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Chapter 2633: Send Someone Better


A heaven-shaking blast rang through the skies as Huang Xiaolongs fist slammed into Chan Yulis palm.

“He stopped it!” The members of the Flying Heaven Race cried out when they saw that Huang Xiaolong had stopped Chan Yulis strike.

They seemed to have caught sight of the light at the end of the tunnel as hope ignited in their hearts.

Luckily for them, Huang Xiaolong didnt stop there.

Instead, his fist pierced through Chan Yulis giant palm and continued moving towards the man himself.


The energy that Chan Yuli had gathered to form his giant palm scattered like dust in the wind.

Members of the Flying Heaven Race felt their jaws dropping in fright when they observed what happened.

That strike from Chan Yuli had contained the power of a First Resurrection Primal Ancestor, but it was slapped away by a punch from a Third Heaven True Saint!

It was a scene that no one could have ever imagined.

They would never forget what they had just witnessed as long as they lived.

“Were leaving!” Huang Xiaolong didnt hesitate as he reached out to grab Feitian Longpeng and the others.

He didnt plan on staying around to fight a Primal Ancestor.

“Do you think you can leave”


Chan Yulis voice rang through the skies once again, and his rage could clearly be felt.

Dense killing intent filled the space around them and Chan Yulis desire to kill Huang Xiaolong grew even stronger when he realized that the kid had shattered his attack seconds ago.

There was no way he could allow Huang Xiaolong to leave the Golden Buddha Region alive.

If Huang Xiaolong managed to escape, he would have allowed a tiger to return to the woods.

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong was no ordinary tiger.

He was the king of tigers!

Even when he hadnt reached the mid-level True Saint Realm, he was able to shatter the attack of a First Resurrection Primal Ancestor! His terrifying battle prowess was clear to all, and if he managed to enter the high-level True Saint Realm, he would be able to trample on them anytime he wished!


Chan Yulis giant palm came slamming down once again.

This time, the old man sent out two palms, and they were so large that they were comparable to massive supercontinents.

A terrifying golden glow emerged from the humongous palms as Chan Yuli revealed his true strength.

As a Primal Ancestor, Chan Yuli was undeniably talented.

After all, someone with insufficient talent would never be able to become a Primal Ancestor.

The power of the Golden Buddha Bloodline he unleashed was something Chan Wuwo and the others would never be able to compare to.

Before his palms could crash into the group, a suffocating pressure descended on the lands.

Everyone felt that the air around them had solidified, and breathing became difficult.

It even felt that they would be crushed to nothingness before the palms could arrive.

There was a reason Primal Ancestors were hailed as the strongest beings in the Holy World.

A single palm could shatter a Holy Ground, and it could erase the space between the heavens and earth as though it hadnt existed in the first place.

Huang Xiaolong turned around to face the incoming attack as a frigid light flashed in his eyes.

It seemed as though Chan Yuli wasnt going to back off if he didnt show off his power.

No longer running away, Huang Xiaolong stood firm as he waved his arm to send the members of the Flying Heaven Race flying off to a safe spot.

A thousand arms appeared behind him as soon as Feitian Longpeng and the others were no longer in danger.

The Thousand Armed Holy Devil made its appearance!

With a thousand arms moving in unison, a thousand fists were sent flying towards Chan Yulis attack.

In the instant their attacks collided, everyone in the Golden Buddha Region managed to feel the tremor running through the lands.

It was as though the entire region was flipped over by an unspeakable power.

Purple rays of light emerged from the fists of the Thousand Armed Holy Devil, and the light seemed to form a giant purple sea.

Waves larger than one could imagine, slammed against Chan Yulis palms.

The purple light that appeared, swallowed the heavens and earth as it threatened to decimate everything in its path.

That was the grand dao art of the Purple Spider Race.

When Zi Dongping had made the wager with Huang Xiaolong, this was his final attack.

