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Chapter 232: Weren’t You a Xiantian Third Order!

Looking at the improved version of Godly Mt.

Xumi, Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help imagining, if all the heavenly treasures on the list were to combine with the Godly Mt.

Xumi, to what extent would it strengthen this little golden mountain’s magical powers!

Then, Huang Xiaolong shook his head, this was highly unlikely, even for him.

Thirty-two heavenly treasures were scattered all over, the chances of gathering them all was almost nil.

Some of these heavenly treasures might not even be in the Martial Spirit World.

Furthermore, there were possibilities some of these heavenly treasures were already reined in by others.

If he could find them so could others.

Focusing his thoughts, Huang Xiaolong absorbed the ‘new’ Godly Mt.

Xumi into his body and left the forest area with a flicker.

Just moments after Huang Xiaolong disappeared, two silhouettes arrived, piercing through the wind at alarming speed.

“Strange, I’m sure I sensed the fluctuations of a treasure from here!”

“Could someone else have gotten to it before us”

“Go, keep looking!”

After leaving the dense forest area, Huang Xiaolong flew southwards.

One hour later, he stopped.

Arriving at Northside Merchant City, he recalled the incident when he was receiving the sanctification ritual from the Blessed Buddha Altar’s Buddhism energy, the single poisonous needle Chen Dingyuan ambushed him with.

A chilling glint flitted across his eyes as he stepped towards Northside Merchant City and inquired around for the Chen Mansion’s location.

In one of the small yards on the north side of Chen Mansion.

Chen Dingyuan was resting leisurely in the main hall of the yard as he listened to his subordinate, Han Fei, report about the family’s annual Peak Summit.


Every year, the younger generation of the Chen Family would battle for ranking in an attempt to snatch the title of ‘Family Peak’ into their hands.

“Young Master, with your talent and ability, this year’s Family Peak title could only be yours.” Han Fei flattered.

Chen Dingyuan laughing assuredly, “Of course I will win the first place in this year’s family Peak Summit, following that, I will also win the first place in the Four Families Summit!”

Han Fei laughed, “It is as Young Master said, that Luo Wuyi would definitely be defeated by Young Master!”

Chen Dingyuan nodded obligingly at Han Fei’s remark, and as if he remembered something, “Is that kid still inside the Buddha Cavern”

“Yes, that is so, Young Master.

Five months have passed but he hasn’t come out!” Han Fei answered.

“I’ve sent people to keep a watch at the entrance, as long as that kid comes out and shows his face, I will immediately inform Young Master!”

Chen Dingyuan nodded satisfactorily, “Once that kid comes out, I will ‘present’ him with an unforgettable memory!”

“Oh~, really” A cold voice sounded at Chen Dingyuan’s statement.

“Who!” The cold voice sounded too suddenly, both Chen Dingyuan and Han Fei were caught off guard.

Before the two surprised faces, a silhouette slowly emerged from the void above.

“You!” The face of their guest made Chen Dingyuan and Han Fei exclaim in unison.

The uninvited guest was none other than Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes were icy as they fell on Chen Dingyuan: “That’s right, it’s me.”

After a momentary shock, Chen Dingyuan laughed raucously, “Punk, you dared to trespass into my Chen Mansion’s yards! The last time a late-Xiantian Tenth Order tried to do so, do you want to know what his ending was He died without a corpse to be buried! Frankly, I really admire your courage and stupidity!” As his speech came to an end, Chen Dingyuan slowly rose from his seat, approaching Huang Xiaolong.

At the same time, Chen Dingyuan looked at Han Fei, who nodded in understanding, and in a blur, blocked Huang Xiaolong’s escape route.

Even so, Huang Xiaolong was as calm as day.

Chen Dingyuan stopped five meters away from Huang Xiaolong, issuing a condescending cold sneer before saying, “Based on the fact that you dared to trespass into my Chen Mansion, I will give you a chance.

If you can take three palm strikes from me, I will let you leave, if not, hehe…!”

“One palm!” Huang Xiaolong stated.

