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Chapter 30: Killing on the Streets

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The intruder was a well-trained assassin. He was not frightened by Lin Mo and quickly regained his composure.

“Dont act mysterious!”

Based on the information he had received, Lin Mo was supposedly good-for-nothing. He only had some lucky encounters. An assassin like him should be more than enough to deal with such a loser.

He gathered all the spiritual energy in his body and pounced fiercely in Lin Mos direction. However, the latter disappeared in a blink of an eye. His attack missed again.

Lin Mos movement technique was truly a rare sight. Even as an assassin, he was quite shocked.

“What kind of movement technique is this”

The assassin stopped his aggression. A strange feeling surfaced in his heart. Even if Lin Mo could defeat him, he would not be able to prevent his escape. There was no reason to engage in further battle.

Afterimages streaked across the surroundings. At the same time, