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Amidst the screams of the few Sacred Sovereigns, Ye Xiao finally killed all of them and crushed them.

Then, he executed the Void celestial art and absorbed them into his body to replenish his cultivation.

To his current strength, their cultivation was already insignificant.

Even the peak Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures was not worth mentioning in front of the Celestial Sovereign.

However, it was still the same old saying.

No matter how small a mosquito was, it was still a piece of meat.

A drop of water pierces a stone, gathering water into a sea.

No matter how big the family business was, it was accumulated bit by bit.

After Ye Xiao finished them off, the universe will once again appeared.

“As expected of a cultivator at the level of a Celestial Sovereign.

His first move was extraordinary.

He wiped them out so easily.”

“Im no longer in the same dimension as them now.

Its naturally very easy to deal with them.

“However, the other party has lost so many people all at once.

Im afraid that they wont let this matter rest so easily.

They might send even more cultivators the next time.”

The human figure formed by the universe will raised his brows slightly and could not help but feel a little puzzled.

No matter how many people came, they would not be his match.

There was even a possibility that they might be adding nutrients to him.

However, why did Ye Xiaos tone still have a little bit of unhappiness

Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something and hurriedly asked,

“Ye Xiao, are you preparing to leave this universe”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Thats right.

Rather than waiting for the other party to come knocking on our door, its better to let me go over.

At the very least, the battlefield will not be placed in the current universe, so it wont cause too much damage to this universe.

“If not, Im afraid that you wont be able to hold on.

“Although Ive already become a Celestial Sovereign, I cant guarantee that every attack will be so easy.”

Hearing those words, the universe will could not help but reveal a touch of gratitude.

Although Ye Xiao was not only doing it for himself, but also for his clansmen, he was still moved by the fact that he could think like that.

After all, the one who would truly benefit from that would be him.

“Alright! You can go.

I know that youre definitely worried about your clansmen.

Dont worry, Ill definitely protect them well.

I definitely wont let anyone barge into this universe.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“The moment I advance to the Celestial Sovereign realm, there should be quite a number of my clansmen whose cultivation had already risen to the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures.

They themselves can also deal with some of it.

“You can choose to place one or two of the Sacred Sovereigns with 12 apertures appropriately.

You can give them a practice session and also raise your own cultivation.”

“I got it.

Dont worry.”

After obtaining the assurance of the universe will, Ye Xiao immediately unleashed the power of the celestial art and opened the door of space-time.

Since his cultivation had already reached the Celestial Sovereign realm, he could perfectly unleash the power of the celestial art and unleash its power to its limits.

Once he pushed the power of the celestial art to its limits, he would be able to open the door to space-time and enter the free zone between the myriad worlds in the Grand Universe.

Following that, Ye Xiao stepped into it and left the universe completely.

Actually, what Ye Xiao said earlier was not all of his thoughts.

It was true that he definitely had to eliminate that Lord of Heaven.

Otherwise, he would pose a threat to his own universe.

Naturally, it might also harm the interests of his own clansmen.

However, he did not come out for that purpose.

His real purpose was to obtain the next step of advancement.

The Ancestral Dragon had said that after becoming a Celestial Sovereign, he needed the last step to successfully advance to the Supreme Sovereign realm.

At that point, he had to find a way to advance to that realm.

That was the most important thing.

He definitely could not tell that matter to the universe will.

One reason was that even if the universe will would help him at that moment, it did not mean that he would still help him in the future.

If he encountered some more powerful existences and made some deals with them, revealing his information, it would be very disadvantageous to him.

Ye Xiao had not truly reached the Supreme Sovereign realm yet.

Since he was not completely invincible, then he should at least be cautious.

On the other hand, if he only said that he was doing things to protect the universe, the universe will would be even more moved and would be even more devoted to helping him protect his clansmen.

That was the art of speaking.

If you said that you were doing one thing for someone, he would be very moved.

If you said that you were going to complete another thing while you were at it.

Then the effect would be greatly reduced.

Ye Xiao did not want the universe will to have some bad thoughts after he left.

He was not afraid of other things, but he was afraid that the universe will would make things difficult for his clansmen.

That would be a big problem.

Many of his clansmen were on the verge of advancement.

If there was a small mistake or something during the advancement, he would not specially come back to protect them.

He could trick the universe will to better protect them so that he could be more at ease.

The space-time barrier was opened and Ye Xiao quickly arrived at a space that looked like a void space.

That place was filled with darkness and was very vast.

It looked as if nothing existed, but in reality, it was not like that.

There were countless universe worlds in it.

However, those universe worlds were too big, so one had to have sufficient strength to be able to see the situation inside.

