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The two withered old men standing behind Yelu Tianhao were enraged hearing Huang Xiaolong calling them dogs, killing intent gleamed in their eyes.

Just when the two old men were about to attack, Huang Xiaolong looked at the three of them, taunting, “What Too little” A light flashed around Huang Xiaolongs hand and another ninety top divine grade spirit stones appeared in front of  Yelu Tianhao.

With a hundred top divine grade spirit stones placed in front of them, rich spiritual energy filled the inns hall to the brim.

All the other customers nearly snapped their necks, turning too quickly to look at the top divine grade spirit stones in amazement.

The surrounding customers gazes gradually turned hot.

Huang Xiaolong pointed at the pile of top divine grade spirit stones, saying to  Yelu Tianhao, “Look carefully, these are one hundred top divine grade spirit stones! As long as you and your two dogs roll away, these spirit stones are yours.

But remember, roll!”


Yelu Tianhaos eyes turned red in an instant.

Staring fixedly at Huang Xiaolong, his hands furiously clenched into fists as his killing intent soared.

Right at this time, the surrounding customers started making a ruckus.

“His mother, if those top divine grade spirit stones were for me,  dont even mention rolling out of this inn, Ill even roll out of the White Tiger City!”

“Bull**, Id be willing to roll out of the Firmament Divinity Mainland!” 

These people were looking at Yelu Tianhao with envy.

A few pointed at Yelu Tianhao, snapping, “Punk, if I were you, Id grab those top divine grade spirits stones and roll out of here in a heartbeat.

Youre still discontent”

“Thats it ah, quickly roll! With that bear face of yours, you still dream of snatching that brothers woman!” Some began to mock him.

Many of them heard when Yelu Tianhao said that he came from the Saint Lord Galaxy.

An outsider dared act so conceitedly in the four galaxies territories.

The already furious Yelu Tianhao exploded when he heard the ridicule thrown at him.

He spun around roaring, “Kill, kill all the garbage!”

At his order, the two withered old men released their auras.

Whelming divine might shook the earth.

The sky above the inn darkened and strong winds howled.

All the cultivators inside the White Tiger City looked in the direction of the Heavenly Feast Inn in trepidation.

Inside the inn, those who were ridiculing Yelu Tianhao immediately shut up, fear appearing on their face, “High-Highgod Realm masters!”

Yelu Tianhao disregarded these people, turning back toward Huang Xiaolong with a grim expression, “Punk, you\'re frightened out of your wits, arent you Get on your knees and eat all the bones on this inns floor, then roll out from this place! This Young Lord will spare your life once.

Remember, roll!”

Although Huang Xiaolong easily took out one hundred top divine grade spirit stones, which indicated that his identity wasnt simple, Yelu Tianhao wasnt worried about this.

In the tens of thousands of galaxies, his Yelu Family had never been afraid of anyone.

While Yelu Tianhao was laughing wantonly, the two withered old men made their moves, their hands slapping down on the other people inside the inn.

The force from their palms blasted the air and space cracked from the pressure, causing the people inside the inn to pale with despair.

Although the present patrons were mostly God Realm cultivators, with some at peak late-Tenth Order God Realm, they still couldn\'t not put up the slightest resistance facing two mid-First Order Highgod Realm masters.

Just as everyone thought they were dead for sure, a cold snort sounded.

Although it wasnt loud, it sounded like divine lightning from the ninth heaven in the ears of the two mid-First Order Highgod Realm masters.

Booming sounds rattled their minds.

In the next second, their palms overwhelming force halted in midair, as if the entire world had stopped moving!

The despair in the surrounding people\'s eyes turned to daze, staring stupidly as the two palms that were about to fall on them froze in midair.

Yelu Tianhao who was laughing wantonly was also stunned, not understanding what was happening.

The scene in front of him had surpassed his ability to judge.

While everyone was still in a daze, Huang Xiaolong suddenly stood up from his seat, saying a single word that confused everyone present: “Burst.”

The two frozen palm imprints exploded in the air like two bubbles, with a softpop, vanishing without a trace.

Everyone present was dumbfounded.

The two withered old men turned to Huang Xiaolong in astonishment.

Others might not understand the power they had used just now, but they themselves knew it well.

Even a peak late-First Order Highgod Realm master couldn\'t do what Huang Xiaolong just did, easily breaking the force contained in their palm strikes.

This young man was actually a terrifying master! More powerful than them, two mid-First Order Highgod Realm masters! 

All of them had misjudged this young man!

Huang Xiaolong slowly turned around, but his palm suddenly struck at the two withered old mens chests.

The two old men paled, lifting their arms to counter in panic while retreating at the same time.

However, all was in vain.

Huang Xiaolongs palm force seemed to neglect space, landing straight on the two old men.

The old men grunted in pain.

Their chests exploded from Huang Xiaolongs attack, revealing a large bloody hole.

Falling backward, their bodies slid across the floor, knocking off countless tables and chairs.

Loud crashes came from the inn.

Everyone watched with a dazed look, having yet to recover from their shock.

Injuring two Highgod Realm masters with a single strike!

Huang Xiaolong then looked at Yelu Tianhao, not bothering with the two old men anymore.

Yelu Tianhao stared wide-eyed at the floor, at the two Enforcers that came with him, mumbling incoherently, “I-impossible, impossible!”

“Impossible” Huang Xiaolong laughed harshly.

Huang Xiaolongs voice jolted Yelu Tianhao to his senses, but he was quickly overcome with fear, “You, you, what are you planning to do Im the Yelu Familys Young Lord, if you dare harm a hair on my body, my Yelu Family will…!”

Before he could finish, Huang Xiaolongs palm pressed against the air.

The force sent Yelu Tianhao flying, falling down beside the two withered old men. 

“Harm a hair on your body” Huang Xiaolong raised his leg, kicking between Yelu Tianhaos legs.

Something similar to the sound of eggs cracking was heard.

During Huang Xiaolongs days on the Golden Dragon Peak, the All Dragons Leagues Jiang Yu and the others experienced his egg cracking technique the most.

It had been a long time since he used this skill, yet displaying it was so easy and familiar to Huang Xiaolong.

Yelu Tianhao clutched his crotch, wriggling and shrieking on the floor in agony.

His screams sent goosebumps down the surrounding peoples necks.

Shi Xiaofei couldnt help but blush watching Huang Xiaolong burst Yelu Tianhaos lower parts, secretly scolding Huang Xiaolong asscoundrel.

“Young Lord!” The two withered old men cried out seeing Yelu Tianhaos miserable condition.

Their faces turned white, ignoring the injuries on their own bodies to treat their young master.

“Take your Young Lord and immediately scram out of White Tiger City.” Huang Xiaolongs cold voice sounded, “In the future, dont let me see him, or else, every time I see him, Ill burst it.” As for whatit was, that was understood without needing to ask.

The two old men were frightened and furious, but they dared not retort.

After all, Huang Xiaolong was stronger than them.

Yelu Tianhao fainted in anger.

The two withered old men swiftly brought him out of the inn, disappearing from view moments later.

Looking at the ruined inn, Huang Xiaolong frowned; he had lost the mood to drink here.

Hence, he called for the inn owner, reserved a courtyard, and had them bring new dishes and wine to the courtyard.

Huang Xiaolong gave the inn owner a top divine grade spirit stone as compensation for the inns loss.


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