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The First Step Of The Strategy, Prepare To Feed!

“Hey, hey, hey, Luo Feng, why did you keep pestering Ai Tingya during class I heard everything!”

Lei Jin turned around and teased Luo Feng and Ai Tingya with a perverted smile as soon as the bell rang.

Ai Ting Ya couldnt listen to these words. She hugged her notebook and chased after the teacher, not giving Luo Feng a chance to speak.

Luo Feng glared at Lei Jin and said. “Its all your fault for disturbing my plans!”

Lei Jin came over and winked. “Whats so fun about it Tell your bro and Ill treat you to grilled sausages.”

It was dinner time.

Most students, other than Ai Tingya running to the office, either ran to the cafeteria or went to the school gate.

Luo Feng wasnt in a hurry since he still had two self-study sessions after dinner. He accepted Lei Jins invitation and the two of them headed to the school gate.

“Why did you suddenly think of asking Ai Tingya to tutor you Didnt you say that you were taking Xing Miaomiao to the amusement park this weekend”

Lei Jin continued to question Luo Feng, as curious as a cat that smelled fish at night while they were eating.

Its said that its easy for people with many thoughts to lose their hair. Luo Feng finally knew why the back of his head was bald.

“Forget it, I cant afford to offend her.” Luo Feng retorted angrily.

It was impossible for him to be alone in the hospital without Xing Miaomiaoshelp in his previous life. Putting aside the fact that Luo Feng was hurt by her, he knew very well how much money she took from him!

Lei Jin was puzzled. “Do you mean Xing Miaomiao or Ai Tingya when you sayher”

Everyone in the class knew that Luo Feng liked Xing Miaomiao. He bought her food and helped her copy her homework. Xing Miaomiao didnt say anything explicitly, but she didnt reject him and smiled sweetly at his every gesture.

In Lei Jins impression, Luo Feng definitely wouldnt describe Xing Miaomiao that way.

As for Ai Tingya… Everyone in class knows that shes invisible. Almost no one pays attention to her other than her name on the results board. How could Luo Feng say that she cant be offended

Luo Feng saw that he was randomly analyzing again and changed the topic. “Go get your haircut during the holidays, maybe you can still keep the roots.”

Lei Jin shook his head coolly at the mention of his hairstyle and said. “Why are you as old-fashioned as Teacher Yu Didnt you say that my hairstyle is invincible just two days ago It cost more than 200 yuan!”

Luo Feng felt his heart ache for him upon hearing the price he paid.

“Listen to others advice to eat your fill. Youre always messing with your hair, worrying that theyll leave you.” Luo Feng joked.

The two of them chatted as they walked. They arrived at the fried rice stall unknowingly.

There was a temporary food street at the entrance of the school once it was lunchtime. All the nearby snack stalls with good taste gathered here and occupied an entire pedestrian street.

Luo Feng always felt like he was on inspection every time he passed by this place. The skewers were sizzling with oil, the stir-fried dishes were smoky, and the cold dishes with red oil were eye-catching. All the snacks on the stalls were in their best condition, waiting for the students to inspect them.

Luo Feng walked in front of the fried rice stall and stretched out two fingers: “Boss, one serving of shredded green pepper fried rice with two eggs! Scramble them a little more!”

Lei Jin laughed. “So nourishing today”

Luo Feng glanced at him and said, “Hurry up and buy me grilled sausages. Also, buy me a cup of tea to drink, the kind of tea that can relieve oiliness.”

The fried rice at the school gate was the most outstanding store in the “temporary food street.” The boss would also add all kinds of fresh vegetables in addition to the designated meat dishes. He was also very willing to add oil. Every grain of fried rice was shiny with oil.

Luo Feng bought some snacks, taking advantage of the time used to fry the rice.

Lei Jin was shocked when he brought the fried rice to Lei Jin, who was queuing up to buy tea.

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“Youre going to give them to Xing Miaomiao again Are you really going to marry her”

Luo Feng smiled and didnt say anything, only urging him to speed up.

After buying dinner, the two of them did not settle it by the roadside but went straight back.

Teacher Yu did not allow them to bring the outside snacks back to the classroom because the smell was too strong and would affect others. However, it was fine to finish them before the evening self-study as long as they did not find it troublesome.

There were already people who had returned from dinner when Luo Feng and Lei Jin entered the classroom.

Ai Tingya had also returned. She was sitting in her seat and eating a head of vegetables with a bag of pickled vegetables in front of her.

Luo Feng carried his food and walked towards her excitedly. Before long, a black shadow appeared in front of him and blocked his path.

Luo Feng took a closer look. It was Xing Miaomiao!

Her long black hair was loose, and she had light makeup on her exquisite smiling face. Her cherry lips were soft and moist and her black grape-like eyes looked up from below with such delicate admiration.

Luo Feng had to admit that Xing Miaomiao was very beautiful even though he hated her. All the girls in the class were just a backdrop with her around. The Ai Tingya at this stage couldnt compare to her either.

However, Ai Tingyas foundation was much better than hers. It was just that it was easy to ignore her since she hid it.

“Luo Feng, you brought me so much food again. Youre the best!” Xing Miaomiao habitually thought that Luo Feng brought her food.

Luo Feng had indeed done that in the past. He practically bought all of Xing Miaomiaos dinner. He still bought her delicious food even if he didnt have enough living expenses. His actions back then were quite bootlicking.

The female voices surrounding Xing Miaomiao joined in the commotion.

“Miaomiao is so lucky. Luo Feng treats you so well!”

“The things he bought today are so sumptuous. Theres also Miaomiaos favorite drink.”

“When are you going to treat us to the wedding candy”

The sound of laughter attracted the attention of the other students, who immediately joined in the teasing.

Xing Miaomiao stood in the center of everyones sight like a female lead, her face flushed with happiness.

In her eyes, Luo Feng was indeed a good match. His family background wasnt bad, and he was very generous to her. It made her feel very proud especially since he never hid his love for her.

Xing Miaomiao extended her hand and said, “Our classmates really like to joke around. Thank you, Luo Feng.”

Luo Feng turned sideways and avoided Xing Miaomiaos hand that was stretched out for the food. “Xing Miaomiao, dont you still need to lose weight Youre wasting food by eating and trying to lose weight.” He said coldly.

After saying that, he walked around Xing Miaomiao and placed everything beside Ai Tingya.

“I bought a bit too much, help me eat some, it wont be good if the food is wasted.” Luo Feng smiled and said to Ai Ting Ya.


Ai Tingya couldnt sit still. She was so shocked that she didnt know what to say. She stared at Luo Feng with an “Are you okay” expression.

The other students were shocked.

It was enough to film a few episodes of the TV series based on Luo Fengs attitude towards Xing Miaomiao just now. They were whispering to each other, wondering if Xing Miaomiao and Luo Feng had fallen out.

Xing Miaomiao felt extremely embarrassed as the center of attention. Her face turned from red to white and finally green as if she had eaten a green-headed fly. “Tsk, who wants it!” She growled.

She ran out of the classroom angrily with that.

Luo Feng didnt even bat an eyelid. He continued to persuade Ai Tingya like a human trafficker. “The steamed bun wont last until tomorrow morning. Help me eat some, or else itll be a waste, dont you think”



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