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Chapter 274: Muddled

He was a man, and he should be able to stand his ground.

He should be able to shoulder all the abuse, and she, as long as she was happy, that was enough.

“After we attend your older brothers wedding in Jindo City, Ill go into the city and spend all the money youve given me! Ill buy a sky blue curtain to hang in the bedroom, and another layer of sheer curtains on top of it, also sky blue of course, preferably the kind that is imported.

Oh, and another large wardrobe!”

Jiang Yao stood on the tip of her toes to make the comparison, “It has to be taller than the one we have in the house, and even bigger than that.

It has to be as tall and wide as the wall, and only a small corner in it will be for your clothes.

The rest will be all for my clothes! Spring, summer, autumn, winter, all year round! After I graduate and stay on base with you, Ill dress in beautiful clothes everyday to show you!”

“And a big bed! Large enough for both of us to roll around in! Well need to get orange duvet covers, the warm kind of orange thats similar to the shade of the sun that will make people feel good!” Jiang Yao chattered on as she pulled Lu Xingzhi along, pointing at the doorway, “A shoe cabinet here, a customized one thats as tall as my waist so I can fill it with all my shoes! Dont worry, Ill of course make some space in a corner for your shoes!”

“And a dining table! The one we have now is just too ugly! Well have to replace it! To a European style one, a beautiful cream-white dining table!” Jiang Yao said, a look of disgust aimed at the table in front of her, “And a couple of matching chairs too!”

“Just replace it all to your hearts content! Spend all the money you need, darling.

If there isnt enough, then your man is not capable enough! If you dont spend it all, then your standards are just too low.”

Jiang Yaos words filled Lu Xingzhis eyes, lips, heart and all of his limbs with warmth, it slowly seeped into him, making its way through his entire being.

His smile grew deeper as her words flowed, the warmth radiating from him was even warmer than the sun outside the window.

“Also, darling, youve said something wrong previously.

Were going to attend our older brothers wedding tomorrow, not your older brother.” His smile was more restrained, but it was unbelievably happy.

“Although the bed is smaller than the one we have back home, do you want to test it out Its big enough for us to roll around to our hearts content.”

“No way! Put me down! Im not done yet!” Jiang Yao said as she struggled in his arms, “Theres still the kitchen! Ill need to buy a bunch of pots and pans! Ill be staying here for a few days, and over winter break, and even New Years.

I cant do without all those!”

“Well do everything that you have just said.” Lu Xingzhi said as he carried her toward the bed, placing her gently on the mattress and pressing down on her directly after.

Seeing the enthusiasm that Jiang Yao had been displaying, he did not interrupt her, but he pressed as close as he could and smiled, asking, “Is there anything else”

“Im still not done!” Jiang Yao pouted, “After we get all the cooking ware, you have to cook! I cant be going to the platoon canteen everyday to eat when Im here, Ill be ridiculed by everyone! But, I cant cook, so, you have to cook for me!”

Jiang Yao was not being deliberately unreasonable, it was just a fact that she could not cook.

In the Jiang family, if it were not because she studied in a boarding school, she would not even have to wash her clothes herself.

Even so, when she left for boarding school, her mother asked that she return home each week, to not wash her clothes when she was at school and instead bring them back home for her mother to wash.

Her mother was afraid that washing the clothes would tire her out.

Whereas for cooking, her mother was even more reluctant to let her do anything.

There was no need to even mention about lighting a fire in the kitchen, even if she tried to help out with washing the dishes, her mother would nag at her for a long time.

Because there were so many people who spoiled her, Jiang Yaos cooking skills did not improve even after she had left to live on her own.

Lu Xingzhi chuckled lowly, “If youre willing to eat, Im willing to do it.”

Even if he was exhausted from his training, if he could see her satisfied and happy face because of his cooking, he would be willing to do it even if he was tired to death.

Seeing that Jiang Yao was giving him a dubious look, Lu Xingzhi pinched her nose lightly, “Is there anything else”

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