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Chapter 564: Youre Definitely Going To Regret This!


Li Dufeng did not fall unconscious.

Watching Huang Xiaolong coming closer to him, his eyes revealed fear.

Only he understood how powerful Huang Xiaolong’s attack was!

Amongst the inner disciples, he had the same feeling from two people!

“You!”Just as Li Dufeng wanted to speak, a gush of warm blood spurted out from his mouth, splattered across the ground, glaring to the eyes.

A few feet from Li Dufeng, Huang Xiaolong stopped, lifted a foot and stomped on Li Dufeng.

Instantly, sounds of bones cracking rippled in the air, followed by Li Dufeng’s miserable scream.

What did Li Dufeng say earlier Telling Huang Xiaolong to cripple his own two arms and perform a hundred kowtows

“You little punk, do you know who I am I’ll not let you go!” Li Dufeng roared these words out at the top of his lungs, his eyes filled with boiling rage.

If looks could kill a person, Huang Xiaolong would have died a hundred times over by now.

“Pardon me, I have no interest in knowing who you are.” Came Huang Xiaolong’s indifferent reply, then he raised his foot again, stomping down on the other hand.

The sound of breaking bones rang once again on the mountain peak.

This time, Huang Xiaolong secretly used a fraction of internal force, nearly causing Li Dufeng to cry for his mother.

“This brother, I’m Wang Chengsan, give me some face, let the matter end here.” At this point, a young man that could be considered handsome and a little feminine stepped forward to persuade Huang Xiaolong.

This young man, Wang Chengsan, was strong.

His strength was above Li Dufeng’s, ranked sixth among the inner disciples Great Ten.

“Give you face” Huang Xiaolong turned around, a cold smirk on his face, “Why should I give you face Is your reputation very big” Huang Xiaolong did not forget that this Wang Chengsan was the one who clamored the most, inciting the other inner disciples.

The same one who said that Huang Xiaolong’s brain was damaged, that he was crazy, that he was nothing but dregs before Li Dufeng.

Wang Chengsan was taken aback by Huang Xiaolong’s reply, a deep flush quickly climbed up his face, clearly showing his anger.

He didn’t expect someone that had just been promoted to an inner disciple to dare speak to him in such manner, not leaving an ounce of face for him at all.

There had yet to be anyone among the inner disciples who dared to speak to him this way, even those few people that ranked above him would still give him some face.

Wang Chengsan’s knuckles turned white, looking at Huang Xiaolong with a frosty gaze.

The energy fluctuations around him surged and rose higher, however, just as everyone thought that Wang Chengsan would attack, his rising momentum abruptly converged and retreated to the side as if nothing happened.

Everyone around was baffled by the sudden change.

Wang Chengsan actually retreated! He… didn't have the guts to confront this newly promoted inner disciple

Sensing the many eyes on him, Wang Chengsan’s fists clenched even harder under his sleeves, feeling great humiliation in his heart.

He wished more than anything to blast Huang Xiaolong into mincemeat with his fists, but he wasn’t confident.

Although he too could defeat Li Dufeng, it was impossible for him to defeat Li Dufeng in one move like Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong’s display of strength made him feel apprehensive.

Therefore, he would endure! Endure for now, and later in the future, he would pay it back ten times, a hundred times to vent this anger.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t expect this Wang Chengsan to suddenly retreat, this made him take another look at the person, not everyone had this temperament.

In fact, he was just thinking that he might as well deal with this person in one go.

But, Huang Xiaolong didn’t mind this missed opportunity too much. 

His attention returned to Li Dufeng, saying, “Now, after you give a thousand kowtows, you can roll down the mountain.”

More than one disapproving frown appeared among the surrounding inner disciples.

“Brother, aren’t you being too ruthless You have already broken Li Dufeng’s arms, and now you’re asking for a thousand kowtows.” Another inner disciple couldn’t resist speaking up. 

