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Chapter 2143: You Dare Taunt Me

When Zhu Xinyi saw Lan Shifan making a move personally, he said to the Heavenly Saint Ruler and the others, “The Marshal has not taken action for many years.

Today, were really blessed to be able to witness this!”

The bald man chimed in, “Although the Marshal is not ranked among the top ten experts of Heavens Path, the Marshals cultivation realm and real strength are almost comparable to the ruler.

Dont forget that Marshals Flaming Wind Halberd is a supreme spiritual artifact.

I wonder how many moves from the Marshal can this Huang Xiaolong take”

“The average high-level Sovereigns wont be able to take one strike from the Marshal.

Lets see if this Huang Xiaolong can withstand one strike from the Marshal!” Other Heavenly Saint Countrys generals sonorous laughter grew louder.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler and the others chatted merrily.

In everyones opinion, since their Marshal had taken action, Huang Xiaolong was bound to lose!

Huang Xiaolongs eyes gleamed as he watched the Heavenly Saint Countrys Marshal Lan Shifan swinging down his halberd.

He clenched his hand into a fist and punched directly at Lan Shifans halberd.

“What! This kids planning to take the Marshals Flaming Wind Halberd with his fist of flesh” Zhu Xinyi was taken aback watching this, but then, he sniggered coldly, “The Heavenly Masters cultivation mainly focuses on tempering his physical body.

However, even he would not dare to take a blow from our Marshals Flaming Wind Halberd with his bare hands!”

He could already imagine the next scene where Huang Xiaolongs right hand would be chopped off by the Marshals Flaming Wind Halberd, blood spurting high into the sky.

Huang Xiaolongs fist punched through layers of burning flames and collided with Lan Shifans Flaming Wind Halberd.

In the moment of collision, sparks flew out, and destructive shockwaves blasted the air, causing space to rupture.

However, the scene Zhu Xinyi had imagined, where Huang Xiaolongs hand was chopped off, did not happen.

Much less, no blood spurted into the sky.

Before Zhu Xinyi and the others eyes, the Flaming Wind Halberd in Lan Shifans hand was thrown high into the sky from the impact.

At the same time, the overpowering fist force sent Lan Shifan reeling backward uncontrollably.

Lan Shifan felt his blood flowed in the reverse direction, chaotically.

While still in midair, something surged violently up his throat, and a rusty taste filled his mouth as he coughed out blood.

It was Golden red blood.

It was such an eye-catching color, glaring and yet gorgeous under the sunlight!

The Heavenly Saint Ruler and his cronies were agape with shock.

Zhu Xinyis, the bald mans, and the others jaws dropped to their chests as they could not believe what they were seeing.

Their Heavenly Saint\'s Marshal Lan Shifan actually lost! Marshal Lan Shifan was a mid-Ninth Order Sovereign, and his strength was comparable to the Heavenly Master!

Even though the Heavenly Master was hailed as one of the top ten experts of the Heavens Path, he mainly relied on the supreme spiritual artifact God Burying Coffin.

Otherwise, even the Heavenly Master was no match against Marshal Lan Shifan.

But now, Marshal Lan Shifan lost to Huang Xiaolong in just one punch!

The smile on the Heavenly Saint Rulers face stiffened for a brief second, and his eyes narrowed all of a sudden as his gaze fell on Huang Xiaolongs body.

He knocked off the supreme spiritual artifact Flaming Wind Halberd in a mid-Ninth Order Sovereign Realm experts hand with bare flesh! And there was barely a scratch on Huang Xiaolongs right fist!!!

Huang Xiaolongs physical body is so monstrous!

The Heavenly Saint Ruler nudged the beast-mount under him, and the beast took a few slow steps forward.

His gaze never left Huang Xiaolong the entire time.

“You actually tempered your flesh to the degree that it is as tough as a supreme spiritual artifact!” Even though Flaming Wind Halberd was a low-grade supreme spiritual artifact, it was already shocking that Huang Xiaolong could resist its attack with bare flesh.

The Heavens Paths most powerful existences body probably was at the same level

“So, do you guys still want the chaos Black Sea Lightning Pool and Fifth Earth Lightning Pool” Huang Xiaolong stood tall, his hands clasped behind his back, as he asked in an indifferent tone.

