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Moms Acknowledgment, Go And Date!

“Luo Feng, get over here!” Mother Luo raged.

Luo Fengs parents sat on either side of him. They looked like the Jade Emperor and Queen Mother interrogating a small deity. Luo Fengs memory was awakened. His mother called him by his full name, which meant that he was in deep trouble.

“Dad, mom, whats wrong” Luo Feng forced a smile.

Mother Luo did not say anything. She glared at him fiercely and turned to Ai Tingya.

The girl in front of him shrank into herself. Her hair covered most of her face, and her big, bright eyes darted around in fear. In the end, she lowered her head, making it impossible to see her appearance. All that coupled with her obviously old school uniform.

Mother Luo started to worry about her sons aesthetic taste after being worried that he would fall in love at a young age.

Did he do something out of line that required him to bring this ugly duckling-like girl back home

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Mother Luos mind exploded like a volcano. She grabbed Luo Fengs ear angrily and walked into the room, leaving Father Luo to “guard” Ai Tingya.


The bedroom door was slammed shut.

Luo Mu threw Luo Fengs ear away, lowering her voice. “D-Did you do something you shouldnt have”

“Ouch…” Luo Feng rubbed his reddened ears. “What is something that I shouldnt have”

Mother Luo was furious. Her hands seemed to be rubbing spiral pills as she kept gesturing on her stomach, unable to say anything.

Luo Feng twisted his face and looked at her for a while before saying. “Youre really thinking too much. Shes the top student in our class and came to tutor me out of kindness. Not only did you not thank her, you even scared her.”

Luo Feng bypassed Mother Luo and ran out before she could straighten her thoughts.

In the living room, Ai Tingya stood at the door with her hands knitted together, looking at Father Luo awkwardly.

“Lets talk about it tomorrow.” She said, seeing Luo Feng walk out of the room, as if she had found her savior.

That meant she was going to reject the idea!

Luo Feng raised his hand and was about to stop her when he felt a shadow flash past him. Mother Luo held Ai Tingyas arm intimately and pulled her into the house with a smile.

“Why are you leaving so soon I still dont know your name. Its rare for you to come here, so you must have dinner with us.” Mother Luo said eagerly.

Luo Feng was relying on her to tutor him. As a mother, of course she had to make up for the bad first impression.

Ai Tingya was forcibly pulled back like a kitten. Mother Luo had already entered the kitchen, raised the kitchen knife and cut the pork ribs on the chopping board in half before she could refuse. She busied herself by preparing dinner.

Father Luo and his wife had a tacit understanding for many years. Even though he did not know what had happened, he restrained his image as a strict father and picked up the newspaper to cover his face.

“Have dinner here, Ill send you back after it.” Luo Feng said apologetically.

The fragrance of rice from the kitchen continuously blended into the air in the living room. Mother Luos magical hand speed silently urged Ai Tingya to stay. It was too late to refuse.

Ai Tingya stayed in Luo Fengs house for no apparent reason. A sumptuous meal was already on the table before long.

Mother Luo kept placing food into her bowl with utmost enthusiasm.

“Whats your name”

“Auntie, my name is Ai Tingya…”

“What a nice name. Little Feng didnt even tell me that he wanted to bring a classmate home. Its just a simple meal. Dont mind it. Hurry up and eat!”

Ai Tingya bit her chopsticks and looked at the braised prawns, pork trotters in sauce, stir-fried eel, and a large pot of tomato brisket soup on the table. The orphanage only had such dishes during the new year, and they were always limited in quantity.

“Thank you, Auntie. You eat too.” Ai Tingyas sensitive self-esteem forced her to carry on. She would rather that she was having these dishes in a restaurant because that way, she could pack them up and bring them back to the orphanage.

“Student Ai, what do your parents do” Mother Luo took the opportunity to inquire about the family situation of the “tutor.”

Luo Feng, who was peeling prawns, stopped when he heard this. He thought to himself, “Mom, you really touched a sore spot.”

He looked at Ai Tingya worriedly and saw a sad smile on her lips. She replied frankly. “I dont have parents. I grew up in an orphanage.”

Mother Luo put down her chopsticks and looked at Ai Tingyas old but clean school uniform and proper table manners. Her heart suddenly ached.

Initially, she only thought that Ai Tingya was a tutor and only wanted to please her. After learning about Ai Tingyas background, she liked her even more. She picked up the food even more diligently and kept doing the same rotation.

“Come, Tingya, eat more. Dont stand on the ceremony. From now on, Aunties home is your home. Eat some prawns.”

Mother Luo wanted to change Ai Tingyas bowl to a bigger bowl when it couldnt hold anymore food.

Luo Feng said. “My moms prawns are the best. You must eat more.”

He picked up one and did not expect Mother Luo to knock it away with her chopsticks. “Your prawn shells are almost covering the dining table. Why are you still eating You dont even improve even if you just eat them. Why dont you learn from Tingya”

Excuse me

Whose mother are you

Luo Feng watched in shock as Mother Luo snatched the prawn and placed it in Ai Tingyas shaky bowl. She didnt care if her son was full or not.

Father Luo looked at his son with pity and picked up a piece of celery from the stir-fried eel for him. “Youre already so tall. Eat some celery to nourish your brain.” He said calmly.

What do you mean Im tall without a brain

Has this harmonious family always been so fragile

Luo Feng obediently put the celery into his mouth and didnt dare to reply. He knew that his parents would join forces to preach and start to dig up old scores from elementary school if he said one more word.

However, his silence did not make Mother Luo let him go. Mother Luo let go of the grudge in her heart, feeling regret for not meeting Ai Tingya earlier.

“What else do you like to do besides studying”

“Your skin is so fair, its so good to be fair naturally, unlike Xiao Feng, who was born as black as coal.”

Mother Luo ate as she chatted, flipping through Luo Fengs dark history. It was as though she couldnt find any topics to talk about during her first meeting with her prospective daughter-in-law, so she jeered at her son like crazy. She only stopped when Luo Fengs injured world was completed.

When Luo Feng witnessed this scene, he suddenly felt that this wasnt too bad. His mother accepted Ai Tingya, and Ai Tingya was more willing to come to his house, so many things became more convenient!

Even though their current relationship was purely monetary, Luo Feng felt that he couldnt just leave her alone when he thought about how Ai Tingya was hiding special feelings for him.


After dinner.

Mother Luo held Ai Tingyas hand happily. “Tingya, you must come often. Auntie feels that we get along very well. Xiao Feng is usually unwilling to talk to us.”

The more she spoke, the more ridiculous it became. Luo Feng pulled Ai Tingya and quickly left: “Ill send you back.”

Mother Luo took advantage of Ai Tingyas distraction to pull Luo Feng back just as they were about to leave and whispered. “Mom is very satisfied with Tingya, mom supports you!”

A womans heart was like a needle at the bottom of the sea.

Who were the ones who were as fierce as the God of Thunder and the Goddess of Lightning when they first entered

“Mom, were really just purely classmates.” Luo Feng said helplessly.

Mama Luo narrowed her eyes and smiled. Her thoughts, “do you think I believe you”, clearly written across her face.



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