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Chapter 2874: You All Will Regret This!

Half a month ago, the Dragon Fish Creeds and Ten Swords Creeds disciples had besieged Long Jianfeis group that had just come out from the Blue Lotus Pond.

Luckily, with the Immemorial Ice and Fire Qilins around, Long Jianfei, Duan Feng, and Duan Zheng were able to break out from the encirclement.

However, in the last half a month, Dragon Fish Creeds and Ten Swords Creeds disciples had persistently hunted Long Jianfei, Duan Feng, and Duan Zheng.

At the moment, Dragon Fish Creeds Yu Zhou, and Ten Swords Creeds Chen Dingtian had Long Jianfei, Duan Feng, and others trapped in an uninhabited land, somewhere in the Blue Lotus Creed.

As more and more Dragon Fish Creeds and Ten Swords Creeds experts subsequently joined the hunt, even though the Immemorial Ice and Fire Qilins were two strong perfection half-Dao Venerables, they couldnt repeatedly break out from being besieged.

At the moment, the Immemorial Ice and Fire Qilins, Duan Feng, Long Jianfei, and the others were bitterly hanging on, fighting a desperate and bloody battle.

Killing intent roiled in Huang Xiaolongs eyes as he sped away, leaving a streak of light across the sky.

As Huang Xiaolong sped away, exuding a suffocating murderous aura, the turbulent aircurrent raised high waves from the Blue Lotus Ponds surface.

The disciples around the Blue Lotus Pond were startled.

“Who is that! Such a frightening aura! Is he a perfection half-step Dao Venerable!”

“He looks like the young man who defeated Zhou Hong!”

“Him It cant possibly be, right Didnt Yu Zhou and Chen Dingtian say that he died inside the Blue Lotus Pond Moreover, if we count the number of days, he stayed inside for one month.

Thats absolutely impossible! Even Second Esteem Dao Venerable experts cant last that long inside!”

“You might be right.

It is said that the young man is only a Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor.

So that person might be someone else!”

“Then, which Dao Venerable expert is that!”

Various guesses galloped through these disciples minds.

Huang Xiaolong rushed over at his fastest speed based on his connection with the two qilins.

Faster, faster, and even faster…

In order to reach Long Jianfei and the others as fast as he could, he pushed his three dao souls energy and his small worlds cosmos energy to the limit.

His speed was so fast that most low-level Dao Venerables merely saw a blurry image, and not his face.

“Three days!”

There was no temperature in Huang Xiaolongs eyes, and they were akin to a merciless demonic king of purgatory.

It would take him three days to reach where the Immemorial Ice and Fire Qilin and the others were trapped, even if he used his small worlds cosmos energy.

Three days!

Huang Xiaolong prayed they would stay safe for these three days.

Or else!

The more Huang Xiaolong thought about it, the stronger his killing intent became.

Soon, three days passed.

Somewhere in an uninhabited land in the Blue Lotus Creed, violent energy fluctuations spread from various directions, and terrifying destructive energies covered the entire land.

Yu Zhou and Chen Dingtian watched Long Jianfei, Duan Feng, and the others struggling desperately with a cold eye.

Although there were the Immemorial Ice and Fire Qilins helping them, Long Jianfei, Duan Feng, and Duan Zheng still suffered many injuries, especially Long Jianfei.

His injuries were the heaviest.

There was blood all over his body, and his dao physiques foundation was greatly damaged.

Even if he was rescued now, it would take a precious grand dao pill for him to recover fully without any repercussions.

“Long Jianfei, I advise you to surrender.

That way, I can give you a quick death!” Yu Zhou sneered.

Upon hearing that, Long Jianfeis face warped with satirical laughter, “Want us to surrender Dream on! Yu Zhou, you little brat, even if we die, His Highness will avenge us, and he will destroy you and the Yu Family till theres no one left in the family! You will regret this!”

Yu Zhou and Chen Dingtian laughed loudly upon hearing that.

“At this juncture, youre still harboring hope for your dog-** Highness to come and save you Hes long dead inside the Blue Lotus Pond.

Otherwise, how come he didnt come out after so many days!” Yu Zhou mocked.

