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“Procrastination” Yang Chen heard the word Mrs.

Fanghua said, and after thinking about it in his heart, he had to say that for the time being, he could only use this method.

However, this was not a way to completely solve the problem.

The longer it is, the more troublesome it will be.

Madam Fanghua knows this, and so does Yang Chen.

But at least that’s the future, so he didn’t have to face it right away, and hey, maybe if it is delayed until later, things will be resolved naturally.

“That’s the only way to do it.” Yang Chen sighed and said helplessly.

Looking up at Mrs.

Fanghua, he reached out and grabbed Mrs.

Fanghua who was not far away.

Madam Fanghua was shocked, and was about to scream in horror, but found that Yang Chen’s hand had no strength.

She was a little at ease, and she didn’t resist, letting Yang Chen act.

Later, Mrs.

Fanghua saw that Yang Chen reached out and grabbed at her chest, this action made Mrs.

Fanghua happy.

Could it be that Yang Chen really fell in love with her In the midst of surprise, she saw that Yang Chen clapped heavily on the chest between her breast.

This palm was so powerful that Mrs.

Fanghua’s body flew backwards involuntarily.

But when her body was still in the air, she had already stopped slowly, hovered in the air, and regained her peerless temperament.

Yang Chen’s palm directly released the restriction that the five Murong sisters had placed on Madam Fanghua, allowing her to quickly restore all her cultivation base.


Fanghua didn’t know what Yang Chen’s intention was, but the recovery of her spiritual power was a good thing.

At least in the face of a Yang Chen who was just in the middle Yuanying stage, with her strength at the peak Yuanying stage, she no longer had to worry about her own safety.

“I have released your restriction, You act obediently for me.” Yang Chen didn’t feel that his own strength was inferior to Mrs.

Fanghua, but said with a serious face “If you dare to be half-hearted, hum!”

Following Yang Chen’s humming, a majestic aura emerged from Yang Chen’s body, directly acting on Mrs.

Fanghua’s body.

This momentum, majesty and reverence, with an irresistible strength, crashed into Mrs.

Fanghua’s sea of ​​consciousness.

Yang Chen didn’t dare to use all his strength, but even so, Mrs.

Fanghua, who was at the peak Yuanying stage, couldn’t bear it.

The whole person was like encountering the ruler of heaven and earth.

Without even holding on to a few breaths, her legs went weak in horror and sat down on the ground.

This was not all, after a while, it was impossible to even sit up from the ground.

She bowed directly to the ground, she didn’t dare to lift her head up.

The power was so strong that Mrs.

Fanghua no longer dares to have any disrespectful thoughts in her heart.

Deliberately subduing Mrs.

Fanghua, Yang Chen’s aura turned into that of a river of blood.

Although most of the killing intent has been absorbed by the Immortal Slaying Sword, the remaining part was enough to make Mrs.

Fanghua fell into a terrifying abyss, but it is less than the it takes for half an incense to burn, she fainted in horror.

Yang Chen ignored Mrs.

Fanghua and sat there quietly thinking about how to deal with the situation in front of him.

After sitting for a long time.


Fanghua, who was on the ground, snorted and slowly woke up.

After waking up.

When Mrs.

Fanghua stood up, the first thing she saw was Yang Chen, who was sitting there with a cold face.

It was almost an instinctive reaction.


Fanghua fell to the ground again facing Yang Chen, with Yang Chen’s boots on her head, she didn’t dare to move.

Now Mrs.

Fanghua was really calling herself Yang Chen’s slave, the situation just now was really terrifying.

Only then did Mrs.

Fanghua know that she was nothing at all in front of Yang Chen.

If Yang Chen wanted to kill her, he didn’t even need to do anything, just think about it.

The dual power of the dragon’s aura and bloody river made Mrs.

Fanghua completely obedient, how dare she have any other thoughts.

Even in front of the Murong sisters who captured her alive, Mrs.

Fanghua did not dare to favor them.

The people in the Demon Sect have a point, that was, they were very aware of the situation.

The so-called person who knows current affairs lives long.

If you use this sentence to measure, the understanding of the demon sect was far more than the dao sect.

In fact, even the seven women had to please Yang Chen.

Who should Mrs.

Fanghua prefers between Yang Chen and the seven women It was only at first that Mrs.

Fanghua was intimidated by the cultivation base of the seven girls, thinking that Yang Chen was favored by the seven girls only by relying on his alchemy ability.

Only now did she realize that the truly strong person was always Yang Chen.

It seems that the seven women haven’t realized this for now, but that’s fine, this is the opportunity for Mrs.

Fanghua to please Yang Chen.

Although Mrs.

Fanghua now considers herself to be Yang Chen’s slave, as long as she has excellent means, it is not uncommon for the personal maid to be favored more than some young mistresses who haven’t been there yet.

The days that followed were relatively uneventful.

Yang Chen didn’t have anything special for the time being, and the seven women had Yang Chen’s promise to understand each other, and they were a little relieved.

The seven girls were all smart people, and no one would do such a rogue entanglement, that would only increase Yang Chen’s disgust.

On the contrary, it would be better to increase the appropriate distance at the right time.

After getting along with Yang Chen for a few days, the seven women said their goodbyes.

Of course, when the seven women left, they did not forget to make an appointment with Yang Chen to go out to cultivate.

Yang Chen couldn’t refuse because of the bitterness, so he could only agree temporarily.

As for when to go, he would say it after a while.

After sending off the seven women, Yang Chen reappeared in front of the sect master.

Now the sect has to reconsider the relationship and cooperation with the three major sects.

If it was placed a long time ago, that the five major sects were so vying to cooperate with the Pure Yang Palace, the Pure Yang Palace would definitely be flattered and agreed.

But now, they were also qualified to be separated from each other, each with a different attitude.

The core elders also gathered to discuss this issue.

Of course, the results were also easy to come by.

The Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect have cooperated from the beginning, and of course they are the closest.

The Five Elements Sect and the Qiankun Sect were relatively second, and the Greatest Heaven Sect was the worst.

On this point, no one has any objection.

For the time being, the core elders still prefer Yang Chen not to refuse directly, so as not to be suppressed by the three major sects at this critical moment in the development of the Pure Yang Palace.

And Yang Chen was also waiting for the day when the Greatest Heaven Sect will become a cocoon, and it was not suitable to force them for the time being.

From this starting point, Yang Chen’s expedient disposal was a good way to inadvertently.

Yang Chen also recognized this, and was no longer hesitant.

Next, he would first send the ultimate demonized demon vine to Sun Qingxue, and then accompany Shi Shanshan to fulfill his promise to interfere with Shi Shanshan’s cultivation for the last time.

But before that, Yang Chen still had to deal with one person, that was, Mrs.

Fanghua, who has always regarded herself as Yang Chen’s slave, and handled almost all the affairs around Yang Chen in an orderly manner. 


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