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Kill one high-level Emperor Realm and be rewarded with one million low-grade chaos spirit stones!

Even He Jingyi, Qin Huangzhong, and other forces experts sucked in a breath of cold air, as they were severely tempted.

One high-level Emperor Realm was one million, ten was equivalent to ten million, then wasnt one hundred Emperor Realm…!

One hundred million low-grade chaos spirit stones!

So rich and imposing!

Not your average kind of rich!

Not even the Misty Palace or the Fengdu City could boast so much wealth with their treasuries combined, yet Huang Xiaolong sonorously promised such lucrative reward in public.

The Jia Demonic Cult Leader Mao Shu, Six Eyes Sect Chief Liu Yue, and the others were momentarily dazed at Huang Xiaolongs words, but excitement soon took over.

All of them saluted respectfully to Huang Xiaolong and replied, “As Your Majesty, the Nether King has ordered!”

Mao Shu, Liu Yue, and the others were sincere in proclaiming their loyalty to Huang Xiaolong, and now they couldearn one million low-grade chaos spirit stones by killing high-level Emperor Realm experts; this was truly pleasant surprise for them.

Without delay, the Jia Demonic Cult Leader Mao Shu, Six Eyes Sect Chief Liu Yue, and other chiefs and patriarchs all waved their hands, signalling the experts of their own groups to join in the fray in killing the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe, Massacring Gods Gate, and Howling Moon Wolf Race.

Their actions were swift, as if they were afraid that others would snatch their rewards if they were too slow.

Moreover, all of them tactfully targeted those high-level Emperor Realm experts!

A sudden thunderous boom attracted everyones attention.

Shi Wushuangs body expanded again.

His giant fists punched and collided with the City of Eternity again.

But Shi Wushuang was thrown backwards again from the impact, blood flowing out from the corner of his mouth.

He wiped off the blood from his mouth.

He looked at the bloodstains on his fingers, and his murderous aura soared.

How many years has it been since he last suffered any injuries How many years since anyone was capable of injuring him But now, today, he was injured once, twice, and even a third time!

Shi Wushuang looked at the City of Eternity, then glared ferociously at Huang Xiaolong.

Without warning, he punched out at Huang Xiaolong.

His first force whistled across space, rumbling like thunder as it swept away everything in its path.

However, the City of Eternity dropped from high air, blocking Shi Wushuangs fist force.

Shi Wushuangs fist force hit the wall of the City of Eternity.

The City of Eternity hummed in protest but remained immovable as it blocked the attack in front of Huang Xiaolong.

After seeing this result, Shi Wushuang was enraged, but he also felt helpless at the same time.

Those one hundred high-level Emperor Realm Undeads were more than enough to deal with him, and with grandmist treasure giant city, all his advantages were suppressed.

A piercing scream cut across the Nethersea.

Shi Wushuang turned to look and saw Mao Shus fist punched into the heart of one of the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes high-level Emperor Realm Ancestors.

Then, attacks from the Jia Demonic Cult experts fell onto the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Ancestor like falling leaves.

Seeing this, Shi Wushuangs eyes turned scarlet with wrath, “Jia Demonic Cult, how dare you kill my Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Ancestor Ill destroy your cult! Whoever dares to kill one person from my tribe, Ill kill your nine generations!”

Shi Wushuangs roar reached every corner of the Nethersea.

His threat caused others to hesitate.

However, the Jia Demonic Cult Leader Mao Shu laughed wantonly and retaliated, “Shi Wushuang, your Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe dare to rebel, attacking His Majesty, the Nether King.

That is like standing on the opposite side of the entire Hells three worlds! Anyone of us can kill Your Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes experts for that!”

Shi Wushuangs eyes sparked with fury.

On any other day, a mere Jia Demonic Cult wouldn\'t have even qualified to carry his shoes.

“You are courting death!” Shi Wushuang slashed out with his Archdevil Bone Sword.

A sword light flew straight towards Mao Shus head.

Jia Demonic Cult Leader Mao Shus heart tightened with dread.

Seeing the sword light was that close to piercing a hole through Mao Shus head, a bright light flashed.

Everyone saw the City of Eternity appear and blocked the sword light attack for Mao Shu.

