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Mo Su actually had five high grade emperor rank godheads!

If this were made known to the outside world it would absolutely shock a hundred thousand galaxies.

Condensing one emperor rank godhead was already a cause for uproar, lauded as a peerless genius in a million years, whats more five high grade emperor rank godheads!

A supreme rank godhead was the lord of all godheads, standing at the pinnacle of all other godheads.

Yet, between heaven and earth, other than the supreme rank godheads, there were also a few types of unique godheads.

For example the Five Elements Godhead, Nine Sons of the Heavenly Mother Godhead, Nine-Colored Rainbow Godhead, Sky Dragon Godhead, and Darkful Infernal Godhead among a few others.

Mo Sus godheads were precisely one of the unique existences amongst godheads, the Five Elements Godheads consisting of the five natural elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

The five elements were in harmony with each other, yet also restrained each other, all within one entity.

This was also the reason why Mo Su could achieve a cultivation realm of Eighth Order Highgod Realm even though he had cultivated for less than two thousand years.

For a person possessing high emperor rank Five Elements Godheads, a slow cultivation speed would be ridiculous.

This kind of unique godheads only appeared once in ten million years.

Then again, godheads of supreme rank were the lords of all godheads.

Regardless of how many emperor rank godheads someone condensed, they would always be on a lower level.

There was a heaven and earth gap between the two of them.

Mo Suis five godheads spun, emitting colors representing the five elements as they absorbed the energy contained within a Scarlet Fruit Black Lotus Fruit, turning it into godforce.

While Mo Sus Five Element Godheads were absorbing the Scarlet Fire Black Lotus Fruits one by one on the second floor, on the third floor, Huang Xiaolongs figure appeared on a barren island.

This barren island was three times the size of the Wind Snow Continent, with devil qi enshrouding it like a thick fog that actually befuddled the mind.

Huang Xiaolong noticed that there was a restriction laid out on the islands perimeter, suppressing his strength to a certain degree!

Right at this time, ten sword lights cut through the devil qi fog, arriving before him.

Huang Xiaolong snorted, lightly pressing his palm at the void.

The first wave of devils hidden within the fog was sent flying out into the open.

The weakest of those devils were late-Second Order Highgod Realm, while the strongest ones were peak late-Third Order Highgod Realm!

The level of difficulty of the third floor was a hundred times higher compared to the second floor.

Even so, in Huang Xiaolongs eyes, the devils on the third floor were just as easy to kill.

With his soul force, the fog on this barren island didn\'t have much of an effect on him, and despite the fact that his strength was slightly suppressed by the islands array formation, these Second Order and Third Order Highgod Realm devils didn\'t pose any problem to Huang Xiaolong.

After taking care of the first wave, he continued to fly deeper into the barren island.

The second wave of devils appeared a few seconds later, blade lights crisscrossed in the air.

Huang Xiaolong didnt even move his hands, using purely his soul force to deal with them.

The third wave followed, then the fourth… Time flowed by.

A short while later, all ten waves of devils on the third floor had been eradicated by Huang Xiaolong.

Every time he killed a wave of devils, they would be devoured.

As the strength of those devils increased, the underworld energy they contained grew.

For Huang Xiaolong, this energy was a rare supplement, and he wasn\'t someone who wasted resources.

Moreover, after absorbing these devils underworld energy, Huang Xiaolong noticed an additional benefit; the corrosive power of his Archdevil Supreme Godheads dark element godforce was significantly strengthened.

After he dealt with all ten waves on the third floor, the thick devil qi fog that enshrouded the island emitted a golden radiance, merging and condensing, forming a shining thumb-sized drop of golden water!

“Is that… a drop of Weighted Metallic Water Essence!” A tremor of excitement ran down Huang Xiaolongs back, delight written all over his face.

Weighted Metallic Water Essence!

This kind of thing was a rare treasure from Hell.

