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All the experts in the hall were alarmed by the intensity of the black light.

The weaker ones couldnt even open their eyes as it them.

Xiao Zhangyu was dumbstruck by the black light filling the hall.

Chang Fang, Guo Jie, and Du Gao were also dumbstruck.

Ghost Manor Lord Gui Yue dazed for a second.

Feng Er who had examined Huang Xiaolong\'s godhead earlier was dumbfounded.

This! A moment later, Ghost Manor Lord Gui Yue came to his senses.

His lips quivered with excitement and he clenched his fists tightly to control himself.

Its… actually—the Asura bloodline!

Thats right, the Asura bloodline! Asura bloodline—hells royal bloodline

‘I finally found it, I, Gui Yue, finally found it!

Ghost Manor Lord Gui Yue roared ecstatically in his heart and almost laughed out loudly.

The crystal balls black light continued to intensify, darker and stronger akin to a black sun on the verge of exploding, delightfully releasing all its brilliance within.

The hall was dominated by the black light and there was no other color.

It kept filling the hall with a mysterious atmosphere, quietness, and antiquity.

For a moment, everyone in the hall could feel that the darkness could also be beautiful and enchanting.

Soon, the black light spread out from the Ghost Manor and rose to the sky above it.

The Ghosts Sea lit up in the black light down to the seabed, as if there was nothing between heaven and earth that could block this black light nor anything could conceal it.

“The ultimate black light!”

“Indeed, the ultimate black light!” Ghost Manor Lord Gui Yue couldnt rein in his excitement anymore and jumped up from his seat.

Even though he was a peerless master in the Clear Spirit World at par with the Xiao Familys Ancestor, Ma Familys Ancestor, Chen Familys Ancestor, and a few more, excitement took him over.

Contrary to the crystal balls brilliant black light, Xiao Zhangyus face was as white as it could be.

There was disbelief and denial in his eyes, ‘How could this be How Impossible! This punk actually triggered the crystal balls ultimate black light!

Chang Fang, Xiao Familys group, and the group of Hundred Tribulations Faction felt the same as Xiao Zhangyu. 

In the entire hall, the only noise was the sound of the little cow smacking her lips as she lay on the floor, looking extremely laid back.

“What a boring group of people.

Isnt it just the ultimate black light, whats there to be so excited about” She knew that there was a stronger and more powerful black radiance above the ultimate black light, and Huang Xiaolong could surely trigger the black radiance due to his bloodline.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong suddenly removed his hand from the crystal ball.

For a second, everyones sight darkened, and the hall returned to its normal ambience.

The crystal ball hovered quietly in the hall.

Had they not witnessed the scene from earlier with their own eyes, they wouldve thought that it was an illusion

There was a pin-drop silence in the hall as everyone was looking at Huang Xiaolong.

Suddenly, the little cow sneezed and the crackling lightning broke the heavy silence.

People were startled by it and they nearly jumped out of their skins.

Anger rose in their hearts due to this, but it quickly vanished when they saw that the culprit was Huang Xiaolongs mount.

Ghost Manor Lord Gui Yue let out a hearty laughter, his laughter shook the entire Ghost Manor.

There had never been a moment he had felt this happy.

“Ghost Manor Lord, you have said you will accept the person who triggers the ultimate black light from the crystal ball as your personal disciple, but what if there were two people that could do it” At this time, Xiao Zhangyu suddenly said.

Ghost Manor Lord Gui Yue had not expected this question and he blanked for a second.

“If I can also trigger the crystal balls ultimate black light, what happens then” Xiao Zhangyu attempted to corner the Ghost Manor Lord with his question.

Ghost Manor Lord Gui Yue said solemnly, “Then, I will accept both of you as my personal disciples.”

“Then, the position of the Ghost Manor Lord” Xiao Zhangyu asked urgently, this was the question he was most concerned about.

