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The battle between the two sides was extremely explosive.

They grabbed onto each other and practically attacked wildly without any regard for their lives.

Every move was aimed at the feeling of crushing the other party into dust.

Ye Xiao watched the battle from the side.

In any case, no matter how strong the shockwaves from their battle were, it was impossible for them to cause even the slightest bit of damage to it.

It was even impossible for them to discover him.

That battle progressed very quickly, but it was indeed very slow in Ye Xiaos eyes.

That was because his current strength was really too strong.

If it was any one of those Sacred Sovereigns, they would be able to completely rule a universe.

Unfortunately, in his point of view, they were only a bunch of tiny flies.

He could kill them all with a slap.

However, Ye Xiao did not personally make a move.

Who knew how many high-level cultivators there were in the void He had just arrived, so it was better for him not to be too high-profile.

Finally, as the battle became more and more intense, the Sacred Sovereigns gradually fell, leaving only a few people left.

“D*mn the Void Alliance.

This time, you guys are ruthless, but dont be too arrogant.

Todays matter is not over.

Just wait for us.

Sooner or later, we will definitely let you die without a burial ground.”

“Wanting us to die without a burial ground, Im afraid that trash like you dont have the ability.

Scram back and let your Celestial Sovereign Yin Shi come over!”

The Void Alliances Sacred Sovereigns let out a burst of laughter.

Meanwhile, Ye Xiao knew that the time had come.

Taking advantage of the time when no one was paying attention, he silently drew all of the Sacred Sovereigns sacred blood, then turned around and left.

The few Sacred Sovereigns of the Void Alliance watched as the other party escaped and did not continue to pursue.

They did not know if the other party would have reinforcements.

If they rashly chased after them, they might cause big trouble for themselves.

Moreover, so many super powerhouses died in that battle.

They definitely had to stay and bring all the sacred blood of those people back.

What if the other party was trying to lure them away and then take the opportunity to come back and steal all the sacred blood That would be a huge loss for them.

“Lets bring back the corpses of the Sacred Sovereigns first.

There are so many corpses of the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures and they definitely contain a lot of sacred blood.

Together, they should be enough for us to raise our cultivation levels by quite a bit.”

“Somethings wrong! Come over quickly.”

Just as they were feeling happy, the companion who went down to investigate suddenly let out a scream.

The others glanced at each other and quickly moved over.

“Whats going on”

“All the sacred blood has been extracted.”

“What How is this possible Who did it”

“I dont know.

We didnt sense any other auras here, only our subordinates and the Lord of Heavens subordinates.”

“Wait a minute, I know.

They must have stolen all the sacred blood.”

“But they were fighting with us just now.

They shouldnt have had the time to extract the sacred blood!”

“Dont forget that Old Yin is behind them.

He has many vicious methods.

He must have invented some method to steal all the sacred blood silently during the battle.”

“Those d*mn b*stards.

I was wondering why they ran so fast just now.

It turns out that they stole so much sacred blood.

After them! Dont let them go.”

“After them How They have already run so far.

How can we catch up with them now Even if we catch up with them, we will probably reach their territory.

That guy, Celestial Sovereign Yin Shi, is ruthless and kills people like a weed.

If we go through them like this, do we still have a chance to survive”

“Then what should we do Do we just watch them steal the item right under our noses”

“I dont have any good ideas for the time being either.

Lets go back and discuss it later.”

“D*mn it! If I meet them again, I definitely wont let them off.”

Everyone was helpless and could only return resentfully.

At the same time, on the other side, Ye Xiao also came to a relatively quiet place in the void.

The void encompassed the Grand Universe.

The space was so vast that even a Celestial Sovereign would not be able to easily tour it once.

After he set up some warning arrays for himself, he immediately began to enter seclusion to cultivate.

Ye Xiao calculated.

At that time, he took a total of 32 Sacred Sovereigns with 12 apertures worth of sacred blood.

However, it was a pity that their primordial souls seemed to have disappeared the moment they died, it was very likely that they had been taken back by their respective factions.

Otherwise, if he obtained all of their primordial souls, Ye Xiao would be able to extract their cultivation techniques from their primordial souls.