Even though Huang Xiaolong was not of the Purple Spider Race and didnt have the power of the Purple Spider Race coursing through his veins, he had three saint godheads.

With his complete attributed saint godheads and the assistance of the Thousand Armed Holy Devil, the strength behind his strike was god knew how many times stronger than Zi Dongping.


Horrifying explosions threatened to split the heavens apart as several weaker cultivators fainted from the frighteningly powerful soundwaves that swept through the lands.

When the purple waves crashed into the two golden palms, Chan Yulis attacks were forced backwards as the light they emitted started to dim.

After several seconds of futile resistance, the golden light was submerged in a sea of purple.

After smashing apart the two golden palms, Huang Xiaolongs Thousand Armed Holy Devil continued charging towards an unknown target in the distance.

No one knew how far it went, and no one knew where it landed.

All they knew was that Huang Xiaolongs strike had shattered Chan Yulis attack without losing all its power.

When they realized that they had underestimated Huang Xiaolongs strength once again, they didnt know what to think.

As for the experts in the surroundings, they didnt dare to believe their eyes.

The purple sea that had shattered Chan Yulis attack turned into a massive purple river that stretched on for eternity as it swept through the skies of an uncountable number of holy grounds before heading towards the border.

Upon retrieving his thousand arms, Huang Xiaolong stared at the border before bringing the members of the Flying Heaven Race away.

Even though the battle went on a little longer than he had expected, Chan Yuli didnt show up.

Somewhere in the space at the border of the Golden Buddha Domain, Chan Yuli revealed a flabbergasted expression as he raised both of his arms to block the unending river of purple light.

By the time the purple light was gone, he was several hundred thousand miles away from his previous location.

The robe around his body was no longer as neat as it once was, and a troubled expression could be seen on his face.

He was actually forced to retreat by a Third Heaven True Saint!

Several moments later, the current patriarch of the Golden Buddha Race, Chan Yongxu, rushed over with several experts of the Golden Buddha Race.

When he saw Chan Yuli staring into space, he felt a trace of doubt forming in his mind.

“Ancestor, this…” Chan Yongxi asked.

“Its nothing.” Seeing as the juniors of his race had arrived, Chan Yuli quickly gathered his thoughts.

“What about Huang Xiaolong and the Flying Heaven Race Are they…” Chan Yongxu wanted to press on and obtain victory, but Chan Yuli interrupted him after a slight hesitation.

“Theres no need to give chase.

There is a horrifyingly strong expert at the Primal Ancestor Realm protecting Huang Xiaolong.

Theres no longer a point in hunting them down.”

Everyone sucked in a cold breath when they heard what Chan Yuli said.

“A Primal Ancestor Realm expert! Could it be that Primal Ancestor Corpse Puppet he brings around According to Yuan Qianxing, the corpse puppet is faring worse than Zi Dongping after his injury! The corpse puppets body was shattered by Yuan Qianxing during the battle…”

“HOW WOULD I KNOW” Chan Yuli snapped all of a sudden, scaring everyone around him.

Chan Yongxu no longer dared to continue his line of questioning as question marks formed in his mind.

One day later, the members of the Flying Heaven Race managed to cross the Golden Buddha Domain with Huang Xiaolongs assistance.

Their hearts were pounding in fear as they were afraid that Chan Yuli and the members of the Golden Buddha Race would mobilize everyone at their disposal to hunt them down.

However, they failed to catch sight of a single member of the Golden Buddha Race, or anyone out to kill them, for that matter.

Even though Feitian Longpeng and the others had a ton of suspicion in their hearts, they didnt dare to question Huang Xiaolong.

“Your Highness, many thanks for your assistance.

Our Flying Heaven Race will never forget this favor.” Feitian Longpeng turned to Huang Xiaolong to express his thanks.

The members of the Flying Heaven Race followed suit, and Huang Xiaolong chuckled softly when he saw their actions.

“There is no need to thank me.

I have something I need your help with!”

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