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Chapter 272: Annihilate the Sky Magi Sect!

“What did you say!” Hu Han roared in anger; with a quick flicker, his silhouette left the throne dais, appearing right in front of the Nine Fiend Sect disciple.

Both hands reached out and lifted the disciple up by the collar as a horrifying killing intent swirled out from Hu Han’s body like a hurricane.

That Nine Fiend Sect disciple was so terrified that he lost all colors in his face.

“YounㅡYoung Lord he, he…” The disciples stammered incoherently.

Hu Han’s anger was further stoked with the disciple’s action, his palm slapped straight onto that disciple’s chest, sending the disciples tumbling on the floor all the way until the edge of the hall, where he hit a stone pillar, halting his movements.

Struck by Hu Han, the disciple struggled to get up only to fall to his knees, begging for mercy, “Sovereign mercy, Sovereign mercy, ah!”

Hu Han harrumphed curtly, “Speak, recount every detail of the event clearly!” If it wasn’t for him being anxious to know what happened, he would have killed this disciple with that palm just now.

“Yes, yes, yes, Sovereign!” That Nine Fiend Sect disciple answered with dread as he quickly recounted in detail what he knew.

Hearing that a young man punched his son’s chest and then went on to cripple his lower part, Hu Han’s face layered with frost, but when he heard that after Lin Shuang and the other three Elders arrived, Lin Shuang was actually injured by the young man, also with one punch, whereas the three, Xu Gao, Chen Nianhua, and Lu Yi were thrown off simultaneously with just one palm, Hu Han, Su Meimei, and the present Elders revealed expressions of astonishment.

The Nine Fiend Sect disciple continued in a shaky voice, “After that black-haired young man injured the four Elders, he slit their throats with his blade; Elder Lin Shuang and the other Elders were already killed before they even had time to escape.”

Hu Han had an ugly expression on his face hearing this, unable to conceal the amazement from his eyes.

“After that” Hu Han asked solemnly.

“After killing the four Elders, the black-haired young man then dragged the Young Lord away, in the Sky Magi Sect headquarters’ direction.” That disciple hastened to answer.

“Sky Magi Sect’s headquarters” Everyone present in the grand hall was stumped.

“Could this black-haired young man be an expert the Sky Magi Sect Sovereign, Chen Xiaotian, hired”

“Regardless of whether he is or not, this black-haired young man is definitely connected to the Sky Magi Sect.” The Nine Fiend Sect Elders started to state their opinions one after another while Hu Han’s face grew gloomier by the second.

It was obvious he was trying to figure out what that black-haired young man’s relationship with Sky Magi Sect was.

If this black-haired young man was someone hired by Chen Xiaotian, what did they mean by holding his son Was the Sky Magi Sect declaring war against the Nine Fiend Sect

Su Meimei was also pondering the matter as she sat quietly on the chair, not speaking a word.

“Sovereign, regardless of who that brat is, since the Young Lord is being held in the Sky Magi Sect’s headquarters, then we shall surrounded the Sky Magi Sect this instant and rescue the Young Lord!” At this point, one of the Elders stood up proclaiming.

Hu Han’s eyes flickered, tempted.

“Deputy, what do you think” Hu Han turned around, enquiring his second-in-command Su Meimei.

Su Meimei said seriously, “Sovereign could first send a summon to Sky Magi Sect Sovereign, Chen Xiaotian, have him hand out the Young Lord, while you send people out to investigate that black-haired young man’s identity.”

Hu Han nodded, Su Meimei’s opinion was the same as his.

Attacking the Sky Magi Sect headquarters without knowing that black-haired young man’s identity was not a wise move.

First, investigate that black-haired young man’s bottom line, annihilating him and the Sky Magi Sect at that time wouldn’t be too late!

Not wasting time, Hu Han instructed one of the Nine Fiend Sect’s Elders to head out to Sky Magi Sect and tell Chen Xiaotian to hand over his son, Hu Sheng,while on the other hand, he sent some people out to investigate the black-haired young man.

However, very soon, the Elder Hu Han sent out came back, blood staining his robes, a wound on his chest.

