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Chapter 3134: Order The Treasure Lake Chamber of Commerce to Leave!

When Man Yihui and the others heard Di Shuangs yell, they felt their hearts sinking to the ground.

They fell to their knees, and no one knew if it was because they lost all strength in their legs or if it was because of Huang Xiaolongs name.

Huang Xiaolong!

Man Yihui and the members of the Silver Horn Barbarian Locust Race might be from the Origin Lands, but they knew what the wordsHuang Xiaolong represented!

Several hundred years ago, Huang Xiaolongs battle in the Origin Heavenly Cave shocked the entire Origin Holy World.

He defeated Xiao Tianqi and took on all nine beast kings of the Death Beasts Peril Lands alone!

He fought against nine beast kings, alone!

After the battle, all nine beast kings submitted to Huang Xiaolong!

When Man Yihui and the others were reeling in shock, Di Shuang looked at the nine beast kings behind Huang Xiaolong and roared, “You motherf*cking traitors!”

Di Fan looked at Di Shuang and he said indifferently, “His Highness is the Son of Creation.

The inhabitants of the entire Huang Long World are his subjects.

Di Shuang, since you already know His Highness identity, why arent you on your knees Are you planning to revolt!”

Di Fans voice caused Di Shuangs expression to sink.

However, he couldnt deny that what Di Fan said made sense.

Huang Xiaolong was indeed the Son of Creation, and according to his logic, all the experts in the Huang Long World should kneel before him.

A laugh full of mockery escaped Di Shuangs lips.

“Are you crazy! What a joke.

He might be the Son of Creation, and he might be strong, but I, Di Shuang, would never submit to anyone!” He glared at Huang Xiaolong and sneered, “Huang Xiaolong, hand over the right right now.

The two of us have nothing against each other, and we can walk our separate paths after this.

If you refuse to hand the ring over, dont blame me for trying to assassinate you in the future.”

Huang Xiaolong might be strong, but when he let down his guard, it was possible for someone to assassinate him.

With a wave of his hand, Huang Xiaolong ordered everyone to fall back.

He walked towards Di Shuang and sighed, “The ring is right here.

If youre capable, come get it.”

As soon as the words left his lips, Di Shuang made his move.

The world fell into complete darkness, and the power of darkness was amplified in the Black Frost Abyss.

Experts of Man Yihuis level would be able to see quite a fair distance in the Black Frost Abyss, but now, they couldnt even see their fingers when they stretched out their hands! It was as though the Black Frost Abyss was submerged in a pool of black water, and all of them felt suppressed by Di Shuangs power of darkness!

Even though he was interrupted by Huang Xiaolong previously, he was at the peak of the major completion stage in the power of darkness! Even though he wasnt at the perfection level yet, he was close!

The instant the surroundings went dark, a terrifying power gathered behind Huang Xiaolong before it shot out towards him.

Huang Xiaolong might not have reacted in time, but he reached out behind him and used the power of all three small worlds along with the power of nirvana, poison, lightning, blaze, and frost.

One could only imagine how strong his strike was!

The entire Black Frost Abyss felt as though it would crumble as soon as Huang Xiaolong directed his energy towards it.


The two of them clashed, and a deafening blast rang through the air.

The members of the Silver Horn Barbarian Locust Race might have hidden themselves a fair distance away, but they were struck by the shockwaves mercilessly.

Their bodies tumbled through the air no matter how hard they tried to protect themselves.

They felt like an invisible hand had grabbed the Black Frost Abyss and it only required a mere thought to destroy everyone inside.

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When someone was strong enough to move an entire region by themselves, their strength reached a whole new level!

There were countless pockets of spaces in the Black Frost Abyss, and there were countless continents located on it.

The number of inheritances left behind by experts who fell since the ancient times couldnt be counted, and the number of restrictions filling the place were helpless when met with Huang Xiaolongs overpowered strength.

Man Yihui was so frightened his mind went blank.

That was the first time he felt that someone could be so damn strong!

Under Man Yihuis terrified gaze, Di Shuang shot out like a shooting star before slamming into a continent god knew how many miles away.

The place he slammed into crumbled into fine dust, and Di Shuangs appearance was a mess.

As the leader of the death beast kings, Di Shuang comprehended six elements.

He had attained perfection level in four of them, but that was nothing compared to Huang Xiaolong! Not to mention the fact that he only had the power of one small world assisting him!

Even though they reached perfection level in several elements, the concept of using the cosmos energy of three worlds to unleash an attack was completely different from using the cosmos energy from a single world!

When Di Shuang was sent flying, the darkness faded instantly.

Black light shrouded his body as Di Shuangs figure disappeared from the spot he was in.

“Trying to escape” Huang Xiaolong snorted.

With a single step, he stood in a calculated region and he unleashed the power of all eleven elements!

His strike caused the space around him to crumble, and multi-colored light lit up the otherwise dark Black Frost Abyss.

The light was so piercing that Man Yihui couldnt open his eyes!

Di Shuangs figure fell towards the ground below as he vomited copious amounts of blood.

He looked at Huang Xiaolong with a terrified gaze and he stuttered, “Eleven… Eleven…”

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Huang Xiaolong actually managed to comprehend eleven of the thirteen elements!

There was probably no one left in the Huang Long World who could defeat Huang Xiaolong!

“You cant run.” Huang Xiaolong looked at Di Shuang and sighed.

“You cant be faster than me, and youre not stronger than me either.

Your defense cant be compared to mine, and Ive already left behind a trace of power in your body.

Ill be able to locate you no matter where you run to.”

The blood slowly started to drain from Di Shuangs face.

Huang Xiaolongs figure blurred and he reappeared before Di Shuang in an instant.

Reaching out with his right hand, Di Shuang felt as though the entire world was held in it.

He knew that it was impossible for him to escape.

One day later.

In the main hall of his palace, Hao Zhen ordered the experts of the Nine Eyed Black Tiger Race, “Is that guy back yet”

“Your Highness, he hasnt returned! None of his subordinates are back either!” A chuckle escaped his lips.

“Seems like they were killed off by Man Yihui and the others.

There were some experts who said that Man Yihui led all the experts from the Silver Horn Barbarian Locust Race towards the Black Frost Abyss to hunt the kid down.

From the looks of it, he should be deader than dead by now.”

Hao Zhen roared with laughter, “Nice!” Turning to another expert, he laughed, “Get the men of the Treasure Lake Chamber of Commerce to start the ship!”

“Theres still another half an hour till we leave…”

“Who cares The brat isnt coming back anyway.

Get them to leave right now.”

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