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In a split second, Zhuang Yongfeng and Tao Gu attacked at the same time.

Zhuang Yongfeng aimed at Yang Yi, whereas Tao Gu made a ruthless attack to take Huang Xiaolongs life in one move and snatch the Black Lotus.

The five Knife Creed Grand Elders also attacked, targeting Shi Xiaofei.

In fact, sending five Tenth Order God Realm Knife Creed Grand Elders to deal with Shi Xiaofei was definitely overkill, any one of them could easily take her life.

But with a two-million-years-old Black Lotus in the equation, no mistake was allowed.

Therefore, all five of them acted.

Zhuang Yongfeng first locked Yang Yis surrounding space, not giving her any chance to help Huang Xiaolong or Shi Xiaofei. 

Huang Xiaolong watched as Tao Gu attacked with a ferocious face, it seems like he would have to expose Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyis existence and the fact he possessed the Black Tortoise Divine Fire.

Just as Huang Xiaolong prepared to summon his Black Tortoise Divine Armor and request Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi to save Shi Xiaofei, a lazy yet domineering voice sounded, “Sissy fudges, who dares to bully my disciple!”

The sudden voice astounded those of Knife Creed.

Before Tao Gu and the others eyes, a giant palm slammed down on Tao Gu from the void.

Tao Gu was terrified.

Others might not understand how horrifying that giant palm was, but he felt it clearly, the frightening force in that giant palm.

His chest constricted, suffocating.

Tao Gu had never experienced this kind of powerlessness, even when facing the strongest person of the White Tiger Galaxy, the White Tiger Institutes Principal.

In that instant, Tao Gu couldnt be bothered with Huang Xiaolong, he created distance by spinning his body around and jumped away.

At the same time, he thundered: “Azure Sky Dragons Pillar!” Both his palms struck continuously upward.

Two powerful qi flew skyward from Tao Gus palms, transforming into two dragon-shaped hurricanes that wounded their bodies around a qi pillar that looked extremely real, reflecting a golden light.

A resounding boom followed as the qi pillar shattered.

The overwhelming aftershock knocked Tao Gu back again and again, spewing large amounts of blood.

A Highgod Realm masters physical defense was extremely strong, nicknamed as animmortal body. In general, it was extremely rare for them to be injured, but now, Tao Gu felt like his internal organs imploded from that giant palms attack.

Affected by the aftershock waves, the five Knife Creed Grand Elders ganging up on Shi Xiaofei were sent flying in different directions.

When they fell to the ground, their faces were stuck in the mud with their asses facing the sky, whether they were dead or alive was unknown. 

Hearing the familiarsissy fudges, Huang Xiaolong was secretly relieved.

That was the old mans catchphrase, whereversissy fudges was heard, thats where the Ascending Moon Old Man was.

The Ascending Moon Old Man had finally arrived!

A small area of space fluctuated as the old man made his appearance in front of everybody.

More than a decade passed, but the Ascending Moon Old Man did not change one bit, still the same worn robe, wrinkly and skinny, as well as that pair of small eyes.

Seeing the Ascending Moon Old Man again gave Huang Xiaolong a warm feeling.

“I say brat, are you alright” The Ascending Moon Old Man turned his head toward Huang Xiaolong, splitting into a wide grin, “Hehe, sorry, sorry, I was caught up with something, arriving one step late.

But luckily, it wasn\'t two steps.”

Huang Xiaolong retorted: “Not dead yet.”

At this answer, the old man chuckled, “Not dead is good ah.”

Huang Xiaolong speechlessly rolled his eyes.

“Ascending Moon Old Man!” Zhuang Yongfeng had stopped attacking Yang Yi, retreating to his disciple Tao Gus side.

He blurted out when he saw the Ascending Moon Old Man.

Around fifty thousand years ago, he had seen the Ascending Moon Old Man once, and although it was only that one time, the old man\'s face was deeply carved into Zhuang Yongfengs mind.

