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Chapter 3051: Flower of Time

When the loud boom thundered, a huge golden-colored flying ship was flying towards the Golden Fox Heavenly Caves number-one peak at rapid speed, leaving a long tail of light that resembled a golden river in the galaxy.

This was the Golden Fox Dao Venerables famous ride! The Golden Fox Flying Ship! It was also the best flying ship in the entire Golden Fox Heavenly Cave, a peak-grade cosmos artifact!

Jin Hongyuan, and the others came out from the flying ships cabin when they heard the resounding boom, looking towards the horizon from the ships bow.

“Its coming from the Heavens Burial Lands!” Jin Hongyuans expression turned grim.

His pupils needled as he focused on spotting something in the Heavens Burial Lands outside of the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave.

Many Golden Fox Creeds experts were bewildered when they heard the loud sound originating from the Heavens Burial Lands.

The Heavens Burial Lands was outside of the Golden Fox Heavenly Caves boundary.

Moreover, there was a huge distance of starry space in between, but this loud noise had actually reached this far.

“Is it great experts fighting in the Heavens Burial Lands” Li Xu asked in bewilderment.

Jin Hongyuan shook his head, looking unusually solemn.

“Not likely, unless its experts in the top ten fighting for life.

Otherwise, it wont cause such huge energy fluctuations.

Something must have happened in the Heavens Burial Lands!”

Hearts tightened at that conclusion.

The Heavens Burial Lands was one of Origin Holy Worlds perilous lands, and the Heavens Burial Lands represented the unknown, mystery.

Even existences like the Origin Holy Worlds World Master were unable to fully explore the Heavens Burial Lands because there were certain places the World Master dared not take the risks.

Suddenly, came another thunderous explosion that reached the sky, louder and more terrifying than the first explosion.

Even the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave was shaking because of it.

Jin Hongyuan and the others were startled.

Jin Hongyuans communication symbol shook at this time.

He took it out and said to Jin Xiaoxiao after reading the content, “Its a message from your godfather, and he wants me to enter the Heavens Burial Lands immediately and assist him!”

Jin Xiaoxiao was astonished, “Godfather! Then Father, what about the battle challenge”

“Its not the time to care about that now.

Cancel the battle challenge for now! Have the Golden Fox Army inform that young man and his beast mount that I\'ll take their dog-lives once I return from the Heavens Burial Lands!”

Jin Hongyuan looked towards the Heavens Burial Lands and ordered, “Full speed ahead, to the Heavens Burial Lands, hurry!”

The Golden Fox Flying Ship made a quick swerve to another direction in midair, and sped off in the Heavens Burial Lands direction.

Before long, the news of the changes in the Heavens Burial Lands and Golden Fox Dao Venerable Jin Hongyuan canceling the battle challenge spread.

“Lord Golden Fox Dao Venerable is rushing to the Heavens Burial Lands, and the challenge battle is canceled That punks really lucky!” Panhu Creed Patriarch Wu Shenyuans brows were locked tightly together.

The Panhu Creeds Enforcement Hall Master Hu Feiyi comforted, “When the Golden Fox Dao Venerable returns, they have to die just the same.

They are merely living a few more days.

The question is, what happened inside the Heavens Burial Lands that made the Golden Fox Dao Venerable rush there” He paused briefly then continued, “Anyone here thinks maybe a supreme treasure has appeared in the Heavens Burial Lands For example, genesis spiritual water, or other similar treasure”

Only those rare genesis level treasures could tempt existence like the Golden Fox Dao Venerable.

“Not necessarily, it is said Golden Fox Dao Venerable received a message from Wind Cloud Dao Venerable that made him rush to the Heavens Burial Lands.

Perhaps, Wind Cloud Dao Venerable encountered danger in the Heavens Burial Lands.

Hence, the Golden Fox Venerable went to help him.” one of the Panhu Creeds Eminent Elders said.

The Enforcement Hall Master Hu Feiyi tried again, “Still, theres a good chance that Wind Cloud Dao Venerable found a huge treasure trove and requires Golden Fox Dao Venerables assistance to open it.

I heard the Concealing Heaven Creed Patriarch Fan Yihui and Young Patriarch Fan Luo have set off to the Heavens Burial Lands with Concealing Heaven Creeds experts! Even Cangming Creed has led a group of experts there!”