But the Ghost Manor Lord Gui Yues face sank, “Since you are confident, we can talk about it after you actually trigger the crystal balls ultimate black light.

Xiao Zhangyu could feel the sudden coldness coming from Ghost Manor Lords body and his heart tightened nervously.

He dared not utter another word and walked straight to the crystal ball.

Black qi appeared around his body as he circulated his godforce and soon the darkness elements clouds were formed above his head.

Xiao Zhangyus godhead was a darkness element emperor rank godhead.

Thus, this was his trump card.

Black light burst out from the crystal ball when Xiao Zhangyu placed his hand on its surface, and the black light grew increasingly stronger and brighter. 

The Xiao Familys group cheered.

Joy shone in Xiao Zhangyus eyes as deliberately glanced in Huang Xiaolongs direction a few times.

Yet, Huang Xiaolong kept looking calmly at the black light.

The black light from the crystal ball grew stronger as time passed, and the proudness in Xiao Zhangyus eyes thickened with it.

Everyone watched nervously as the black light filled the crystal ball.

The Xiao Familys group members were holding their breaths.

However, just as the black light was about to fill up the crystal ball, it stopped suddenly, as if it had met with resistance.

Xiao Zhangyu froze momentarily, but he quickly pushed his darkness element godforce to its limit, yet he was unable to break through the resistance.

The smiles on the Xiao Familys Elders and disciples faces dimmed and gradually disappeared along with the black light within the crystal.

A strange silence permeated the hall.

“This idiot thinks that having a little bit of darkness element power could trigger the ultimate black light.” The little cows harrumphed with disdain.

Everyone looked towards the source of the voice.

It was the little cow that was lying comfortably on the floor with her butt up and tail swinging.

Xiao Zhangyus face turned red and then purple due to his anger at the little cows words.

But he was more angry and annoyed that no matter what method he used, he was unable to trigger the crystal balls ultimate black light. 

“I already told you that you are an idiot, but you dont believe it, dont you” The little cows disdainful voice rang again.

Xiao Familys Elders and disciples glared daggers at the little cow.

It was obvious from their expressions that they wanted nothing more than to tear this little cow apart.

In the end, Xiao Zhangyu retrieved his hand from the crystal ball.

Instead of returning to his seat, his said to the Xiao Familys group, “Were leaving!” He stepped out of the hall leading the Xiao Familys group, but he dared not show insolence.

He respectfully said to Ghost Manor Lord Gui Yue, “Ghost Manor Lord, this junior bids his farewell.”

Xiao Zhangyu did not conceal his killing intent as he glared at Huang Xiaolong and the little before leaving, as he passed by their side.

As Xiao Zhangyu stepped out of the front hall, Chang Fang also led his group of the Hundred  Tribulations Faction out after bidding farewell to Ghost Manor Lord Gui Yue.

Huang Xiaolong remained cold and indifferent as he watched Xiao Zhangyu and the others leave; he did not stop them from leaving.

This was mainly because Xiao Familys Elder Xiao Teng had not come to the Ghost Manor, thus, he would have to make a trip to the Xiao Familys main residence on the Stone Buddha Mainland anyways.

Ghost Manor Lord Gui Yue also did not stop the Xiao Family and the group from the Hundred  Tribulations Faction from leaving.

After Xiao Zhangyu and Chang Fang left, his gaze fell back on Huang Xiaolong, a gaze filled with gentleness and comfort. 

“Congratulations to Ghost Manor Lord for finding a fine disciple.” The Ma Familys group and other experts stood up to congratulate the Ghost Manor Lord.

Ghost Manor Lord Gui Yue laughed happily and nodded his head as he exclaimedgood a few times.

Roughly an hour later, these various forces experts took their leave from the Ghost Manor.

Ghost Manor Lord Gui Yue waved his hand and called Huang Xiaolong to stand in front of him.

He took off his ghost mask and smiled amiably, “Kid, come and quickly greet your Master.”


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