That thing would be able to help him strengthen the Void celestial art.

However, he had to deal with what he got.

Ye Xiao devoured and fused all of their sacred blood.

The energy within his body emitted a thunderous roar.

The furious roars continued.

The stronger ones cultivation was, the stronger ones physique would be, and the harder it would be to suffer low-level injuries.

As an example, with Ye Xiaos current body, it was almost impossible for the Sacred Sovereign to harm him.

Moreover, it was not just physical damage from the outside, it was also impossible to use mental damage.

Other than that, there was another point that it was impossible for them to possess him.

Not to mention that Ye Xiaos spiritual energy could instantly destroy their spiritual energy, even the energy in Ye Xiaos body was not something that they could easily try.

When their primordial souls had just entered, the rich energy substance and law energy in Ye Xiaos body would instantly destroy and devour them, using them to strengthen Ye Xiaos own primordial soul.

The refining process lasted for a whole seven days.

The time was not considered long, but it was not considered short either.

Ye Xiao felt that his body had become much stronger again.

It seemed that although the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures were ants, there would still be some obvious effects after devouring too much.

After doing all that, the next step was to understand more about the situation in the void.

Ye Xiao was too lazy to waste too much time.

He immediately chose a Sacred Sovereign randomly in the void and used them to gather information.

Spreading out his divine sense, he quickly discovered the two Sacred Sovereigns nearby.

When he discovered the other party, the other party also discovered him at the same time and quickly flew in his direction.

The other party arrived near him in the blink of an eye.

“Fellow cultivator, how have you been”

“Fellow cultivator suddenly spread out his divine sense.

The two of us sensed it, so we came to see if you need any help.

Fellow cultivator doesnt need to panic.”

The two of them carefully sized up Ye Xiao, looking as if the big bad wolf was greeting little red riding hood.

Ye Xiao was not a fool.

In the void, to put it bluntly, there were no so-called rules to speak of.

In that place, fists represented everything.

If Ye Xiao was alone and his strength was not strong, it was very normal for him to be killed.

Any random person might want to snatch his resources.

One second ago, he was still smiling at you, and the next second, he was already fierce to you and stabbed you.

Unfortunately, those two people clearly miscalculated.

Ye Xiaos strength was much stronger than the two of them, and it was not something the two of them could withstand.

Previously, Ye Xiao did not make a move against the subordinates of the Void Alliance and the Celestial Sovereign Yin Shi because there were too many of them.

If he wiped them out all at once, it would definitely attract the attention of other Celestial Sovereigns.

As for those two small fries who were alone, it was still unknown if there was any organization behind them.

Even if there was, just killing two people would not attract too much attention from the other party.

Therefore, there was no need to think too much.

The pressure of a Celestial Sovereign directly enveloped that small area.

The two of them had been thinking about how to deal with Ye Xiao earlier.

Could they gain some benefits from him

In the end, they did not expect to be trapped by Ye Xiao in the blink of an eye!

That sudden situation made the two Sacred Sovereigns cower like dogs in an instant.

Cold sweat broke out on their foreheads, and they immediately knelt down to beg for mercy.

“The two of us didnt know that you were a Celestial Sovereign.

We came here without permission and offended the Celestial Sovereign.

Please suppress your anger, Lord Celestial Sovereign!”

“The two of us dont have any ill intentions.

We just wanted to come over and see if a fellow cultivator needed help.

This is just a small token of our appreciation.

Although its just a small thing to the Celestial Sovereign, we hope that the Celestial Sovereign will graciously accept it.”

Ye Xiao did not even take a look at the things that they had brought up.

He only said indifferently,

“Since youve brought these things up for me, why dont you two give them to me yourselves I can still take a little interest in them.”

Their faces instantly turned as pale as wax.

“No! Celestial Sovereign, the two of us have cultivated with great difficulty to reach our current state.

Weve gone through countless difficulties and dangers.

Lord Celestial Sovereign, please show mercy! Spare our lives.

The two of us are willing to serve Lord Celestial Sovereign like cows and horses!”

