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The moment Huang Xiaolong was out of the square\'s perimeter, devil qi, death qi, and nefarious qi rushed to submerge him.

Huang Xiaolong took a deep breath in, he never thought he would be back in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield so soon, in less than a year.

Feeling this familiar devil qi, there was a glimmer of excitement in his eyes.

To other participants, this place filled with unrestrained thick devil qi, death qi, and nefarious qi was equivalent to endless peril, but to Huang Xiaolong it was a holy land for cultivation.

However, just as he wanted to leave in a certain direction, a group of participants, about twenty of them, was flying straight at Huang Xiaolong from behind.

The two disciples leading in front were early First Order Ancient God Realm.

“This brother,” One of the early Ancient God Realm disciples spoke, “Here in this Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, there are dangers at every corner.

Acting alone makes it hard to collect points, why dont you join us With more people, we can take care of each other.”

As that disciple spoke, he steadily approached Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolongs gaze swept over that person, indifferently replying, “Not interested.”

Take care of each other What nice words, however, these two Ancient God Realm disciples intention was to use Huang Xiaolong and others below the Ancient God Realm as cannon fodder.

“How dare you!” Behind the person who spoke to Huang Xiaolong, a young man carrying a large blade walked out, coldly reprimanding.

“Punk, do you know who our Senior Brother is! Our Senior Brother Sun Zhenyu is our Zhang Family Islands number one genius, he had already entered the Ancient God Realm twenty years ago! The fact that our Senior Brother has invited you means that he appreciates you, yet you dare to refuse!”

Without a word, the group of disciples spreads out, encircling Huang Xiaolong.

There was not a trace of panic or fear on Huang Xiaolongs face watching their actions, “According to your words, I should be thanking this so-called Senior Brother Sun Zhenyu”

Sun Zhenyu revealed a benign smile, “No need for thanks; trust that Im doing this for Brothers benefit.

Although Brother is a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm, such cultivation is still a little weak for surviving in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.

If Brother comes with me, I can protect you from time to time.”

Huang Xiaolong was impatient, not in the mood to deal with these people.

Without a word, he swung a fist at Sun Zhenyu.

‘Didnt this kid hear Senior Brother Sun Zhenyu is an early First Order Ancient God Realm cultivator!

Sun Zhenyu was surprised, but only for a brief moment, the corner of his lips curved into a sneer.

Since this brat didn\'t know whats good for him, he would seize this chance to show his own strength while teaching him a lesson, so that this brat would be obedient in the future.

Thinking of this, Sun Zhenyu too punched out as well.

Due to Huang Xiaolongs overly arrogant behavior, he decided to be a little heavy-handed, using two-tenths of his strength in his attack.

In Sun Zhenyus eyes, two-tenths of his strength was sufficient to tame this person.

At the center of the encirclement, two fists collided.

The confident smile on Sun Zhenyus face collapsed as fear dilated his pupils.

Just as he thought of channeling all of his godforce into his fist, it was already too late.

Powerful shockwaves swept outward.

In the next instant, Sun Zhenyus body shot backwards like a meteor, knocking back several people encircling him.

He then crashed several thousand li away, drawing a straight path on the ground.

The remaining disciples were dumbfounded, especially the young man carrying a large blade who reprimanded Huang Xiaolong earlier.

The other early Ancient God Realm cultivator looked at Huang Xiaolong in astonishment, no words coming from his mouth.

“The Zhang Family Islands number one genius He broke through to Ancient God Realm twenty years ago” Huang Xiaolongs derisive voice sounded.

“Looks like your meager strength cannot protect me.”

The surrounding disciples faces warped in anger, but no one dared to utter a word.

At this time, Sun Zhenyu climbed up from the ground.

Godforce surged from his body, shaking away the sand on his clothes.

He glared at Huang Xiaolong with hate and killing intent, “Brat, not bad.

Your strength exceeded my expectations, but do you really think you can fight me Now, I\'ll use half of my full strength and let you know what true power is!”

“Go to hell!”

Sun Zhenyus godforce surged around him in a frenzy, emitting bursts of golden light.

‘This fella has a metal element godhead.  Standing in the distance, Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

A light flashed on Sun Zhenyus right hand, turning into a large golden blade condensed from godforce.

Sun Zhenyu slashed down with his right hand, ignoring the distance.

A golden blade cut through space, exuding a powerful blade qi.

Although his target was Huang Xiaolong, the surrounding disciples felt as if the blade was aimed at them, causing them to retreat far away.

Huang Xiaolong sneered watching this before he casually pointed a finger in the air.

Almost in the same instant, space shook and the powerful blade qi slashing down on Huang Xiaolong cracked and shattered, whereas Sun Zhenyu was thrown backwards as if he was hit by a giant pillar, howling in pain.

High in the air, Sun Zhenyu began vomiting blood, and when he fell on the ground this time he no longer moved.

“Half of your strength” Huang Xiaolong spoke in disdain as he glanced at Sun Zhenyu, motionless as he laid on the ground.

He didnt even use two-tenths of his strength.

Huang Xiaolong looked around him, inquiring, “Who else wants to protect me” In the end, his gaze fell onto the other early Ancient God Realm disciple.

That disciple paled instantly, shaking his head frantically as he cautiously stepped back.

Too lazy to delay here further, Huang Xiaolong walked away in space.

In just a few steps he was already out of sight.

A long time later, the remaining disciples finally dared to move their feet and went to Sun Zhenyus side.

When they reached him, lifting their Senior Brother Sun Zhenyu, all of them sucked in a breath of cold air.

The divine armor he was wearing cracked and blood was flowing out of his body.

The divine armor Sun Zhenyu wore was the Zhang Familys ancient divine armor.

With Sun Zhenyus godforce flowing into it, the armor could withstand the attack of a late-First Order Ancient God Realm, yet a single point of a finger from that young man caused the divine armor to crack to this extent!

Sun Zhenyus condition was even worse, barely breathing as if he was about to breathe his last in the next second.

Everyone felt coldness spread through their limbs looking at Sun Zhenyus condition; blood drained from the face of the person carrying a large blade.

“W-who is that black-haired young man He, he, how could he…! A peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm, how could he have such terrifying strength!” Another disciple stammered.

“Maybe he isnt a peak-late Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm but a peak late-First Order Ancient God Realm disciple.

He concealed his strength!” Another disciple deduced.

“A peak late-First Order Ancient God Realm, is he one of the top ten islands disciples But we have seen Zhou Xu, Tan Lin, and the others faces!”

“That black-haired young mans strength is probably on the same level as Zhu Xu and Tan Lin!”

As they fed Sun Zhenyu a healing pellet, these disciples weren\'t idle, guessing the black-haired young mans identity.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong was ten thousand li away from them.

Suddenly, a peak late-First Order Ancient God Realm magic beast that had been hiding in the void pounced on Huang Xiaolong.

The magic beast resembled a blood wolf, a common creature in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield called Roaring Sky Wolf.

They had deadly speed and sharp claws that were tougher than divine weapons refined by Ancient God Realm cultivators, being able to easily cut through divine armors!

The Roaring Sky Wold had just pounced toward him when the Blades of Asura appeared in Huang Xiaolongs hands.

A dazzling sword light cut through dense devil qi in the blink of an eye, causing the Roaring Sky Wolf to freeze in midair before plummeting to the ground.

Hitting the ground, its head rolled off its body.


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