Every drop was the formed from the accumulation of the purest water element spiritual energy, an accumulation that happened through a hundred thousand millennia.

Not only could it enhance ones strength, it could also improve ones physical body and nurture the soul, it was even beneficial for the godhead.

A cultivators godhead, according to its rank, could be strong or weak just like a cultivators body, where their offensive and defensive power varied from one cultivator to another.

The same principle applied to a the godhead as well, and there were some rare treasures in the world that could actually strengthen a cultivators godhead.

Treasures such as this Weighted Metallic Water Essence! A treasure that could enhance a godheads resilience. 

Although a mere drop or two of Weighted Metallic Water Essence wouldn\'t bring a visible benefit, the amount of it forming above this barren island could probably turn into a river with the length of a hundred zhang.

If Huang Xiaolong refined every drop here, he couldn\'t even imagine what level of enhancement his three supreme godheads would experience.

Here on the third floor, these drops of Weighted Metallic Water Essence would only exist for three months before disappearing.

Huang Xiaolong swiftly sat in the air in a meditative pose, stimulating all three of his supreme godheads and began devouring madly.

In an instant, the drops of Weighted Metallic Water Essence above the barren island shone brightly and flew toward him.

Those water golden drops were continuously refined by Huang Xiaolong as they rushed into his body.

Above his soul sea, his three supreme godheads released a radiant light that covered over ten thousand zhang.

One hour quickly passed by.

Huang Xiaolong felt a significant change to his three supreme godheads, although it wasn\'t visible to the naked eye.

Seconds ticked by, turning into four hours.

Finally, every last drop of Weighted Metallic Water Essence had been completely refined.

Huang Xiaolong inhaled deeply and breathed out before getting to his feet.

His divine sense submerged internally and discovered that his physical body, soul, and three supreme godheads had undergone different degrees of improvement.

Especially the power of his body and soul, which had definitely increased by about ten percent.

For a cultivator like Huang Xiaolong, the force brought about by a ten percent increment in power was terrifying enough in such a short time.

Forget increasing one-tenth, even half of that was already shocking.

The joy in Huang Xiaolongs heart was hard to describe.

“Next is the fourth floor.” Excitement flickered in his eyes as he flew out from the barren island in a flash, heading to the fourth floors entrance.

The top one hundred disciples in the Highgod Advancement Tournament could pass through the third floor of the Hellion Tower without much problem, but the fourth floor was where the difficulty really began.

According to what Huang Xiaolong knew, the fourth to the sixth floors were akin to a boundless hell, every level of which was different.

The closer one got to the end, the harsher the purgatory fire was.

“Look, the fourth floor is lighting up! Someone has entered the fourth floor, its definitely Devil Son Mo Su!”

“Mo Su actually passed the third floor so fast! God, it has been a little more than four hours since he entered the hellion Tower, so fast! What incredible talent!”

The crowd was in a frenzy, while the ancient devil clan disciples were hooting proudly.

While the crowd outside was in an uproar, especially the ancient clan disciples, Mo Su was still sitting cross-legged in the air above the primitive forest on the second floor, refining the Scarlet Fire Black Lotus Fruits.

Three more hours passed before he completely refined all the spiritual fruits.

“Over nine hours.” Mo Su stood up with a satisfied smile on his face.

In the past, his Devil King Ancestor spent a whole day on the second floor, whereas he only spent a little over nine hours.”

Mo Su reached the entrance to the third floor and flew in.

“Ei, the third floor lit up again! The Zhou Clans Zhou Yao actually entered the third floor in such a short time!” When the Hellion Towers wall surface glimmered, the devil clan Elder Mo Shirong exclaimed unexpectedly.

“This Zhou Yao can be considered a genius.” Devil Clan Elder Cheng Bangyi nodded in agreement, then his tone changed, “I have already informed the Patriarch that the Devil Son passed through the third floor in four hours time.

The Patriarch and the Grand Elders were all astounded and will be coming here later.”


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