Ye Xiao had already reached the Celestial Sovereign realm, so he could easily see countless huge spheres floating in the void, incomparably quiet.

Those were all universes.

The universe behind Ye Xiao was his own universe, while the other universes were all other peoples universes.

There should not be too many cultivators in that place, because those who could enter that place would most likely be at least in the Imperial Immortal realm.

Otherwise, there was no way they could withstand the power of that nothingness.

That place was actually a little like a vacuum.

Moreover, those universes seemed to be absorbing the power there.

Hence, if ones cultivation did not reach the Imperial Immortal realm, they would not be able to lock their own cultivation and they would be sucked dry.

Moreover, the number of people who advanced to the Imperial Immortal realm was not many to begin with.

Not to mention that the void contained countless universes.

Added together, it was countless times more vast than those universes.

However, Ye Xiao was not afraid.

His strength was very strong and his speed was very fast.

It might not be so easy for others to find him, but it was not a big problem for him to find someone.

First, he had to find someone to understand who was the one who attacked his own universe.

Only by knowing oneself and the enemy could he be undefeated in 100 battles.

With a light tap of his feet, Ye Xiao instantly disappeared from where he was.

On the other side, in a certain universe in the Grand Universe, an angry roar suddenly sounded.

“Ahhhh! Ye Xiao, I must kill you.

I must tear you into 10,000 pieces.”

Under the throne, all the Sacred Sovereign could not help but shiver in unison.

Under normal circumstances, the Lord would not be so furious.

To be able to make him so angry, it was definitely not an ordinary matter.

Recently, the only thing that could make him so frustrated was that Ye Xiao must have done something again, ruining the Lords important plans.

Could it be the five Sacred Sovereigns with 12 apertures

That made everyones heart jump.

It should not be possible.

Those were the five Sacred Sovereigns with 12 apertures!

Their strength had long reached the peak.

Even if Ye Xiao could cross ranks to kill enemies, it was impossible for him to kill all five of them in one go.

Alright, even if he could do it, it was impossible for him to kill them so quickly.

It had only been a short while since the few of them left.

“Lord, why are you so angry”

The Lords gaze was cold.

The handle of the sacred weapon throne was crushed and cracked by him.

“Ye Xiao killed five of my beloved generals again!”


Everyone could not help but exclaim on the spot.

Although they had vaguely guessed it earlier, when they really heard it, they still felt that it was extremely unbelievable.

Ye Xiao actually killed five Sacred Sovereigns in one go, and he even killed them in such a short period of time.

Just how did he do it

Everyones minds were about to stiffen for a moment, and they could not think of the answer to the question no matter how hard they tried.

“He became a Celestial Sovereign!”

As if he saw through those peoples doubts, the god directly opened his mouth and said the answer.

At that moment, the sacred hall instantly became deathly silent.

Everyone looked at him in disbelief, unable to say a single word.

Ye Xiao became a Celestial Sovereign

How was that possible

The universe he was in had already been robbed of a large number of World Creation fragments by them, and the power of the origin laws had been greatly damaged.

It should not be enough to support him in advancing to the Celestial Sovereign realm.

What was going on

“Lord, are you mistaken”

“Im not mistaken.

That brat killed all the Sacred Sovereigns that I arranged in that universe.

Not a single one was left alive.

He had almost gathered enough power of origin laws.

“If the Sacred Sovereigns wanted to successfully advance to the Celestial Sovereign realm, they did not have to have complete power of origin laws.

A little bit was enough.”

Hearing the Celestial Sovereigns words, everyone could not help but reveal deep jealousy in their hearts!

The Celestial Sovereign realm!

The reason why they chose to be loyal to the Celestial Sovereign and not be free was so that one day, they could successfully advance to the Celestial Sovereign realm like him.

Many of them had been here for more than 100,000 years, but they still had not been able to successfully advance to the final step.

Therefore, to them, a Celestial Sovereign was their most extravagant dream.

Even so, they had not succeeded in cultivating, yet they had allowed a nameless brat, a brat who did not even have the full power of the universes origin laws, to successfully advance to the realm that they yearned for.

One could imagine how sour their hearts were at that moment.

Previously, they might have only treated Ye Xiao as a mission because of the Lords orders.

However, it was different at the moment.

At that point, they were truly hating him.

The higher ones cultivation was, the stronger ones state of mind was.

The state of mind was targeted at ordinary people.

As an example, it was very difficult for a Sacred Sovereign to be angry with an innate ant because the other party was too insignificant

However, when the other party was on the same level as them and even surpassed them, their jealousy was countless times stronger than ordinary people!


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