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Xiang Xun, void devil beast Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, and the rest also looked curiously at the little cow.

They too had the feeling that the little cow seemed to have some deep connection with the Longwu Clan.

Contrary to their suspicions, the little cow shook her head.

She explained, “I dont have any connection with the Longwu Clan.

On the other hand, one of my many grand-disciples was quite close to the Longwu Clan, thus, I know some things about them.

The others were surprised.

‘Is it really like that

Especially, Huang Xiaolong was still not convinced by the little cows excuse.

The little cow was upset as she saw the disbelief on everyones faces, and kicked the void devil beast Xu Baisheng.

She grumbled, “With my identity, do I need to lie Not to mention, its just a small Longwu Clan, so do you think they are capable of having a connection with me!”

Void devil beast Xu Baisheng rubbed his painful butt, looking extremely innocent and wronged.

Why was he the one who always got kicked and injured

Huang Xiaolong did not insist on digging any further as he saw that the little cow was upset, so he quickly changed the subject.

The group continued to walk onwards.

Roughly three hours later, Huang Xiaolongs groups reached the center of the most prosperous street. 

Huang Xiaolong stopped in front of a shop calledFinest Grade House.

‘Finest Grade House was one of the Divine Worlds giant commerce houses.

And the shop in the Martial Dragon City was merely a branch in the High Martial World.

The shop was tastefully decorated, unique and distinctive.

Huang Xiaolongs group entered the shops big and spacious lobby.

The lobby seemed crowd despite being spacious and large.

Huang Xiaolong soon spotted the Longwu Clan and Gudu Clans disciples whom he had seen earlier in the streets.

Longwu Ling Er, Gudu Yue, and Gudu Man were the center of attention and were merely standing there.

Both of the clans disciples were standing behind them, while the disciples and experts from the other clans were flattering them.

“This Young Noble, may I ask what youre looking to buy” A staff came over when he spotted Huang Xiaolongs group.

His manner was polite and courteous.

“I want a hundred pieces of top-grade chaos sea spirit stones, a hundred top-grade chaos deep sea iron ore, a hundred drops of top-grade chaos spiritual beast Giant Sharks blood essence, a hundred pairs of Giant Sharks sword wings…” Huang Xiaolong listed out over a dozen top-grade chaos forging materials in a single breath.

The staffs initial nonchalant thoughts turned agape after listening to Huang Xiaolongs request.

Other people in the lobby looked at Huang Xiaolong with astonishment.

A second later, laughter resounded in the hall.

One piece of any kind of top-grade chaos material comes at a high price, but Huang Xiaolong was planning to buy more than a dozen kinds of top-grade chaos materials, and a hundred quantities of each kind. 

As for the top grade chaos spiritual beasts blood essence and wings, they were costlier than the other materials in Huang Xiaolongs list.

Longwu Ling Er, Gudu Yue, and Gudu Man also looked over in Huang Xiaolongs direction.

“Which familys young lord is he Why does he want to buy so many top-grade chaos spirit stones and top grade chaos spiritual beasts blood essence and wings!” One of the Gudu Clans disciples couldnt help voicing his doubt.

“I think he purposely said so.

God knows how many families disciples want to show off theirgood sides in front of Miss Longwu Ling Er, and Miss Gudu Man, in attempts of catching their attention.

Just wait and see, I bet hes going to try striking a conversation with Miss Longwu Ling Er, and Miss Gudu Man.” Another Gudu Clans disciple interjected.

“Thats it! No trading houses can supply so many top-grade chaos spirit stones or top-grade chaos spiritual beasts blood essence and wings.

He knows it very well that Finest Grade House cant fulfill his order, thats why he is daring to say it.” A Longwu Clan disciple chimed in.

Longwu Ling Er, and Gudu Man shook their heads, seemingly, they agreed with what the Gudu Clan and Longwu Clans disciples had said.

That black-haired young man was just a big liar trying to attract their attention.

They had seen many of these kinds of young lords in their lives.