“Lord Patriarch, if theres really a supreme treasure, it is also a heaven-sent opportunity for our Panhu Creed.

After all, many supreme treasures rely on fate.

Who can say that fateful person is not you” Hu Feiyi added.

Wu Shenyuan fell into contemplation.

Some time later, he raised his head and said, “Pass my order, all Dao Venerable experts are to set off to the Heavens Burial Lands with me!”


The Nine Vision Creeds headquarters.

Huang Xiaolong had just come out from the Sun Moon Furnace, and was planning to head to the Golden Fox Heavenly Caves highest peak.

It was right at this time that the first loud boom came from the Heavens Burial Lands.

Shortly after, he received news that Jin Hongyuan had canceled the battle challenge and ran off to the Heavens Burial Lands.

When Lei Yu heard the news, he asked the Nine Vision Creeds experts smiling whilst not smiling, “Jin Hongyuan that brat really said that he would have us wait till he comes back to take our dog lives”

The Nine Vision Creeds expert prostrated on the floor in apprehension.

“Y-yes, Lord.”

Lei Yu let out a cold snort, and in the clear sky above, rumbling lightning and thunder gathered, making the Nine Vision Creeds experts below lower their heads in fear.

“Heavens Burial Lands,” Huang Xiaolong repeated as he looked toward a certain direction with a pensive expression.

Although Huang Xiaolong hadnt been at the Origin Holy World for long, he had already heard of the Heavens Burial Lands.

The Heavens Burial Lands was no less dangerous than the Divine Tuo Holy Worlds Bright Lightning Abyss.

In fact, it was more dangerous, and even existences such as the Origin Holy World Master dared not thread carelessly into the Heavens Burial Lands.

“Your Highness, the Heavens Burial Lands hasnt had this level of movement for a long time.

Its likely there is a heaven-defying treasure being born.

Should we go take a look” Lei Yu asked Huang Xiaolong.

“Oh, you mean similar things have happened in the Heavens Burial Lands in the past” Huang Xiaolong asked Lei Yu.

Lei Yu nodded, and replied, “Before I left the Origin Holy World, there was one such large movement in the Heavens Burial Lands.

At that time, more than a dozen strands of origin qi had appeared, and also several kinds of heaven-defying plants, and one of them was the Flower of Time!”

“The Flower of Time!” Huang Xiaolong was astounded.

Though a dozen strands of origin qi astonished Huang Xiaolong, what he had not expected was that the Flower of Time had once appeared in the Heavens Burial Lands.

The Void Reincarnation Thistle had the rare power of space, and it was one of ten most precious plants of genesis era, whereas the Flower of Time was the number-one herb!

The Flower of Time, as its name indicated, had the power of time.

When one refined the Flower of Time, there was a chance to comprehend the absolute power of time.

“Lets go then.

Well join the Heavens Burial Lands liveliness,” Huang Xiaolong said after a brief consideration.

Moreover, Jin Hongyun has already canceled the challenge battle.

Not to mention, Huang Xiaolong wanted to take a look at the Heavens Burial Lands.

A dozen strands of origin qi Maybe…

Huang Xiaolong immediately exhorted the Nine Vision Creeds experts with some tasks, and after that, he, Lei Yu, Old Monster Flame, and the others set off to the Heavens Burial Lands.

Naturally, Peng Fei and Jia Zhen were left at the Nine Vision Creeds headquarters because the Heavens Burial Lands was too dangerous a place to bring the both of them along.

Huang Xiaolong took out the Purple Lightning Peak and had Old Monster Flames group of thirteen people to drive it.

The Purple Lightning Peak sped off in a streak of purple lightning, traversing rapidly through space, that Lei Yu and the others sighed at its speed in amazement.

Half a month later, Huang Xiaolongs group exited the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave.

Another several days passed, and the outline of Heavens Burial Lands appeared before Huang Xiaolong.

When Huang Xiaolongs group reached the Heavens Burial Lands, there were many flying ships and experts swarming into the Heavens Burial Lands in a hurry.

The changes in the Heavens Burial Lands this time had not only alerted the experts of Golden Fox Heavenly Cave, but also experts from other heavenly caves bordering it.

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