on the stage.

“Once, I felt like a flower petal that had fallen into the soil. The heavy weight of life ruthlessly rolled over me, pressing me down until I couldnt raise my head.”

“In the past, I felt very inferior. I lowered my head when I walked and never dared to look anyone in the eye. I didnt have any friends in school because I wasnt good at socializing. I was alone no matter where I went. I could only study all day and make myself look busy. I thought that I wouldnt have to envy others this way.”

“But my inferiority complex is like an inflated armor. The more I want to whitewash it, the more the armor restricts me.”

The students below the stage were all moved.

Someone as beautiful as Ai Tingya was actually unable to extricate herself from her inferiority complex, let alone ordinary students. It was as if they were the ones mentioned in the speech.

The students of Class 1 also felt embarrassed. They wished they could rush up and be friends with Ai Tingya now.

Teacher Yu nodded in satisfaction seeing the students reflecting.

“Teacher Yu, your classs Ai Tingya is indeed different.”

At this moment, a man with a big belly walked to Teacher Yus side with his hands behind his back. He pointed at the stage and said. “I remember that Ai Tingya was always in the top few in your class for the exam. She only performed poorly once. You have to encourage her. Also, pay attention to the environment of your class. Dont let anything other than studying affect the childs physical and mental development.”

“Alright, Vice Principal Liu. Ill definitely talk to them about it.” Teacher Yu said humbly.

Vice Principal Liu was famous for cherishing talents in the school. When he heard that Ai Tingya did not have any friends, he was worried that the learning environment would affect Ai Tingyas results, so he specially came over to remind her.

If the conditions allowed, he could even assign a few people to be friends with Ai Tingya. Everything was fine as long as it did not affect their results.

“I used to think that my world was only black and white, and that my life would be like my orphanage. The wordalone would last forever.”

“Until someone appeared in my life…”

The source of this content is n/ov/elb/in[./]net'

According to tradition, the name of an elder should appear at this time, or the teacher who reviewed the manuscript would insert the name of a leader in school to promote the schools image.

Anyway, not many people knew what was going on.

Teacher Yu was overjoyed hearing this. She usually took good care of Ai Tingya and kept all the subsidies for her after all. Could it be that Ai Tingya suddenly wanted to give her a surprise

“I want to thank that person, thank you Luo Feng, thank you for allowing me to see more colors in life!”

The third-year students were in an uproar as soon as the name was spoken. Teacher Yu felt as if she had fallen from the sky to the ground. Then, her mind went numb, and she did not dare to look at Vice Principal Lius expression.

Ai Tingya continued. “Thank you, Luo Feng. Thank you for seeing me in the crowd!”

Her beautiful eyes sparkled, and her gaze was like a fluttering butterfly, accurately landing on Luo Fengs shoulder in the crowd.

The two of them looked at each other. He still felt that Ai Tingyas beauty was shocking even though he had seen it countless times. She was so beautiful that he couldnt take his eyes off her.

Unknowingly, his girl had become confident and brave. She could already express herself boldly in front of so many people.

Everyone in the third year had already heard of Luo Fengs name. They might only meet a genius who scored full marks in all subjects once in their lives. Everyone looked at Class 1, wanting to see what kind of face Luo Feng had on.

Class 1 stared at Luo Feng as if they had seen a ghost. Lei Jin gritted his teeth in envy.

At this moment, Teacher Yu felt that something was wrong. Her face was covered in sweat as she said to Luo Feng: “I think she should be more than just thanking you for your help in your studies…”

Luo Feng didnt answer. His entire focus was on Ai Tingya.

Vice Principal Liu, who was standing on the other side, had a dark expression, as if he could carry the guillotine out in the next second.

“Please, Ai Tingya, I still want to live for two more years.” Teacher Yu would never have thought that Ai Tingya would mess around. She kept praying in her heart, hoping that Ai Tingya would stop.

Unfortunately, Ai Tingya only had eyes for Luo Feng and couldnt hear the other peoples inner monologues.

She put down the script and said to Luo Feng affectionately: “Thank you Luo Feng, thank you for making me more confident, letting me know that Im also worthy of being liked, thus making me a better person”

“In the past, I felt so inferior that I didnt dare to say it out loud. Today, I want to tell you that I like you. I like you very, very much. It wont change with time and will be for eternity!”


The students below the stage fell silent for a moment after she was done before erupting with earth-shattering cheers and applause!



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