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Chapter 2093: All Swords Drawn

A spirited middle-aged man was standing on the bow of the Two-headed Devil Dragon Empires flying ship.

He wore a scarlet gold dragon robe, and the dragon qi around him seemed to sweep away everything in his path.

He was precisely the Two-headed Devil Dragon Great Emperor, Zhao Yuan.

His gaze pierced through the rolling devil clouds and landed on Huang Xiaolong and the others.

When he looked at the small group of people guarding the treasure, the first thing he saw was the Flying Devil Python.

Since it had already returned to its true form, the Flying Devil Python hovered in the air with its mountain-like body.

Its eyes were like two giant bottomless pools as it met Zhao Yuans gaze.

As soon as Zhao Yuan stared into its eyes, he jumped in shock.

“Flying Devil Python!”

The Flying Devil Python was the Heavenless Archdevil Lords mount, and as the number one expert in the Kingdom of Devil Beasts, Zhao Yuan was more than clear about its identity.

Even though it had been several hundreds of millions of years since he had last met the Flying Devil Python, he recognized it instantly.

Never in his wildest dreams had he expected to meet the Flying Devil Python under these circumstances.

Of course, the desire to subdue the Flying Devil Python soon rose in his heart as a crafty light flashed through Zhao Yuans eyes.

He knew that the Flying Devil Python possessed terrifying strength.

However, he was confident in himself, and he wanted nothing more than to test out his strength.

It was too bad he recognized the person beside the Flying Devil Python the instant he laid eyes on him.

Zhao Yuans body started to shake as he felt a bolt of lightning slamming into his mind.

This… this…

“Father, whats wrong” Zhao Rou happened to step onto the ships deck and saw Zhao Yuans weird behavior, and a trace of suspicion arose in her heart.

Many ancestors of the Two-headed Devil Dragon Empire followed behind her.

“Its the Flying Devil Python and Cang Mutian!” Zhao Yuan hesitated for a second before forcing a bitter smile on his face.

“What! Isnt the Flying Devil Python the Heavenless Archdevil Lords mount”

“Cang Mutian! The strongest person in our Kingdom of Devil Beasts!”

The faces of Zhao Rou and the ancestors changed in an instant.

“Thats strange… The Heavenless Archdevil Lord and Cang Mutian had no relationship in the past.

In fact, there was some beef between them… Why are they standing on the same side now” Zhao Rou asked.

As the question left Zhao Rous lips, her gaze shifted slightly and landed on the two other individuals behind Cang Mutian.

When she saw Huang Xiaolong and the little cow, her eyes widened a little as something in her mind clicked.

Her expression changed as she said, “Its him!”

Everyone stared at the look of disbelief on Zhao Rous face, and they stared at each other with a blank look.

Before Zhao Rou could explain herself, Zhao Yuan shook his head and laughed bitterly, “Its Huang Xiaolong…”

Huang Xiaolong!

Everyone felt their pupils constricting as they fell into silence.

“Old Ancestor Azure Cow is present as well…” Zhao Yuan continued.

The look of shock soon turned to one of terror as the blood drained from their faces.

“Father, what do we do now” Zhao Rou swallowed a mouthful of saliva and asked.

“Lets head over there first.” Zhao Yuan muttered under his breath.

“Ive known Lord Cang Mutian for quite some time now.

Since we are fated to meet, I should pay my respects to him.”

After he spoke, Zhao Yuan ordered for the flying ship to stop as he personally led the experts under him towards Huang Xiaolong and the rest.

When the cultivators from the multitude of factions behind him saw what was happening, they couldnt help but feel suspicious.

Luckily for them, several old ancestors who were in the Sovereign Realm managed to recognize the Flying Devil Python, Cang Mutian, and the little cow.

When they eventually guessed the identity of the young man they were standing around, the color on their faces disappeared.

“Old Ancestor, do we keep going” One of the ancestors of the Sin Devil Sect probed when he saw the hesitation on their old ancestors face.

“Well wait here.

Lets wait for the Two-headed Devil Dragon Great Emperor to deal with them.” The old ancestor thought about it for a second before making the decision.

