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After killing that Roaring Sky Wolf, Huang Xiaolongs registration token emitted a faint glow as one hundred points appeared.

With a light pick of his Mulberry Sword, he dug out the Roaring Sky Wolfs godhead, threw it inside his Asura Ring, then flew on ahead.

Almost every few minutes in between, there would be magic beasts, evil spirits, or ghouls of varying strengths die in Huang Xiaolongs hands, from First Order to Second Order Ancient God Realm, as well as weaker ones of Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm and below.

When dealing with these magic beasts, ghouls, and evil spirits, Huang Xiaolong merely needed one strike.

Three hours later, he had accumulated over five thousand and five hundred points, and he hadn\'t even gotten serious yet.

Moving along, Huang Xiaolong came across some rare herbs which he picked and ate on the spot.

At the same time, his Archdevil Supreme Godhead continuously consumed the all-present devil qi of the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.

While Huang Xiaolong and other participants continued to kill, in the Fortune Gate square, various cultivators were staring at the rapid changes on the crystal wall floating above the square.

Names of participants within the top five thousand would be shown on this crystal wall.

Currently, the brightest and most dazzling name on the crystal wall was none other than the Dragon Origin Sects Zhou Xu who had the Thousand Dragon Physique, lighting up the entire square.

Just a little over three hours passed, yet Zhou Xus points reached an astonishing 7,453! Ranked below him was the Twin Cities Sects Tan Lin, his points chasing closely behind Zhou Xus, with around three hundred points less at 7,121.

In the third place was the Heavenly Dan Islands genius, Luo Yunjie.

Surprisingly, his accumulated points were also in the seven thousand range, just a dozen points behind Tan Lin.

Further down was the Anyang Islands Guo Yuanhui, with an accumulation of points above 6,700.

The fifth to the tenth place were mainly occupied by the strongest genius disciples from the top ten islands.

Yao Chi, Lu Zhuo, Zhu Huan, and Ren Changhai were also at the square, staring fixedly at the twenty-fourth place on the ranking.

The three sects Ancestors were especially excited, their faces red looking at the name displayed in the twenty-fourth place: Green Cloud Island, Huang Xiaolong, 5,561 points.

Huang Xiaolong was actually at the twenty-fourth place!

A position none of the three Ancestors had dared to dream about!

Lu Zhuo, Zhu Huan, and Ren Changhai knew that Huang Xiaolong had broken through to peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm and had extraordinary battle prowess, but on the other hand, this terms All-Islands Great War had more than two hundred Ancient God Realm participants.

In these three Ancestors eyes, it was already a great achievement if Huang Xiaolong could enter the top two hundred!

Neither Zhu Huan or Ren Changhai, or even Lu Zhuo had ever seen Huang Xiaolongs true strength, hence, seeing his name on the twenty-fourth position was surreal for them.

But Yao Chi who understood more of Huang Xiaolongs strength wasnt surprised nor excited at his ranking.

In her opinion, only the top ten islands genius disciples could be stronger than Huang Xiaolong, therefore, she believed he could rise further into top twenty.

Not far from Yao Chi, Lu Zhuo, and the others was the Ouyang Clan\'s group.

They too were staring fixedly at the name on the twenty-fourth place, especially Ouyang Jiang and Ouyang Xun, looking sullen.

That damned Barbarian God Sect disciple named Huang Xiaolong or whatever actually ranked higher than their Young Lord!

\'How can this be!\'

Although Ouyang Yunfei was within the top one hundred, he was more than an arms length from Huang Xiaolong on the ranking.

His points were around 2,240, currently ranked ninety-second.

Standing in front of Ouyang Jiang and Ouyang Xun were the Ouyang Clans Ancestor, Ouyang Bin, and Patriarch Ouyang Xuguang.

Ouyang Bin and Ouyang Xuguang knew that Ouyang Yunfei had sent several Grand Elders to rob the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast from the Barbarian God Sect.

The two of them were clear about the cause and reason between Ouyang Yunfei and the Barbarian God Sects grudge.

Ouyang Bins gaze once again fell on the twenty-fourth place, his brows furrowed, “That Barbarian God Sect disciple is ranked so high!”

Ouyang Jiang smiled and reassured him, “Ancestor, that Huang Xiaolong brat is but a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm.

Him getting such a high ranking must be due to some dog ** luck as he managed to find and kill a group of injured magic beasts, which is why his point rose rapidly.”

Ouyang Xun chimed in, “Thats right, it has only been three hours so far, and the preliminary round lasts three months, he wont be able to maintain the twenty-fourth spot forever.

Who knows, he might fall out of the top one hundred before the day ends.

If he can remain within the top three hundred by the end, it would be considered an achievement.”

Ouyang Bin and Ouyang Xuguang nodded, and the frown between their brows disappeared.

When Ouyang Jiang and Ouyang Xun spoke, they deliberately raised their voices slightly; without any doubt, what they said reached Yao Chis group clearly, every single word.

Lu Zhuo, Zhu Huan, and Ren Changhais faces distorted in anger but they only dared to be angry inside and dared not rebuke the Ouyang Clann group.

‘I hope Xiaolong can stay within the top one hundred. Lu Zhuo prayed inwardly.

Soon, the day passed.

Within the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, Huang Xiaolong looked at the roiling devil qi and darkened sky, he went and found a cave to rest for the night.

Swallowing one hundred drops of Phoenix blood, he practiced the Grandmist Parasite Medium while comprehending the purple grandmist aura.

To Huang Xiaolong, the preliminary round ranking wasn\'t that important, for the All-Islands Great War\'s final ranking depended on the battle stage next round.

As long as he was one of the top five thousand disciples, that was sufficient.

In these three months, he planned to hunt magic beasts, ghouls, and evil spirits during the day and cultivate at night.

The Grandmist Parasite Medium was essential to Huang Xiaolong cultivation path further down the road.

This was also why he was so urgent in grasping the technique.

Next day when the roiling devil qi thinned, Huang Xiaolong came out from the cave.

Taking out his token, in a quick sweep of his divine sense he learned his ranking had fallen to the sixty-second place in a single night.

At the first place was still Zhou Xu, breaking the fifty thousand points threshold.

His name shone brighter than the sun, as if announcing his sovereignty to the world.

In the second place was no longer Tan Lin of the Twin Cities Sect but the Heavenly Dan Islands number one genius, Luo Yunjie!

His points had also broken past the fifty thousand threshold, only several hundred points below Zhou Xu.

Tan Lin was relegated to third place in the forty-nine thousand points range.

“Luo Yunjie.” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

This Luo Yunjie actually shot past Tan Lin, doggedly chasing Zhou Xu.

This was something out of Huang Xiaolongs expectation.

It seems this Luo Yunjies true strength was also Second Order Ancient God Realm

At eighty-fifth, Huang Xiaolong spotted Ouyang Yunfeis name and couldnt help snickering at his result.

In a flicker, his figure disappeared from the waves of devil qi.

As experts from various forces kept a close watch on the crystal wall, the first month of the preliminary round went by.


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