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Son, You Dare Bring Someone Home

No one remembered Luo Fengs bank card until his parents passed away.

Therefore, no one knew that there was money inside.

Luo Feng had no way of finding an answer for the extra 200 yuan that came out of nowhere. He could only wait for time to give him an answer.

Luo Feng had a premonition that this card would be of great use to him in the future. He found all the cards of similar sizes in the room, including the abandoned bus card, the hospital advertisement card issued by the roadside, and the extra access card. He then sandwiched the bank card inside and tied it up with a rubber band before putting it in the drawer.

This way, his mum would not dig this card out even if she were to tidy his room.

After doing all this, Luo Feng lay on his bed and fell asleep.

The next morning, he woke up early and took the breakfast that his mother had prepared for him. Among them was a boiled egg that was a constant in his life.

In the past, he didnt like the bland taste of boiled eggs. He despised the yolk choking his throat. Now, it was different. These boiled eggs would become his paving stones.

Luo Feng was in a great mood, humming a tune as he walked into the classroom.

Ai Tingya was the only one in the classroom in the morning. She was sitting in her seat and studying her textbook.

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As usual, Luo Feng stuffed the boiled egg into Ai Tingyas hands and said. “This is for today.”

Ai Tingya pursed her lips and lowered her head in silence.

The fried rice from the previous day seemed to still be stuck in her stomach. Ai Tingya originally wanted to return the money to Luo Feng, but she was still a bit short. 20 yuan wasnt a lot, but it would take a long time for her to save up.

Luo Feng didnt know what was wrong with her since she did not speak at all. He didnt interact much with Ai Tingya in his previous life. Ai Tingya was gentle and talkative in Luo Fengs last days, so why did she look like she was eating a gourd now

“Ill send you home after school today. Ill show you where I live.” Luo Feng tried to find something to talk about.

Ai Tingya agreed, trying her best not to overthink it. “Okay.”

Luo Feng relaxed, since it seemed like they could communicate normally.

Luo Feng was packing his bag after school.

Lei Jin stood up and pressed down on his bag. “No school tomorrow. Lets go to the arcade today I heard there were a few new machines.”

“No.” Luo Feng rejected decisively. “I have something on, you can go by yourself.”

After saying that, he subconsciously glanced at Ai Tingya. She had already packed up and was waiting. Her bright eyes coincidentally met Luo Fengs.

Lei Jin felt like he was glowing brightly as he stood there. His first reaction was. “Luo Feng, you were serious”

Luo Feng rolled his eyes at him: “What do you meanserious, is it weird to have tuition”

After saying that, he left the classroom with Ai Tingya.

Ai Tingya didnt have a bicycle, so she sat in Luo Fengs back seat.

“I ride pretty fast so its safer for you to hold onto me.” Luo Feng told her.

Ai Tingya was a little embarrassed but she didnt reject him. She obediently wrapped her arms around Luo Fengs waist from behind.

She buried her head to the side, hiding her flushed cheeks. She closed her eyes and felt the bicycle gradually speed up. The voices of her classmates gossiping had already been thrown to the back of her mind before she could listen to them carefully.

Luo Feng returned to his residential area after a while.

The surrounding uncles and aunties with nothing to do, saw him with a girl and started gossiping.

“Hey— Whos that, the child of the Luo family”

“Yes, hes from the Luo family. Yoyoyo, whos that sitting behind him”

“Young people nowadays are really bold. I did not even dare to hold my wifes hand when we were dating.”

“I brought my wife back on a bicycle.”

“Isnt this too early Hes not even fully grown yet and hes already getting a girlfriend.”

The uncles and aunties didnt mind their volume. All the key words fell into Ai Tingyas ears. She was so embarrassed that she didnt dare raise her head, and the strength in her arms kept increasing. She wrapped her arms around Luo Fengs waist like a koala bear.

Luo Feng could clearly feel the temperature in his lower back rising.

“Were here.” He pretended to smile calmly and parked the bicycle under a window sill.

“The uncles and aunties here have nothing better to do other than to comment on things that dont concern them, dont mind them.” Luo Feng explained.

Even though he said that, Luo Feng was secretly thanking the uncles and aunties for stating the obvious. He was worried that he was in too much of a hurry to get closer to Ai Tingya these past two days, which might cause her to dislike him, so he took this opportunity to test her.

“Its okay.” Ai Tingya pulled her messy hair behind her ear and tried her best to hide her flushed face.

She is shy.

Luo Feng relaxed. This was his first investment, so he had to pay attention to whether Ai Tingya treated him the same as before.

“Lets go.” Luo Feng invited. “My house is on the first floor, let me help you carry your bag.”

“Okay…” Ai Tingyas voice was as soft as a kittens.

She felt as if she had been electrocuted when Luo Fengs hand touched her fingertips. Her legs felt as if they were stepping on clouds, as if she was floating in a dream.

She was just on her way here to see the tuition venue, but why did she feel so nervous, as though she was about to meet his parents as his girlfriend

A few steps more and she would be in Luo Fengs house!

In Ai Tingyas opinion, this place made her more nervous than the solemn Buddhist hall.

“Erm, Luo Feng, Ill head back first now that I know where your home is.” Ai Tingya said timidly.

“Hm” Luo Feng didnt understand. “Lets go in and have a seat since were already here. My parents are very nice.”

Ai Tingya looked around in panic at the mention of his parents, looking for an impeccable excuse to escape through the cracks in the bricks.



Ai Tingya saw a middle-aged woman standing on the windowsill on the first floor.

The womans face was filled with shock. Her fingers that were holding onto the melon seeds were suspended in the air as she stared at him. What was worse was that the womans eyes and eyebrows were similar to Luo Fengs.

“Mom Why are you standing here” Luo Feng came over and happened to see his mother munching on melon seeds and listening to gossip.

Who knew that the gossip was of her own household

Mother Luo only came back to her senses when Luo Feng called out to her. She then walked into the house, shouting as she walked: “Old Luo, your son has brought someone home!”

The voice-activated lights on the third floor lit up. Luo Feng was in the third year of high school. This was still explicitly forbidden no matter how loose Father and Mother Luos educational philosophy was!

Ai Tingya turned around and left. “Your mother misunderstood. I… Id better go back first!”

Luo Feng stopped her. “It would be alright if we just explained the misunderstanding, are you going to leave me in the lurch”

Ai Tingya wouldnt dare to come back if Luo Feng forcefully pulled her into the house. So, he had to show his weakness!

Ai Tingya felt that the soft spot in her heart had been accurately poked. It would indeed seem like she was guilty if she ran away just like that. They could just explain the truth.

She quickly changed her mind. “Fine. Ill leave after explaining.”


Luo Fengs plan succeeded. He smiled and led the way. “Thats right, this is nothing.”

There was no need for him to take out his keys. The door was ajar since Mother Luo had already unlocked it.

The two of them pushed open the door and entered. Father and Mother Luo sat on both sides of the dining table like guards. They sized up the two people standing at the door with serious expressions. Words of advice were already lingering on the tip of their tongues.

“Luo Feng! Get over here!” Mother Luo raged.



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