The wordtyrannical didn\'t even come close to describing the strength the Ascending Moon Old Man had shown at that time, so much that even after so many thousands of years had passed, Zhuang Yongfeng had never forgotten the scene where the old man had injured six Highgod Realm masters in one move.

Six Highgod Realm masters, gravely injured by one attack!

“Ascending Moon Old Man!” At his Master Zhuang Yongfengs exclamation, Tao Gu\'s face paled.

Although he had never seen the Ascending Moon Old Mans face before, Tao Gu was aware that he held the first place on the God Ranking List sixty thousand years ago.

He also knew about the Ascending Moon Old Man gravely injuring six Highgod Realm masters in one move.

For so many years, his Master Zhuang Yongfeng had told the story to him many a time, and every time his Master spoke about it, there would be a solemn and grim expression on his face, which indirectly influenced Tao Gus impression of the old man.

This withered-looking old man in worn robes in front of him was that Ascending Moon Old Man! Involuntarily, his gaze shifted onto Huang Xiaolong.

A complicated feeling roused in him, laced with regret.

This black-haired young man was actually that Huang Xiaolong, whose name had been rising in the four galaxies in recent years

The Ascending Moon Old Man and the Black Warrior Institute Principals personal disciple!

This terms Alchemist Grandmaster Competitions Pill King!

The Ascending Moon Old Man looked at Tao Gu, harrumphing with a temper, “Kid, leave your arms behind.”

Leave your arms! 

Tao Gus face lost all colors.

He was a Highgod Realm master, and his physical body could still recover over time if was destroyed, but even if he could recover later, cutting off his arms would cause his strength to decline.

“Senior Ascending Moon, I…” Tao Gus voice trailed off, he turned to look at his Master Zhuang Yongfeng, hoping that his Master would speak on his behalf.

However, when Zhuang Yongfeng captured the coldness on the Ascending Moon Old Mans face, he maintained silence until the end because he knew that the result would be the same even if he pleaded.

Zhuang Yongfeng nodded his head at his disciple Tao Gu.

Tao Gu trembled and his face was several shades paler.

With a sudden shake of his arms, both of his arms fell as if sliced by a sword.

“Were leaving!” Zhuang Yongfengs tone was low and solemn.

With a wave of his hand, he collected the five Knife Creed Grand Elders, He Zhi and Chen Ruiguangs corpses, and speed off with Tao Gu following closely behind him.

‘The old man is letting them leave just like that Huang Xiaolongs eyebrow rose in doubt.

Noticing Huang Xiaolongs expression, the Ascending Moon Old Man briefly explained, “I have some connections with the Knife Creeds previous Chief from before that Zhuang Yongfeng.”

Hearing this, Huang Xiaolong let it go.

Also, the Ascending Moon Old Man ended things this way because it was not easy to kill a Highgod Realm master.

Furthermore, with Huang Xiaolong having a two-million-years-old Black Lotus, this wasn\'t a place to linger around.

Thus, when those from the Knife Creed disappeared from their sight, the Ascending Moon Old Man, Huang Xiaolong, Yang Yi, and Shi Xiaofei also left the place, directly leaving the Heavenly Mountain to return to Royal Pill City.

As for the several herbs that Huang Xiaolong needed to refine the Exalted Divinity Pellets, he would find another way later.

The news that Huang Xiaolong had a two-million-years-old Black Lotus spread through the four galaxies like a storm.

As expected, not long after Huang Xiaolongs group left the Heavenly Mountain, the news had already spread.

Immediately, numerous forces and masters tried to pin down Huang Xiaolongs location. 

“What You brat found the Heavenly Gods blood pool!” On the way back to Royal Pill City, hearing Huang Xiaolong say that he found the Heavenly Gods blood pool, the Ascending Moon Old Man shouted in surprise.

Yang Yi was surprised as well.

“Yes ah, Xiaolong and I cultivated in the blood pool for ten days.” Shi Xiaofei nodded cutely.

The Ascending Moon Old Man hit his chest and stomped his feet, “Brat, if I knew earlier that your luck is so good, this old man would have followed you!” In this one month in Heavenly Mountain, he didnt find fart.


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