Duan Zheng glared at the opposite side ferociously as he roared, “My third brother is a Divination Creeds inner disciple.

How dare you try to kill my third brother Arent you afraid that the Divination Creed will come asking for an explanation!”

Yu Zhou frowned, and then snickered, “Merely Divination Creeds common inner disciple.

Even if the Divination Creed comes asking for an explanation, my master will handle it!”

Had this been this in the past, he would have had scruples about Duan Fengs identity, but his master had given the kill order for these people.

Hence, he neednt worry about the consequences.

Greed flashed in Yu Zhou and Chen Dingtians eyes whenever their gazes fell on the Immemorial Ice and Fire Qilin.

At the moment, both qilins were being besieged by a dozen of Dragon Fish Creeds and Ten Swords Creeds half-step Dao Venerables.

“I am surprised that that punk actually has Immemorial Ice and Fire Qilin as mounts, but now, these two qilins will belong to the Dragon Fish Creed and Ten Swords Creed!” Chen Dingtian laughed.

Yu Zhou grinned, “After capturing these two Immemorial Ice and Fire Qilin, who knows, maybe the Ten Swords Creed Patriarch would bestow the Immemorial Qilin to Brother Chen Dingtian as his mount.”

The two had come to an agreement that the Immemorial Fire Qilin would go to the Dragon Fish Creed and the Immemorial Ice Qilin would go to the Ten Swords Creed.

Naturally, this was also the meaning of both creeds upper echelons.

Chen Dingtians laughter deepened, “Ill accept Brother Yu Zhous good wishes.”

With his talent, and his credit of capturing the Immemorial Ice Qilin, the Ten Swords Creed might really bestow the qilin to him as his mount.

Duan Feng interrupted Yu Zhou and Chen Dingtians jolly conversation icily, “You all will regret this! With His Highness identity, not to mention all of you, but even your patriarchs will have to prostrate for forgiveness before him!”

Yu Zhou was a little stunned by Duan Fengs words, but then, he chortled, “Ooh, I am so scared after listening to your words.

I might even misunderstand your words and think that that punk is the Son of Creation!”

Yu Zhou and Chen Dingtian laughed mockingly.

Clearly, neither of them paid any attention to Duan Fengs words.

Have the Dragon Fish Creed Patriarch kneel in sin In this time and era, other than the Son of Creation, who else is qualified to have the Dragon Fish Creed Patriarch to kneel in sin

However, who in the Divine Tuo Holy World didnt know that the Son of Creation was His Highness Huang Shuai!

Therefore, both Yu Zhou and Chen Dingtian treated Duan Fengs words as a fart.

“You guys didnt eat Attack at full force and quickly deal with the three of them!” Yu Zhou snapped at the Dragon Fish Creeds disciples to besiege Long Jianfei, Duan Feng, and Duan Zheng.

The Dragon Fish Creeds disciples intensified their attacks, and Duan Feng, Long Jianfei, and Duan Zheng were immediately overwhelmed.

At this rate, the three of them probably wouldnt last long.


The Immemorial Ice and Fire Qilins roared in a fury, seeing the three of them in dire straits.

No matter how powerful the two qilins were, they were merely perfection half-step Dao Venerables.

In a short time, the two qilins were unable to break free from the Dragon Fish Creeds and Ten Swords Creeds dozen half-step Dao Venerables to rescue Long Jianfei and the others.

The qilins watched their injuries get worse by the moment, anxiously.

Wang Xin had been fervently attacking Long Jianfei, seeing that Long Jianfei was at the end of his strength.

He gathered energy in his long sword as he intended to cut off Long Jianfeis head in one slash.

Killing intent burst from his eyes as he bellowed, “Die for me!”

After seeing that Wang Xins sword was about to cut off Long Jianfeis head, Duan Feng and Duan Zheng ashened, but they couldnt extricate themselves from their attackers at the moment.

“Jianfei!” Duan Feng roared.

He and Long Jianfei had followed Huang Xiaolong for many years, and although they were not real brothers, their relationship was as good as real brothers.

Long Jianfei looked at the long sword that was slashing at him, and closed his eyes.

But seconds passed and nothing happened.

So, he opened his eyes again and saw that there was someone standing beside him!

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