“One palm” Chen Dingyuan broke out in another bout of laughter after a brief paused, “True, one or three palm strikes is the same result for you for one strike from me is enough to deal with you.

Punk, are you ready”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head in clarification, “I said I only need one palm to deal with you!”

“What!” Chen Dingyuan’s face distorted in anger in the blink of an eye, a cruel glint burning in his eyes, “Little punk, I was kind enough to be merciful, giving you a way out, but since you have made your choice, then go die!” Chen Dingyuan leaped into the air, punching out with a fist full of killing intent at Huang Xiaolong.

An enormous fist imprint pierced through the air with a trail of lavender flame, the space around it issuing crackling noises.

Before the fist imprint arrived, a scorching heat wave blasted in Huang Xiaolong direction.

Chen Dingyuan was a peak late-Xiantian Third Order, the destruction force from one punch was no joke.

According to Chen Dingyuan’s understanding, though Huang Xiaolong went through the sanctification ritual on the Blessed Buddha Altar and managed to break through to Xiantian Third Order, a punk like him was still far from qualified to be his opponent.

Which was why Chen Dingyuan did not call out his martial spirit, nor soul transformed.

Huang Xiaolong watched indifferently as Chen Dingyuan’s attack came at him, then with a raise of his hand, a finger pointed out.

Just a simple finger stab, a forceful finger print shot through space, enveloping the earth like an angry rolling tsunami.

Within the dark gray billowing fog hid strange black creatures, wailing miserably, shaking one’s mind.

“Absolute Soul Finger!”

Watching the great momentum of the incoming dark gray fog, accompanied by the strange black creatures’ shrill shrieks, Chen Dingyuan’s face tightened.

Swiftly jumping back, he bellowed: “Devil Extinguishing Vajra Vigor!”

Chen Dingyuan was wholly shrouded in a golden membrane that formed a protective layer of vigor qi.

However, the Absolute Soul Finger attack pierced through the Devil Extinguishing Vajra Vigor protective layer like it was nothing at all, penetrating through the person’s chest and coming out from the back.

It went on to make a hole through the wall of the structure.


Chen Dingyuan body was thrown back from the impact, crashing down hard, blood spurting out uncontrollably from his mouth.

“Young Master!” Han Fei, who was signaled to block Huang Xiaolong’s escape route, watched the scene happen in the blink of an eye.

When Chen Dingyuan was sent flying, he blurted out in shock and rushed to his Young Master’s side.

On Chen Dingyuan chest wound, a dark gray air circulated, issuing shrill screams, bloodied flesh and a face paler than a white sheet.

“You, you are not a Xiantian Third Order!” The voice coming from Chen Dingyuan throat was hoarse as he stared wide-eyed in shock at Huang Xiaolong.

He couldn’t understand at all, he remembered correctly that when Huang Xiaolong was undergoing the sanctification ritual on the Thousand Blessings Square, he had just broken through to Xiantian Third Order.

How did he turn out to be a Xiantian Fourth Order now!

“Who told you that I’m a Xiantian Third Order” Huang Xiaolong retorted with a cold sneer.

Without waiting, the Blades of Asura appeared in his hands, and with a swing, an ominous flower bloomed in the air, which disappeared in the next moment in the same ghostly manner.

Chen Dingyuan screamed.

From the center of his forehead, blood spurted out like a fountain from the flower mark left on his forehead.

Chen Dingyuan slid down to the floor stiffly, eyes opened with unwillingness.

“Young Master, Young Master!” Han Fei cried out in fear, shaking Chen Dingyuan’s body with trembling hands.

But, no matter how hard Han Fei shook, no response came from Chen Dingyuan.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong approached.

Han Fei twirled around in fright, watching Huang Xiaolong.

In the next instant, he screamed: “Someone, there’s an assassin!”

Still, it did not save him.

Just as his words ended, Huang Xiaolong pointed a finger, penetrating his temple.

After dealing with Han Fei, Huang Xiaolong leaped up, disappearing from the spot with space concealment.



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