Even though the shops male staff also didnt think that Huang Xiaolong could afford so many top-grade chaos forging materials, he did not show it on his face.

His professional smile did not falter as he asked Huang Xiaolong, “Our branch does not have so much stock on hand for all the materials the Young Nobel wants.”

“How much do you have Ill buy them all.” Huang Xiaolong stated aloofly.

He ignored the mocking gazes from the Longwu Clan and Gudu Clans disciples, as well as others in the lobby.

The staff was taken aback by Huang Xiaolongs request, but swiftly widened his smile as he said, “In that case, please wait here for a moment.” With that, he turned around and hurried away.

The staff returned to the lobby shortly, and he was following behind a middle-aged man who looked like his supervisor. 

The middle-aged supervisor had a stalwart built; wisdom in his bright, piercing eyes; and a comforting and reassuring smile on his face.

“This one is Duan Zhen, the Martial Dragon Citys Finest Grade Houses supervisor.

We currently have sixty-pieces of top-grade chaos spirit stones, seventy-three pieces of top-grade chaos deep-sea iron ore, forty-three drops of top grade chaos spiritual beast Giant Sharks blood essence, and thirty-five pairs of sword wings…” Supervisor Duan Zhen reported the availability of each item to Huang Xiaolong with a smile on his face.

Finally, he took out a spatial ring and personally opened it for Huang Xiaolongs viewing.

“Everything is inside here.”

All eyes in the lobby fell onto the spatial ring in Duan Zhens hand, and their eyes glimmered with desire.

The things inside this spatial ring rivaled more than twenty thousand years accumulation of wealth for some first-rank forces in High Martial World.

While everyones attention was on the spatial ring in his hand, Supervisor Duan Zhen chuckled and said, “However, our Finest Grade House transacts with grade six spirit stone and above.

May I know what grade spirit stone Young Noble would be using for this transaction”

“High grade seven.” Huang Xiaolong remained aloof.

Duan Zhens eyes obviously lit up and the smile on his face widened.

“If its a high grade seven spirit stones, we can give Young Noble a ten percent discount.

Then, the total is…” He stopped briefly as he tabulated in his heart and gave a new amount, “76,325 high grade seven spirit stones.”

Seemingly afraid Huang Xiaolong could not take out such a large amount of high grade seven spirit stones at once, Duan Zhen added, “Of course, Young Noble could pay half first, and the remaining sum in a few days.”

No need! Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

With a wave of his hand, high grade seven spirit stones fell from the void, like a meteor rain hitting the lobby floor.

Soon, an enormous pile of high-grade seven spirit stones appeared in front of everyone.

Every piece was a high grade seven spirit stone!

“76,400 in total, keep the change.” Huang Xiaolong said.

Great waves of shock hit the hearts of the people in the lobby as they stared at the enormous pile of high grade seven spirit stones.

Longwu Ling Er, Gudu Yue, and Gudu Man were equally astounded as the others.

There were 76,400 high-grade spirit stones in front of them! The shock this sight gave them was simply excessive.

Since Duan Zhen had blanked out, Huang Xiaolong added, “Supervisor Duan, if theres no problem, can you give me those top-grade chaos sea spirit stones, Giant Sharks blood essence, and the rest”

Duan Zhen regained his senses and quickly nodded.

“No problem, no problem.” He then respectfully handed the spatial ring to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong walked in Longwu Ling Er, Gudu Yue, and Gudu Mans direction after he received the spatial ring from Duan Zhen.

As they saw Huang Xiaolong walk towards them, Longwu Ling Er and Gudu Man suddenly found themselves feeling nervous, even though they had been immune to the opposite sexs charms until that moment.

Perhaps, they were affected by the 76,400 high grade seven spirit stones.

Hes coming to strike up a conversation 

This thought appeared in both young womens minds almost simultaneously.

They had known from their past experiences that most young men would come over and try to strike up a conversation with them after displaying their wealth.


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