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As Wang Yongsens Death Gods Point was reaching closer to Huang Xiaolong, Zhao Lei and Fang Gan were afraid and nervous once again.

The Death Gods Point was Hell Spirit Worlds Death God Tribes supreme technique.

It was terrifying and strange, and all of its victims would die with tortured expressions.

Another wave of shock rose amongst the crowd, as they realized that Wang Yongsen had learned the Death God Tribes supreme technique as well!

Zhao Leis fists tightened as he watched Wang Yongsens finger was about to pierce into Huang Xiaolongs forehead.

He got ready to take action, but Zhou Chens voice sounded in his ear, “This is a fair and just competition between both sides.

Zhao Lei, what are you planning to do”

Wrath was written all over Zhao Leis face as he glared at Zhou Chen.

A hint of mirth shone in the depths of Sun Shihais eyes upon seeing that Huang Xiaolong was about to die at Wang Yongsens finger.

Bei Xiaomeis delicate face had turned deathly pale, as Wang Yongsens finger was half a meter from Huang Xiaolongs forehead.

Suddenly, there were ripples of silver light in Huang Xiaolong pupils, and in the next second, he covered his forehead with his hand, blocking Wang Yongsens Death Gods Point with his palm.

Huang Xiaolong staggered back several steps.

The unexpected outcome brought elation to Zhao Lei, Fang Gan, and Bei Xiaomeis faces, while only Zhou Chen and Sun Shihai revealed a flicker of disappointment.

Even though Wang Yongsen was surprised and disappointed that his Death Gods Point had failed to kill Huang Xiaolong, he did not make an immediate second attack.

He looked at Huang Xiaolong with a feverish gaze as he asked, “You have a grandmist grade soul defensive spiritual artifact!”

Huang Xiaolong had clearly fallen into his Fiend Gods Pupils illusion, but Huang Xiaolong had awakened just in time to block his attack.

That could only mean that Huang Xiaolong had a defensive type of soul spiritual artifact!

A very high grade artifact at that!

And judging from the silver ripples of light from Huang Xiaolongs eyes, it had to be a grandmist grade spiritual artifact!

The other Emperor Palaces masters had naturally come to similar conclusions as Wang Yongsen.

Their eager gazes fell on Huang Xiaolong with one thought—soul defensive grandmist spiritual artifact!

How many treasures does Huang Xiaolong have! The Yellow Spring Magic Robe had amazed them all, and now, there was a defensive soul type grandmist spiritual artifact!

This was wealth, and this luck was simply…!

Even Zhao Lei felt a little speechless.

He, as the Fortune Emperor Palaces Chief of Hall Masters, who was also an Emperor Realm master, had only managed to own two grandmist spiritual artifacts after a hundred million years of hard work, yet his little disciple Huang Xiaolong, had probably collected more grandmist spiritual artifacts than him!

Huang Xiaolong habitually ignored the shocked faces around him and was checking his palm with interest.

There was a shallow injury on the spot where Wang Yongsens finger had landed, and blood was still seeping out from that spot.

This astounded Huang Xiaolong.

Needless to say how strong his True Dragon Physique was, coupled with the power of his Asura bloodline power, he was still injured by Wang Yongsen.

Though it was merely a small wound, it spoke volumes about how powerful Wang Yongsens attack was.

Wang Yongsen said suddenly, “Huang Xiaolong, Ill add another three low-grade chaos spiritual veins for another bet, what do you think Bet your souls defensive type grandmist spiritual artifact!” In a bright flash, a spatial ring appeared with its restrictions opened, and there were three similar sizes of low-grade chaos spiritual veins hovering inside it.

Everyones breathing quickened.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Wang Yongsen and grinned, “Deal!”

Clearly, this Wang Yongsen had absolute confidence in his own strength!

Even though the Moon Jade Heavenly Spiral Shell was worth more than three low-grade chaos spiritual veins, why would he refuse such a good thing

Upon hearing Huang Xiaolongs agreement to his proposal, Wang Yongsens face bloomed into a smile.

“Fantastic! In order to show my respect to you, Ill let you see my true strength, so that you will know how terrifying, I, Wang Yongsen, am!” With that said, Wang Yongsens body began to change.

The changes Wang Yongsens body was going through were slightly similar to Huang Xiaolongs Asura transformation.

His robes exploded into fragments as a layer of black-colored scales covered his whole body.

There were eerie and chilling blood eyes on each of these black scales surfaces.

Each blood-red eye was emitting frigid cold qi.