Shi Wushuang felt an impulse to vomit blood seeing his attack was blocked once again.

It seemed like these one hundred Undeads were dead stuck on him.

And Shi Wushuang was right.

The one hundred high-level Emperor Realm Undeads were indeed locked onto him.

This was the order Huang Xiaolong had given them.

Their task was to solely attack Shi Wushuang, and kill him!

In Huang Xiaolongs mind, as long as Shi Wushuang was dealt with, others were less of a trouble.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the Misty Palace, Fengdu City, and other forces experts that were still watching from a distance, and an idea came to him.

“No matter who, as long you kill a mid-level Emperor Realm from the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe, Massacring Gods Gate, or the Howling Moon Wolf Race, you will be rewarded five hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones!”

Killing one mid-level Emperor Realm would be rewarded with five hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones!

In a moment, those that had been watching from the sidelines were stirred to act.

Even the Misty Palaces He Jingyi, and Fengdu Citys Qin Huangzhong were tempted.

Five hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones, ah.

Killing a mid-level Emperor Realm was much easier than killing a high-level Emperor Realm expert, moreover, killing two mid-level Emperor Realm meant one million low-grade chaos spirit stones!

Kill ten, then it was five million!

“All Purple Mountain Sects experts listen up, the Massacring Gods Gate tried to assassinate His Majesty, the Nether King, this is a crime punishable by genocide, intolerable by Hells three worlds! Experts of Purple Mountain Sect, kill them!” Finally, the Purple Mountain Sects Chief, Ni Deping, gave into temptation and shouted.

As he finished saying his words, he led the attack and rushed into the group of Massacring Gods Gates mid-level Emperor Realm experts.

The Purple Mountain Sects experts followed closely behind Ni Deping, attacking ferociously.

The Purple Mountain Sect ranked in the top twenty of Asura Worlds super forces.

The Purple Mountain Sects Chief, Ni Deping, was a peak mid-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert, thus it didnt take him much time to kill a Massacring Gods Gates Ancestor.

Song Litao was furious seeing this.

“Young Lord, lets leave here first, Ill escort you.” Massacring Gods Gates Ancestor Lu Tianyuan tried to persuade Song Litao seeing the current situation.

He wanted to retreat first.

It was clear to Lu Tianyuan that if they didnt leave now, it would be too late.

If it were merely the Netherworld Kings Organisation and the one hundred Undeads, the Massacring Gods Gate, Howling Moon Wolf Race, and Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe wouldnt have fallen to such a state.

But now, being besieged from all around, it was only a matter of time before the three forces alliance suffered a great defeat.

“Fine, lets go!” Song Litao was also a decisive character.

He suppressed the fury in his heart and nodded.

Without delay, Lu Tianyuan and several of Massacring Gods Gates high-level Emperor Realm experts escorted Song Litao away.

However, Huang Xiaolong had been paying attention to Song Litao, Shi Yinyu, and Yi Qing, therefore, when Song Litao made a move to leave, Huang Xiaolong noticed it immediately.

Looking at the escaping Song Litao, Huang Xiaolong sneered.

He naturally was not going to let Song Litao leave the Nethersea.

It was time he served up themeal he had prepared for these people.

Huang Xiaolongs palms faced upwards towards the void and made a grabbing gesture.

Immediately, a hole opened up in the sky right above Song Litaos group.

Countless golden rays shone out from the hole.

All darkness, corpse qi, blood qi, and devil qi dispersed before this golden light.

Everyone looked up in shock.

Something huge was descending from the huge hole.

When everyone saw what thatsomething was, everyone was stupefied.

“Its the Heavenly Hall!”

“Didnt the Holy Mountains event end Why is the Heavenly Hall appearing again!”

Thats right, the descending entity was the Heavenly Hall that had disappeared silently, earlier!

While everyone was still bewildered, a familiar hexagon rune pillar appeared below the Heavenly Hall.

The hexagon rune pillar rotated at high speed and the destructive power that had sent a chill down everyones spine appeared again.

It headed straight at Song Litao, Lu Tianyuan, and the rest of the Massacring Gods Gates group.

These rays of light were extremely radiant, glaring, and dazzling!

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