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In this month, the names and rankings on the crystal wall had seen numerous changes and were still moving up and down.

However, no matter how the ranking changed, the Dragon Origin Islands number one genius Zhou Xu stood firmly in the first place.

From the beginning until now, Zhou Xus spot had never been shaken by anyone, including Luo Yunjie and Tan Lin who were persistently chasing.

As a result, Tan Lin and Luo Yunjies positions kept alternating between second and third place.

One hour ago, Tan Lin was in the second place, while in the next hour it was Luo Yunjie in the second place.

On the Fortune City square, Ancestor Ouyang Bin, Patriarch Ouyang Xuguang, as well as Grand Elder Ouyang Jiang and the rest did not look very happy as their stared at the crystal walls twenty-eight place.

In the twenty-eighth place was Huang Xiaolongs name, emitting a radiant light.

A month prior, they loudly claimed that Huang Xiaolong would be kicked out of the top one hundred very soon, however, a month later, not only had Huang Xiaolong not fallen out of the top one hundred ranking, he had also maintained his ranking in the top thirty.

In the early days, Huang Xiaolongs ranking rose and plummeted; the lowest was over seventy but very soon it rose back up to twenty-something. 

On top of that, as the days passed, Huang Xiaolongs ranking seemingly stabilized within the top thirty whereas Ouyang Yunfei actually fell out of the top one hundred the day before!

One hundred and two, this was Ouyang Yunfeis current position on the ranking.

At this instant, the Ouyang Clan group felt that Huang Xiaolongs name was jarring to their eyes.

If there was no grudge between them and the Barbarian God Sect, the Ouyang Clan group couldnt care less about Huang Xiaolongs performance in the All-Islands Great War, it would have nothing to do with them.

But now, every time they thought of certain a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm brat that was in the twenty-eighth place, many times higher than their Ouyang Clan\'s number one genius, it was like thorns repeatedly stabbing into their hearts.

“Its been over a month! This damn brat, how could his ranking remain so high How could it be so much higher than Yunfeis!” The Ouyang Clans Ancestor, Ouyang Bin, was extremely dissatisfied.

“Perhaps this Huang Xiaolong found some Buddhism scriptures and cultivated one or two Buddhism related techniques.

If this is the case, dealing with the magic beasts, ghouls, and evil spirits in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield would be much easier.” Ouyang Clan Patriarch Ouyang Xuguang made an assumption.

“That should be it!” Ouyang Bin nodded in agreement to Ouyang Xuguangs conjecture.

“Buddhist techniques were the bane of all magic beasts, ghouls, and evil spirits.” Saying this,  Ouyang Bin suddenly frowned, “Judging from this brats strength, he can probably rank in the top three hundred in the final round; meaning to say, he could very well enter the Fortune Gate.”

The top one thousand All-Islands Great War participants were qualified to become Fortune Gate disciples.

Participants below the Ancient God Realm would be received as outer disciples, while those in the Ancient God Realm would be inner disciples.

Huang Xiaolong becoming a Fortune Gate disciple wasn\'t something Ouyang Bin was willing to see happen.

“Ancestor, rest assured, before the final round begins, Ill give Elder Gong Fei some benefits, arranging this Huang Xiaolong to be on the same battle stage as Yunfei,” Ouyang Xuguang said, adding, “Even if this brat passes the preliminary round, hes bound to die in the final round! At that time, Yunfei can take this brat to practice and vent some anger.”

Although the final round stage battles were determined through drawing lots, a five-time All-Islands Great War Overseeing Elder like Gong Fei could easily change the name list of each battle stage.

Arranging for Huang Xiaolong to fight Ouyang Yunfei was only a small matter.

Ouyang Bins eyes lit up hearing this, nodding in appreciation: “This would be best!”

Contrary to the gloom and anger among the Ouyang Clan group, Lu Zhuo, Zhu Huan, and the rest were ecstatic looking at Huang Xiaolongs ranking, smiles etched on their faces.

On the first day of preliminary round,  Lu Zhuo was worried that Huang Xiaolong would be kicked out of the top one hundred before the end of the day, but now, he felt like his earlier worry was in vain.

However, it was undeniable that danger lurked in every corner of the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, with countless magic beasts, ghouls, and evil spirits roaming around.

Every day there were deaths among the participating disciples.

When a disciple in the top five thousand died, their names would explode and disappeared into nothing, thus Lu Zhuo, Zhu Huan, and Ren Changhais nerves were stretched taut.

Yao Chi grew increasingly nervous as she watched the changes of Huang Xiaolongs ranking, her small hands clenched into fists.

In a particularly luxurious mansion within the Fortune City, the Fortune Gates Young Lord Zhu Feng listened to a subordinate disciples report about the ranking of the preliminary round, nodding calmly.

No one could tell what he was thinking.

“Young Lord, it seems this terms All-Islands Great War\'s first ranker is none other than the Dragon Origin Sects Zhou Xu.

According to the word on the street, this Zhou Xu has a low grade emperor rank godhead, just like Young Lord.” Elder Lu Tai said while looking up at Zhu Feng.

“If this is true, this Zhou Xu is worth the effort of pulling him into Young Lords camp .”

Zhu Feng nodded, changing the subject when he spoke, “Miss Li Lu is still in the Fortune Citys Pure Snow Manor”

The Pure Snow Manor was Li Lus residence in Fortune City.


After Miss Li Lu came out of the Fortune Divine Kingdom and went to inquire about this terms participants from Elder Gong Fei, she has remained inside the Pure Snow Manor.

There is seemingly no intention of returning to the Fortune Divine Kingdom for the time being.” Lu Tai answered.

“Could it be that Miss Li Lu is waiting for the All-Islands Great War results, which is why shes staying in the city” Lu Tai speculated.

Zhu Fengs eyes narrowed, a second later, he ordered, “Go find out if there are any participants that ascended from the lower realm.”

Lu Tai was momentarily stunned, but soon reacted, “Understood.”

At this time in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, a female disciple clad in the Golden Dragon Gate robe was flying over a mountain at rapid speed.

It was naturally Hu Dan.

Compared to her neat appearance a month ago when she entered the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, her golden-colored robes were now stained with magic beast blood in various places while her hair was messy; she was in quite a sorry state.

Hu Dans breathing was heavy and chaotic.

Half an hour ago, she had just escaped from being the prey of an early Ancient God Realm magic beast.

Although she was a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm and had almost no rival below the Ancient God Realm, at this point, she could only run.

Having managed to run away from an early First Order Ancient God Realm magic beast was a feat she could feel proud of.

Flying over the mountain, Hu Dan descended on another area when she smelled an intoxicating scent. ‘This is  Her eyes looked around and immediately locked onto a white flower on the wall of a cliff not far from her.

The flower was shaped like a cauldron with a thumb-sized purple-colored bead at the center, emitting a faint purple halo.

“Nine Cauldron Golden Pearl Flower!”  Hu Dan exclaimed in joy.

This Nine Cauldron Golden Pearl Flower was a rare herb, and the one in front of her was at least fifty million years old.

In a flicker, Hu Dan rushed to the cliff wall, picking the Nine Cauldron Golden Pearl Flower.

However, just as she was about to leave, a crisp voice sounded, “Little beauty,  don\'t be in a hurry to leave ah, this Nine Cauldron Golden Pearl Flower is something I have my eye one, you want to leave after stealing my treasure”

A young man clad in golden purple robes appeared in Hu Dans line of sight, blocking her path.

Looking at the emblem on the young mans robe, a life-like ancient dragon, Hu Dan gasped, “Dragon Origin Sect!”


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