The blood-eye between Wang Yongsens brows was much stronger than other blood-eyes on his body, emitting a more powerful frigid qi.

“Blood-eyed Devil Body!” Fang Gan, Zhao Lei, Chen Jianwei, and Li Shan exclaimed in unison.

Their faces were extremely somber.

Wang Yongsen chuckled proudly.

But his chuckles sent a chill down their spines as it fell on everyones ears.

“Oooh, hehe, thats right, one of Hell Spirit Worlds top ten bodies, the Blood-eyed Devil Body!”

Each of Hells Spirit Worlds top ten bodies had been around since the dawn of time, and they were hailed as the closest form to an immortal body.

However, not everyone had a successful record of cultivating them.

Even some of Hells Spirit Worlds Emperor Realm masters had failed at it.

Then how had Wang Yongsen managed to do it

It was no exaggeration to say that nine out of ten people had died from attempting cultivation of these body techniques, so Wang Yongsens success only proved that he had a very strong will.

The various Emperor Palaces masters shuddered looking at Wang Yongsens Blood-Eyed Devil Body.

Wang Yongsen continued to chuckle in an eerie manner as he watched Huang Xiaolong like a prey.

“Surprised, eh I am sure that it would have never occurred to you that Im a person who has successfully cultivated the Spirit Worlds Blood-eyed Devil Body, but its too late now! This is only a part of my strength, and next, Ill let you experience the terror of my supreme godheads power!”

Rings of dark green light spread outwards from Wang Yongsens body the moment his voice fell.

The people in the crowd could hear howls coming from this green light, giving them the illusion of a million howling ghosts and thousands of dying infants among the hordes of dancing demons.

A nefarious darkness supreme godheads godforce continued to flow out from Wang Yongsens body to every corner of the great hall with echoing air blasts.

Widened eyes looked around, some in panic, some in shock.

After Wang Yongsen circulated his supreme godheads godforce upon transforming to his Blood-Eyed Devil Body, his momentum eclipsed a peak late-Second Order God King Realm master.

Though Huang Xiaolong was shocking in his transformed Asura Physique, he now seemed lacking by far when compared to the current form of Wang Yongsen.

Wang Yongsen looked condescendingly at Huang Xiaolong, akin to a king of hell looking down at his prey.

He took a step towards Huang Xiaolong, then another, and another.

A cold sneer raised at a corner of his mouth as he said, “Huang Xiaolong, remember that you had said that you wanted to defeat me Do you still have the same fantasy after seeing my real strength now Dont you feel that your words from earlier were ludicrous Or, maybe, you still think you can withstand ten strikes from me”

“Your battle strength is indeed amazing, Ill give you that much.

It is much stronger than that rubbish, whats his name again, Sun-something Shihai But in my eyes, you are merely a slightly stronger rubbish.”

Wang Yongsens voice reverberated in the great hall as he continued walking towards Huang Xiaolong.

His overwhelming momentum was pressuring down on Huang Xiaolong as if he could crush him even with a single thought.

Not far away from them, a badly concealed joy rose to Sun Shihais eyes as he watched Huang Xiaolong on the edge of his death.

Whereas Fang Gan, Zhao Lei, and Bei Xiaomei were getting increasingly worried and anxious.

Huang Xiaolong frowned as he watched Wang Yongsen approaching him.

Sigh, it looks like I will need to expose my supreme godhead.

Judging from the current situation, I wont be able to defeat Wang Yongsen unless I transform into my primordial divine dragon form.

“DIE—!” Ten meters from Huang Xiaolong, Wang Yongsen abruptly struck out at him with a punch.

His attack reached Huang Xiaolong in the blink of an eye.

When it looked like Huang Xiaolong was going to get thrown in the air by Wang Yongsens punch, a heaven-shaking dragons roar sounded out of nowhere.

A glaring light enshrouded Huang Xiaolong as startling godforce surged out from his body.

Huang Xiaolongs fist met head on with Wang Yongsens.


The entire great hall shook as resounding booms struck everyones eardrums.

It was Wang Yongsen who was sent flying in the air, stupefying everyone.

On the other hand, Fang Gan, Zhao Lei, Zhou Chen, Li Shan, Chen Yirong, and the others from the Fortune Emperor Palace were astounded, as disbelief was written all over their faces.

“That, thats, supreme godforce Only someone with supreme godhead can have supreme godforce!”

Supreme godforce! Sun Shihais mind went blank, and his knees shook.

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