Even if he was a Sovereign, there was no way for him to contend against existences such as Huang Xiaolong and the others! His scalp numbed when he saw the monsters they would be going up against.

As such, theentourage of experts from the other factions stopped where they were and watched as Zhao Yuan approached Huang Xiaolong.

Very quickly, Zhao Yuan and the others arrived before Huang Xiaolong.

Zhao Yuan took several steps forwards as he bowed to Cang Mutian, “Zhao Yuan greets Lord Cang Mutian!” He quickly turned to Huang Xiaolong and the others as he continued his greeting, “I greet Your Majesty, the King of Hell, and Your Majesty, Lord Demon!”

Huang Xiaolong jumped onto the little cows back as he made his way towards Zhao Yuan.

When Huang Xiaolong started to move, Zhao Yuans heart froze.

Cang Mutian chuckled in response, “Zhao Yuan, long time no see! It seems like you managed to become an overlord!”

“Junior barely managed to break through in the past…” Zhao Yuan continued respectfully, “Even though I managed to become an overlord, I will never be able to defeat Lord Mutian…”

Seeing as Zhao Yuan had already lowered himself, Cang Mutian brought out a smile as he said, “Zhao Yuan, I know the reason you came so far.

However, we need to obtain this origin treasure.

I hope that you can take your leave.

Well not move against you as long as you take your troops ten billion miles away.”

Zhao Yuan swept his gaze over to the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus, and a look of desire burned in his eyes when he noticed the jade-green glow around it.

“Yes… You wont have to worry about me.” Zhao Yuan paused for a second before saying, “We shall leave immediately.” Even though he couldnt tell what kind of origin treasure they were protecting, he knew that it was definitely a level three origin treasure or higher.

Of course, he also knew that he couldnt fight against Huang Xiaolong and the others for the origin treasure.

At least, he wouldnt be able to do it alone.

No matter how unresigned he was, he could only choose to leave.

Under the shocked gazes of everyone present, Zhao Yuan led his troops away and only stopped when they were at a distance of ten billion miles.

A feeling of disappointment swept through their hearts as they had thought that they would be able to fish in the muddy waters when Zhao Yuan clashed with Huang Xiaolong and the others.

After Zhao Yuan left, no one dared to approach Huang Xiaolongs group.

Soon, the Heaven Punishment Archdevil Ancestor and the others arrived.

After greeting Huang Xiaolong and the others, they quickly retreated ten billion miles away.

Huang Xiaolong brought out the Ancient Heavenly Court as he poured his energy to activate its grand formation.

In an instant, starlight fell and covered the area of a billion miles around him.

If anyone wanted to cause trouble, they would have to get through the Ancient Heavenly Courts defenses.

Huang Xiaolong knew that he had to be prepared for anything.

When the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus completed its transformation in two days, there might even be some hidden monster making a move.

A day quickly passed.

Rays of green light swirled around the lotus, and waves of fragrance permeated the surroundings.

It was too bad it couldnt escape the protective barrier of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

Despite that, its brilliance had already shocked all the experts who had retreated outside the barrier.

“Could it be a high-level three origin treasure!”

“Even if it isnt, it is infinitely close to one!”

Several old monsters in the area felt their hearts shaking when they thought of the possibility.

Huang Xiaolongs Sovereigns will swept outwards suddenly, and he quickly grasped the situation.

A sneer formed on his face as the tiny chaos axe broke through space and appeared before the hidden experts.

A miserable cry reverberated through the air as several old monsters, who were hiding close to the Ancient Heavenly courts barrier, slammed towards the ground.

When the experts who were cooking up their plans saw the corpses of the hidden old monsters, they couldnt help but pause for a second.

Fear gripped their hearts as they suppressed their feelings of greed .

Every single one of the people Huang Xiaolong had turned into corpses was a Sovereign who had existed since the Heavenless Archdevil Lords time.

There were both First and Second Order Sovereigns among them! Not a single one of them had managed to block a single attack from Huang Xiaolong!

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