This inner disciple’s name was Zeng Feng, ranked fifth amongst the Great Ten.

Those capable of having a courtyard on the mountain peak were all elite inner disciples.

“Too ruthless” Huang Xiaolong sneered, “When Li Dufeng attacked, wanting to cripple my Qi Sea and break both of my arms, why did you not come out and say it’s too ruthless If my strength was weaker than him, my Qi Sea would have crippled by now and both of my arms broken.

I’ve only broken his arms, yet you feel like I’m ruthless”

An unnatural flush colored Zeng Feng from his face to his neck, but he knew that Huang Xiaolong was highlighting the facts.

If it weren’t for Huang Xiaolong’s strength dominating over Li Dufeng, the crippled one would definitely be Huang Xiaolong instead.

However, they subconsciously felt like it was Huang Xiaolong’s fault.

A newly promoted inner disciple with his attitude was too lawless.

In the end, Zeng Feng didn’t speak another word.

“Damn punk, you’re definitely going to regret this!” Li Dufeng glowered viciously at Huang Xiaolong.

“I only know that if you don’t kowtow a thousand times and then roll down to the foot of the mountain, you’ll definitely regret it.” Huang Xiaolong’s tone was chilling.

Li Dufeng looked like he was about to spit fire from his eyes while Huang Xiaolong merely looked at him with cold indifference.

The others looked on, this time, no one said a word.

A short while later, right in front of everyone, Li Dufeng flipped his body up, then his heads lowered, touching the ground in a kowtow.

This scene was shocking to the other inner disciples.

One loud thud after another was heard as Li Dufeng kowtowed again and again.

The entire time, his killing intent was akin to a roaring wrathful volcano, but it did not erupt, for he knew that with his current strength he had no power to resist against Huang Xiaolong.

The result of resistance would only end up more tragic than it was now.

At that time, Huang Xiaolong would likely crush his Qi Sea, and even cripple his legs as well.

He gritted his teeth and held everything in.

Huang Xiaolong spared a few glances at Li Dufeng.

Ignoring everyone else, he walked into Yard No.1.

Although this Yard No.1’s spiritual energy was lense dense compared to the Institute Principal’s manor, its environment was several times better than the cultivation courtyards located at the foothills.

Inside the courtyard, there was a cultivation room, a study room, and a small front hall.

At the center of the yard was an unknown spiritual tree emitting a refreshing faint scent.

A whiff of it actually helped calm one’s mind and will.

Other than these, there was also a back garden, space for planting some spiritual flowers and grass.

After taking a tour around Yard No.1, he was quite satisfied with the place.

Despite its compact size, around two hundred square meters, it could be considered a haven.

How many geniuses dreamt of having such a cultivation courtyard in the Black Warrior Institute yet never had it realized.

More importantly, there was the protective formation laid out by the institute in each courtyard.

During cultivation, after activating it, he wouldn't need to worry about others coming to disturb him.

‘But, the array is a little weak, I must strive to strengthen it in the next two days.’ Huang Xiaolong made a mental note.

Although he was not very skilled in array formations, he did learn some from Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi in recent years, it could be considered as having some superficial knowledge.

A little rearranging could increase the strength of the array twofold.

On the outside, the crowd of inner disciples also dispersed after watching Huang Xiaolong stepping inside Yard No.1, each one returning to their own cultivation courtyard.

Staying there any longer would only increase Li Dufeng’s humiliation, who knew if Li Dufeng would direct his resentment onto them instead.

No one wanted to get involved in endless troubles.

Some time later, Li Dufeng completed his one thousand kowtows and stood up.

Throwing a vicious look at Yard No.

1, he turned around and left.

As for Wang Chengsan, a piercing gleam flickered in his eyes the instant he returned to his own yard, that new punk made him lose face in public.

He was greatly upset by this.

“I’ll take care of you once I have your background investigated.” Killing intent flitted in his pupils.


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