Comparable to a supreme spiritual artifact His bodys toughness far exceeded any low-grade supreme spiritual artifact.

After all, he had not even used his three saint bloodlines.

Had he used his three saint bloodlines power and defense ability, he could have raised the strength of his physical flesh to a great extent.

The Heavenly Saint Rulers face was a little gloomy as he tried to appear nonchalant, “I admit, your physique is very strong, and you have a knack for fighting people, but it is not difficult if I want to capture you.

I will only need to exert some effort.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong, you should hand over the chaos Black Sea Lightning Pool and chaos Fifth Earth Lightning Pool voluntarily.”

“As long as you hand over the two chaos lightning pools, I can compensate you.

Think carefully about what you want I can give you whatever my Heavenly Saint Country has.

I can even give you ten thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones!”

After witnessing Huang Xiaolongs battle prowess, the Heavenly Saint Ruler opted to take a step back.

Needless to say, this was as much as he was willing to give.

High-grade chaos spirit stones were precious items even in the Heavens Path.

According to the Heavenly Saint Ruler, since he was willing to give Huang Xiaolong ten thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones as compensation, Huang Xiaolong would be thankful to him.

However, the little cow, King of Grandmist, and the rest had strange expressions on their faces, looking at the Heavenly Saint Ruler upon hearing that.

They knew very well that the chaos spirit stones in Huang Xiaolongs hands were all top-grade ones.

To Huang Xiaolong, high-grade chaos spirit stones were no better than rubbish.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong chuckled and replied, “Ten thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones Even if you give me a hundred million high-grade chaos spirit stones, I still won\'t give you the chaos lightning pools.

High-grade chaos spirit stones are no different than rubbish to me.

However, if you follow me and become my subordinate, I can give you ten thousand top-grade chaos spirit stones!”

The Heavenly Saint Ruler blanked for a second, then rage burst out from his eyes, “You dare to taunt me”

Top-grade chaos spirit stones had disappeared for many billions of years.

Even the many heavenly countries in the Heavens Path did not have any.

Because of this, the Heavenly Saint Ruler was certain that Huang Xiaolong wouldnt be able to take out any top-grade chaos spirit stones.

Yet, Huang Xiaolong actually denied his deal.

Instead, Huang Xiaolong offered to pay him ten thousand top-grade chaos spirit stones for becoming his subordinate.

What was this, if not a taunt

A blinding glint flashed from the Heavenly Saint Rulers hand as a great big knife appeared.

This big knife exuded a metallic golden scarlet sheen that was glaring to the eyes, exuding a strong aura that was more powerful than the blade Tian Chen held.

It was definitely more powerful than Marshal Lan Shifans Flaming Wind Halberd.

Clearly, this big knife was a mid-grade supreme spiritual artifact.

Huang Xiaolong glanced at the big knife in the Heavenly Saint Rulers hand and frowned.

In the myriad worlds, the Ancient Heavenly Court was the most powerful attack artifact.

It was hard to find a supreme spiritual artifact, but why were there so many supreme spiritual artifacts in the Heavens Path

From Tian Chen to the Heavenly Master, even Wan Shi had a supreme spiritual divine armor, and now, the Heavenly Saint Ruler and Marshal also has one

How did they get their hands on these supreme spiritual artifacts

Right at this time, lights of knife rays shot towards Huang Xiaolong as the Heavenly Saint Ruler slashed at Huang Xiaolong with the big knife in his hand.

Boundless knife qi exploded forward like a volcanic eruption.

Knife qi submerged the surrounding ten billion li radius space.

Under this overwhelming knife qi, Huang Xiaolong had no place he could dodge.

He could only face the attack head-on.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler was a late-Ninth Order Sovereign, an existence infinitely close to the peak late-Ninth Order Sovereign.

In one slash, he could cut the void, split yin-yang, and destroy numerous world surfaces.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler was many times stronger than the previous Marshal Lan Shifan.

Seeing this, Huang Xiaolongs three complete dao saint godheads, and three saint bloodlines power simultaneously roared to life.

His three saint bloodlines power formed a protective barrier over the surface of his skin, and similarly, he countered the big knife with a punch from his bare fist.

Huang Xiaolong exerted so much force into the punch that he was bending forward like a bow.

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