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Lets Bet, Youve To Obey Me If You Lose!

Ai Tingya stared at the test paper in her hand, her pupils trembling in disbelief. She then looked at Luo Feng and back at the test paper again.

This surprised look made Luo Feng feel like she wasnt looking at a test paper, but at his X-rays showing an Ultraman in it. Why would she look like she saw a ghost otherwise

“What did you see” Luo Feng scratched his messy hair.

Ai Tingya shook the test paper and asked. “Did you write all these Theyre all correct!”

The papers were all “private work” that Luo Feng had hidden away. He used all sorts of reasons to make the papers “disappear” when he didnt want to work on them in his first and second year of high school. Ai Tingya remembered very clearly that Luo Feng always had one or two papers mysteriously missing every semester.

Then, he would ask to look at hers shamelessly.

These exam papers were filled to the brim. Every multiple-choice question had a solution step that covered all the gaps. It was even more detailed than the standard answer. Ai Tingya would have thought that Luo Feng had copied the answer if she hadnt done it herself.

Ai Tingya picked up two more pieces of paper in disbelief, still shocked.

Luo Fengs foundation was extremely solid. It could be seen that he didnt hesitate at all from the way he solved the questions smoothly. She would even admit defeat. Why would Luo Feng ask her for tuition if he had such an ability


Was he trying to provoke her

“If you wrote all this, then you dont need me to tutor you at all. Forget it, Im leaving. Ill leave the things in your dining room.” Ai Tingya said unhappily.

Luo Feng had been busy the entire night, so his brain was running a little fast. All he heard was that Ai Tingya brought something.

“What is it” Luo Feng asked expectantly.

Ai Tingya was still a little angry. She pouted and said. “Its just some side dishes. Dont mind it.”

Luo Feng ran excitedly into the dining room and saw three plastic bags by the table. One of them was filled with green vegetable cores, another had red and green chili in it, and the last was a bag of apples.

Each bag was bulging like freshly baked bread. There was still morning dew on the vegetable leaves.

Luo Feng looked at the orphanage from afar last night and remembered that there was an apple tree in their courtyard.

“Theres a piece of land behind the orphanage. Normally, well plant some side dishes for ourselves. I hope you dont mind.” Ai Tingya stood behind and explained. She had received so much from Luo Feng but she only had these insignificant things to repay him.

Luo Feng seemed to be able to see Ai Tingya squatting in the vegetable field early in the morning, picking out the most tender vegetable cores upon hearing this. His heart ached: “Its so fresh, you must have picked them for a long time”

There was not even a worms hole on those vegetables, let alone mud.

Ai Tingya felt a little better when she saw that her feelings were not despised. “Then Ill take my leave.”

How could he let her go when the official business had yet to begin

Luo Feng stood up and stopped her: “Dont, Ive been preparing for the whole night, just so I dont drag the progress down, why dont you teach me some English, I dont really understand it.”

He felt that reading short English essays was too troublesome, so he wrote all the math papers last night.

Ai Tingyas heart wavered as she cursed herself silently.

She clearly agreed to it, why was she always backing off now! Or was she a little jealous because she saw Luo Fengs results getting better…

But she knew it was wrong to do this.

Ai Tingya adjusted her mood and said, “Alright, but you stayed up late. I suggest you eat and sleep for a while before studying.”

She definitely wouldnt have said that if she knew that Luo Feng stayed up all night just because of one sentence from her.

“Im fine…” Luo Feng raised his head and yawned, “Im very awake now, I cant sleep.”

He took an apple from a bag, wiped it with his hand, and took a bite. “Its so sweet. Lets talk in the room.”

The two of them returned to the room. The atmosphere tensed up the moment they closed the door.

There were many boys in the orphanage. It was more appropriate to call their rooms dormitories. Moreover, there were many children, always in groups of three to five. This was the first time she was alone with a boy.

“Then lets start from the beginning. Clean up the papers a little.” Ai Tingya pretended to be calm as she sat in front of the desk.

Luo Feng randomly picked up a few papers and piled them in a corner. He then found a first-year English book and sat next to Ai Tingya.

The study table was only the width of a person. Their shoulders touched and their arms stuck to the others. They were close enough to hear each others breathing. Luo Feng calmly stared at the textbook and listened to Ai Tingya explain the knowledge points in the textbook word by word.

Ai Tingya was a little embarrassed and stuttered at first. However, she gradually forgot about their intimacy as the tutoring went along.

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She realized that Luo Fengs English was also very good.

He was a little slow at first but he became smoother later on with a little bit of explanation.

“Are you lying to me” Ai Tingya asked. “Not only did you write the math paper last night, but you also studied English”

In all honesty, Luo Feng didnt even glance at the English textbooks.

However, he had learned these things before. He could not keep up with the progress at first because he had stayed up late. It was just a small matter after he recovered from the fatigue.

Luo Feng stopped pretending. “Im easy to teach, right Lets improve together in the future.”

Ai Tingya smiled and said. “Dont be arrogant. Theres still a lot to learn for the six subjects spanning over three years!”

Luo Feng said, “Well see.”

Ai Tingyas desire to win was instantly ignited. “Lets compete in memorizing the words for the new lesson. Whoever memorizes more in 30 minutes will win!”

Luo Feng glanced at the cabinet that contained the bank card and suddenly had another idea. He immediately said, “Alright! Whoever loses has to obey the other party!”

“No problem!”

The flames of war had already been ignited. Ai Tingya copied a unit of words and took them under the windowsill to memorize them. She was used to it in the orphanage. She could calm down and study, no matter how noisy it was, as long as there was a small bright place.

Luo Feng scanned through it calmly and flipped to the next unit.

He really did not want to bully Ai Tingya, but she took the initiative to challenge him.

Mother Luo knocked on the door and opened it just as the two of them were working hard to win. She left in relief when she saw their serious backs.

“Xiao Feng has never touched a book at home before. I can worry less now that he has Tingya to take care of him.” Mother Luo touched her chest and was extremely satisfied with Ai Tingya.


Father Luo couldnt help but complain. “You speak as though you have found a daughter-in-law to take care of Little Feng.”

Mother Luo covered her mouth and giggled. “Of course. The more I look at Tingya, the more I like her. I want her to be my goddaughter even if they dont end up together.”

At this moment, Ai Tingya was seriously memorizing words. There seemed to be a barrier around her, and nothing could enter her ears.

Luo Feng heard it clearly. He had already finished his preparation and was staring at Ai Tingya with his face propped up. Her competitive figure seemed to coincide with the female CEO who took care of him in his previous life.

See, everyone liked money, but Ai Tingyas background made her feel inferior, causing her to be timid when interacting with others. Just tutoring him alone made her retreat several times.

Luo Feng was determined to help her change!

He had already thought of how to make Ai Tingya obey him even though the outcome of the competition had not been decided.



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