Unfortunately, in the next second, Ye Xiao directly activated the Void celestial art, locking the two of them firmly in the space in front of them and directly killing them.

The two of them did not even have the chance to let out a miserable cry before they directly turned into two blobs of blood mist.

Ye Xiao would definitely not show mercy to them.

Being soft-hearted in such a place was the greatest sin!

If it was not because he had already cultivated to the Celestial Sovereign realm cultivation, he might not have been able to avoid being plundered by those two.

If things went wrong, he might also be directly killed by the two of them.

Therefore, when it was his turn, he did not feel any psychological burden by directly killing the two of them.

The Void celestial art instantly devoured their blood, increasing Ye Xiaos cultivation.

While the two of their primordial souls were also directly devoured by Ye Xiao.

After devouring the two of their primordial souls, Ye Xiao instantly obtained all their memories.

First, there were four or five sacred arts.

Some of them cultivated by themselves, while others were snatched from other places.

The two of them had been working together in the void for many years and had caused the deaths of countless Sacred Sovereigns.

After they had ended up like that, it could be considered that they deserved their punishment.

Ye Xiao imprinted all of those sacred arts into the Golden Book divine soul before letting the Void celestial art devour them.

After that, he began to read the memories of the two of them.

“Spirit Nether City, auctioning Archaic Dragon Blood”

So it turned out that those two people were specifically going to a nearby city to participate in the auction.

That place auctioned all sorts of resources of the Sacred Sovereigns.

At that time, the auctioneer was the archaic Dragon Emperor from Universe 78!

Ye Xiao had already known from the universe will that the universe they were in had a serial number of Universe 78.

Of course, even though it was ranked in the 78th universe, it did not mean that its strength had reached the 78th category!

It was just the serial number that the God of Creation had given them when it was first established.

The archaic Dragon Emperor came from the Universe 78.

Then he should go over and take a look.

In his own universe, the relationship between the Dragon clan and the Xuan Yuan clan was still very good.

He might be able to get some information from them.

That would be more reliable than getting information from strangers.

There were also some special places in the void that were used to exchange information and cultivation resources for the Sacred Sovereigns wandering in the void.

Spirit Nether City was one of them.

According to legend, it was founded by a Sacred Sovereign.

Even at that moment, the new City Lord was a lesser Celestial Sovereign.

The cultivation level was already very terrifying.

As long as it was not a true Celestial Sovereign, it was not impossible to beat him.

However, a true Celestial Sovereign would not appear there casually.

As long as it was not a Celestial Sovereign, even if several Sacred Sovereigns were combined, they would not be a match for him.

Besides that, he was not the only one maintaining order in that place.

Other than him, some of his subordinates were also maintaining order.

His subordinates were all cultivators at the level of Sacred Sovereigns.

As a result, the Spirit Nether City was able to exist in that dangerous place for so long.

It was rumored that if anyone dared to cause trouble in the Spirit Nether City, they would receive unimaginable punishment.

If the punishment was extremely severe, they might even be directly killed! Their body and primordial soul would be destroyed until they turned into ashes!

It was not that easy to enter the Spirit Nether City.

Not only did they have to explain their purpose for entering the Spirit Nether City, but they also had to wear a seal issued by the Spirit Nether City so that they could find people anytime and anywhere.

Other than those, they also had to pay a certain amount of resources to enter the Spirit Nether City.

After entering the Spirit Nether City, the city would protect ones safety.

Not only was ones personal safety protected, but there was also the safety of ones property.

If someone dared to cause trouble there and targeted your things, you could look for the Spirit Nether City to make a decision for you.

That was the Spirit Nether Citys rule, and it was also one of the benefits of entering the Spirit Nether City.

In the void outside, there were illegal places everywhere.

Any random person who came out might launch an attack on you and snatch your resources.

In the void, there were many other places that were similar to this.

However, it was said that there were some places that one could not go to.

They were so dark that once they went over, it was a small matter that they might be robbed of resources.

In serious cases, they might even take your life and use your sacred blood to increase their cultivation, it might be 100 times more painful than wandering around in the void.


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