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Youve Eaten My Food So Youve To Tutor Me!

“Hurry up and eat.” Luo Feng urged one last time before opening the lunch box and pushing it in front of Ai Tingya.

The ingredients for the fried rice were visibly rich. It might be called fried rice but it was more like some rice added to the stir-fried vegetables. The smell of the food was encased in the fragrance of the oil and all of which slammed onto Ai Tingyas face.

The steamed buns and pickled vegetables instantly became tasteless.

Ai Tingya gulped. She wasnt in a hurry to eat. Instead, she sat up straight and stared at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng had been acting weird since he woke up from his nap. Hes been staring at her, changing pens and bringing her food.

No one, other than the Director of the orphanage, had ever treated her so well. The sudden kindness made Ai Tingya avoid him instinctively. She would rather not accept it because she had nothing to repay him.

“Luo Feng, what are you doing” Ai Tingya pretended to be angry, “I have dinner, I dont need yours.”

She took a bite from the steamed bun to show her determination.

Luo Feng looked at Ai Tingya quietly. He knew that Ai Tingya was trying to protect her fragile self-esteem. He had to find all sorts of reasons to get her to help him eat his boiled egg in his previous life.

It would be useless no matter what he said. Luo Feng simply snatched Ai Tingyas steamed bun and took a bite beside the place where she bit. “Ill eat yours, and youll eat mine. This should be fair, right”

The surrounding students shushed him and teased. “Oh! An indirect kiss!”

Ai Tingya lost her composure and her face turned red with embarrassment. She leaned forward in a bid to snatch back it, but noticed that her classmates were looking at her. She retracted and maintained her straight back, saying angrily. “You have it. I have other things!”

It would have been better if she hadnt mentioned it. The moment she did, Luo Feng noticed the pickled vegetables that came with it. He grabbed the pickled vegetables and poured them into the fried rice, not forgetting to praise Ai Tingya. “Youre really thoughtful. The fried rice is indeed a bit oily. Its better to eat it with some refreshing pickled vegetables”

“You!” Ai Tingya was furious. She could eat that amount of pickled vegetables for a few days! Half of it was poured out at once.

“Dont be angry! I have something to ask of you. You ignored me in class, so I had no choice but to do this.” Luo Feng quickly explained.

Ai Tingya was still feeling sorry for the pickled vegetables. She pouted when she heard that he had a request and said. “What do you want from me”

Luo Feng chuckled: “Didnt I already say that I want you to tutor me for the semester exams”

Ai Tingya rolled her eyes at him as if she was looking at a fool.

Half a semester has just passed, there are topics that we have yet to cover. Who would study for the semester exams now

She thought to herself.

“I mean it! Think about it, we have six subjects. Its better to plan ahead since I definitely cant make up for it during the end of the semester.” Luo Feng added.

Actually, his grades were above average. He only needed to put in a little effort to improve. In his previous life, he quickly improved his grades in the last half of the semester in order to chase after his love. He managed to get into the same university as Xing Miaomiao.

However, Ai Tingya had strong self-esteem, so he had to smooth things over.

Ai Tingya agreed with what Luo Feng said. She couldnt just stand by and do nothing since Luo Feng wanted to improve himself. “O-Okay, I can tutor you, but dont buy me these next time.” She agreed with some reluctance.

“Lets leave it for the next time.” laughed Luo Feng. He would say anything as long as Ai Tingya was willing to eat.

Luo Feng unscrewed the cap of the bottle and stuffed the drink into Ai Tingyas hand taking advantage of the momentum. “Its a bit dry, moisturize your throat.”

Ai Tingya was full of doubts. She took a bite with uncertainty. The food smacked her lips and she looked like she liked it very much.

At this moment, Luo Fengs phone in his bag buzzed.

He picked it up and realized that it was a message from the bank. There was suddenly 200 yuan extra in his account!

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Luo Feng was stunned for a moment because this bank card was activated half a year ago. At that time, his parents were out of town for long periods of time, so the bank card was mainly used to receive living expenses. No one else knew about it other than his parents.

His parents were both at home recently so this card was almost out of Luo Fengs memory.

Luo Feng didnt understand what was going on.

“Right, when do you want to start the tuition” Ai Tingya interrupted Luo Fengs thoughts.

Luo Feng said, “Saturday, the day after tomorrow, are you free”

Ai Tingya nodded and said, “Okay.”

Ai Tingya had to free up her time even if she wasnt. This meal made her feel uneasy so she decided to return the money. “How much was the meal”

Luo Feng was thinking about something and casually replied: “20 yuan, why”

Ai Tingya shook her head and lowered her head. She felt that the food in her stomach had become heavier.

Luo Feng assumed that they had an appointment for tuition. The 200 yuan in his card was strange and coincidental. Could it be that someone sent it to him wrongly Or did his father transfer his private savings to him

Someone would ask him for it anyway. Luo Feng put this matter aside after thinking this through.

The evening self-study session passed quickly.

Luo Feng and Ai Tingya were both day students. Luo Feng was thinking of sending Ai Tingya back when he was packing his bag. His home was near the school, and it would only take him a few minutes to get there by bicycle. Ai Tingyas orphanage was in the suburbs, so it would take her half an hour to walk there.

However, Ai Tingya had already disappeared when he looked up.

Luo Feng sighed and left the classroom with his bag.

Lei Jin took this opportunity to pester Luo Feng again. He was very interested in Luo Fengs relationship situation, it was practically written all over his face.

“Kid, you must have something on! Why are you suddenly ignoring Xing Miaomiao You brought her half a semester worth of food. It was not easy for her to have a good impression of you!” Lei Jin persuaded earnestly, feeling a little regretful about that budding relationship.

Luo Feng said impolitely, “In terms of looks alone, Ai Tingya might not be worse than Xing Miaomiao, and looks doesnt mean anything. Capability is the most important thing!”

He had to quickly hug Ai Tingyas thigh and establish the foundation of “Dont forget each other when youre rich!”

To make it sound more professional, Ai Tingya was his first investment after his rebirth!

Lei Jin was enlightened when he heard that. “So youre preparing to leave the back rows. Damn it, you beat me to it. Bring me along.”

Luo Feng waved his hand and left Lei Jin where he was, “I believe in your potential to be a third wheel, so I cant. However, if you really want to learn, Ill be responsible for teaching you. Thats all, bye bye.”

Lei Jin had been to the hospital before, after all. He had helped him when he was in his most difficult situation. He could help this brother who had been in the same class as him. Not only with his studies, but also with his hair.

Lei Jin cursed at Luo Fengs back and left angrily on his bicycle when he heard that Luo Feng clearly valued his lover over his friend.

Luo Feng heard his mother calling him from the room just as he put down the key upon returning home: “Little Feng, youre back Theres a cake on the table, I left it for you for supper”


Luo Feng felt a lump in his throat hearing the voice that he hadnt heard in a long time. He endured the change in tone: “I understand, rest early.”

“You too. Dont sneak around reading novels.” His mother said and the room lights went out.

Luo Feng quietly returned to his room. The familiar environment made him feel extremely relaxed. Everything was exactly the same as he remembered.

He pulled open the desk drawer, took out the miscellaneous items inside and found the bank card with money at the bottom most level.



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