Moreover, he returned alone.

Seeing this result, all the Nine Fiend Sect Elders clenched their fists in anger.

Hu Han’s sullen face darkened deeper.

“Sovereign, that Chen Xiaotian, he said if you want to bring the Young Lord back, go to Sky Magi Sect headquarters yourself and to… kneel and beg in front of him.” The moment that Nine Fiend Sect Elder returned to the grand hall, the words flowed out without being asked.

“What!” All the Nine Fiend Sect Elders present were filled with rage.

“This Chen Xiaotian is too presumptuous!”   

“Sovereign, we’ll rush to the Sky Magi Sect’s headquarters right now and save the Young Lord!”

“That’s right, rescue the Young Lord and destroy the Sky Magi Sect.

Capture that Chen Xiaotian and make him kneel in front of the Sovereign!”

“He thinks having that black-haired young man helping him, our Nine Fiend Sect daren’t do anything to him!”

“Annihilate Sky Magi Sect!”

“Annihilate Sky magi Sect!”

All the Nine Fiend Sect Elders clamored noisily.

Hu Han felt slighted and chagrined; an intense killing intent surged in his heart.

He, as the Sovereign of the Nine Fiend Sect, the Castellan of Black Demon City, with all the power he had in Black Demon City, he had never felt such vexation! In the past, he just needed to stamp his foot and it would be enough to scare Chen Xiaotian until he pissed his own pants!

A brief moment passed as Hu Han forced himself to suppress the boiling killing intent in his heart.

Raising both of his hands, his indicated everyone to calm down.

When the grand hall quieted down, he scanned the faces before him, saying in a solemn voice, “The Sky Magi Sect must be annihilated, Chen Xiaotian and that black-haired young man must die! But not now!”

The more Chen Xiaotian acted this way, the more prudent and vigilant Hu Han became.

“Tell the people below to speed up their investigation of the black-haired young man,” Hu Han looked over in Su Meimei’s direction, “Also, other than that black-haired young man, find out if the Sky Magi Sect has any other experts guarding in the dark!”

“Yes, Sovereign.” Su Meimei stood up and acknowledged with respect.

At this time, the Elder that returned blood-stained from Sky Magi Sect opened his mouth after slight hesitation, “Sovereign, Chen Xiaotian also told me to bring you a message, he said, tomorrow he would cut off one of Young Lord’s arms, the day after tomorrow an arm and a leg, and on the third day, he would cripple Young Lord’s remaining leg!”

“What did you say!” The anger Hu Han worked so hard to suppress erupted like a volcano.

The four walls of the grand hall, pillars, and floor were covered with a layer of frosty white ice.

Behind Hu Han, an ice serpent flickered in and out vaguely.

Not only Hu Han, all the Nine Fiend Sect Elders were furious.

“Sovereign, this Chen Xiaotian is simply too arrogant! Please give us the order, we’ll gather up and destroy the Sky Magi Sect this instant!” A Nine Fiend Sect Elder could no longer suppress his anger and jumped up from his seat, claiming once again.

“Yes, Sovereign, give us the order!” Other Elders echoed the suggestion.

Hu Han inhaled deeply, a dark eerie light flitted across his eyes, “Pass my order down, from now onwards, kill every Sky Magi Sect disciples that the Nine Fiend Sect disciples and Elders come across!”

“Yes Sovereign!” All the Nine Fiend Sect Elders answered in unison, not daring to clamor more than they had.

At the same time, the Sky Magi Sect headquarters grand hall.

Huang Xiaolong sat on the throne seat, whereas Chen Xiaotian, Geng Ken, Jiang Tianhua, as well as the groups of Sky Magi Sect and Blood Swallow School experts stood in respectful manner in the grand hall.

Also, in the grand hall was a dumbfounded Hu Sheng staring wide-eyed at the experts of Sky Magi Sect and Blood Swallow School on both sides.

Sky Magi Sect and Blood Swallow School’s experts actually…! He stared at Huang Xiaolong in horror; who is this black-haired young man exactly What does he want to do! Hu Sheng daren’t think further…



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