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After the disgusting foul-smelling green smoke was forced out from the wall by Xiaoniū, it transformed into several poisonous pythons that exuded appalling poisonous gas.

In a split second, all the poisonous pythons attacked Huang Xiaolong, their jaws stretched wide, revealing chilling sharp fangs.

Huang Xiaolongs pale face tightened.

Pushing his Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead to the limit, supreme fire element godforce rushed out from his body.

The attacking poisonous pythons screeched loudly the moment they came in contact with Huang Xiaolong supreme fire element godforce.

A brief struggle later, all of them were burned to ashes.

Watching this scene, cold sweat dampened Huang Xiaolongs back.

“What poison is that So terrifying!” Huang Xiaolongs throat felt scratchy and dry.

“Its one of the more malicious poisons of the ancient times, called Venomous Corpse Python.

Just a little bit is enough to make the body of a high-level Ancient God Realm master collapse in half an hour.

Without an antidote, they would rot to their death, even their bones would rot into a puddle of stinky water.” The little cow went on, “You have a supreme godhead, so theres no need to fear this poison.

However, itll still be troublesome if youre contaminated.”

“I didnt expect this Soul Tribe Young Lord to possess such poison like this Venomous Corpse Python.” Huang Xiaolong grumbled.

“He probably he found it at the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, it wouldn\'t be surprising for him to find things like this in that place.” The little cow commented.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, then approached the wall again and pressed his palms against it.

His godforce spread over the wall surface as he paid attention to the changes within the wall.

A few minutes later, Huang Xiaolong stood at a corner of the wall, where his palm lightly slapped its surface.

A section of the wall dented in and subsequently revealed a four-meter tall and two-meter wide stone door.

After confirming there were no more formations or any poison, Huang Xiaolong and the little cow quickly entered.

Once they were inside, Huang Xiaolong saw a short stone staircase about thirty to forty steps long that extended downwards, leading to an enormous square where two large beast corpses lay.

Just laying there, the two enormous beast corpses were over ten zhang tall, and there were two horns on their head.

Unlike Xiaoniūs two golden horns, the horns on these two beast corpses looked more like a dragons, short and wide.

The beasts\' fur exuded a faint red light as if they were still alive.

These were the two Fourth Order Ancient God Realm Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts!

Despite the two beast corpses having lost their vitality for a long time, Huang Xiaolong still felt pressure when he got close.

 “These two must have swallowed some kind of precious treasure, causing their bodies to be much stronger than the average Cloud Devouring Divine Beast.” The little cow spoke added, “In general, the Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts are only high bloodline divine beasts, but these two beasts bodies aren\'t weaker than a top bloodline divine beast\'s.”

Listening to the little cows words, a smile spread over Huang Xiaolongs face.

He knew that the little cows judgment had always been very accurate, and since it had said so, it should right.

“But it seems like the Soul Tribe Young Lord arranged a formation around these two corpses.

Although I can break it, the moment I do, the Soul Tribe Young Lord will immediately know.” The little cow said.

Huang Xiaolong pondered the problem, asking, “Is there a way to take away these two beast corpses without breaking the formation”

The little cows head tilted to the side in thought before answering, “Let me try something, it may work.” Fine streaks of lightning shrouded its body as it aimed its horns at the two Cloud Devouring Divine Beast corpses, causing two lightning bolts to fall on them.

The two lightning bolts turned into chains that hooked onto the two beast corpses.

Following that, the lightning chains moved, reeling the two beast corpses up.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes lit up, immediately opening a channel to the Godly Mt.


Finally, under the little cows lightning chains, the two Cloud Devouring Divine Beast corpses were dragged into the Xumi Temple.

Huang Xiaolong breathed out in relief.

But this little feat had tired out the little cow, leaving it breathing heavily with its tongue out, muttering, “His fairy godmother, I really dont want to move anymore.

Kid, you must compensate me with a few Ancient God Realm godheads.”

Huang Xiaolong smiled wryly, but promised without hesitation, “Not a problem.” Then again, he did not state when he would do so.

Huang Xiaolong looked around the underground chamber, which was now empty.

There was nothing in sight, but Huang Xiaolong still spread his divine sense, covering the entire chamber.

After he was sure there was really nothing, he and the little cow went down to the secret chamber on a lower floor.

There were two floors to the underground secret chamber and the captured Fortune Gate female disciple was held on the lower floor.

Did it mean this Fortune Gate female disciple was more important than the two Cloud Devouring Divine Beast corpses in the eyes of that Soul Tribe Young Lord

The lower floor of the underground chamber was smaller than the upper floor by half, a small square with ten or so dungeon cells.

When Huang Xiaolongs divine sense swept all corners of the floor, other than the Fortune Gate female disciple, he only saw another bone-thin old man that seemed to be hanging by a breath.

There wasn\'t a hint of godforce in his body, as if he was just a mortal.

This baffled Huang Xiaolong.

Who was this old man exactly for the Soul Tribe Young Lord to lock him in here

The Soul Tribe had their own dungeon, and the common sinners would be imprisoned there instead of the Soul Tribe Young Lords secret chamber.

However, Huang Xiaolong did not think too much about the old man, the more urgent matter right now was finding the treasury key.

His divine sense carefully searched every nook and cranny of the chamber.

Even the little cows eyes were flickering with purple lightning, using a secret art to search.

“Eh” The little cow trotted over to a corner of the chamber, staring at one of the cells.

Huang Xiaolong was bemused watching the little cows action looking at an empty cell.

Could the treasury key be inside that cell

He watched the little cow open its mouth and breathe out a streak of purple lightning, instantly burning a hole through the formation around the cell.

Huang Xiaolong and Xiaoniū both stepped into the cell.

Once they were inside, the little cow raised its front hoof and stamped hard on the floor, causing it to shake and shine brightly.

A crystal box rose up from the floor, inside of which a key that resembled an ancient sword.

Huang Xiaolong exclaimed lowly in delight, “The treasury key!”

The Soul Tribe Young Lord actually hid the treasury key under a cell floor in his underground chamber!

If it wasnt for Xiaoniū, he would probably have missed it!

A force from Huang Xiaolongs hand wrapped over the crystal box and put it away into his Asura Ring before he said to the little cow, “Wait until we enter the Soul Tribe treasury, if there are Ancient God Realm godheads, well divide them equally!”

The little cow harrumphed, “Thats more like it.”

The two stepped out from the chamber that used to hold the key and came to the dungeon cell imprisoning the Fortune Gate female disciple.

That female disciple was chained to a jade bed inside the cell made from unknown materials, with her legs spread apart.

The curves of her breasts were obvious underneath her thin dress.

As if she already noticed the noises made by Huang Xiaolong and the little cow, the female disciple struggled on the bed while crying, “Save me!”

Huang Xiaolong looked at the little cow.

In response, Xiaoniū breathed lightning onto the cell, breaking a hole through both the formation and the door.

Following this, the two of them stepped into the cell holding the female disciple.


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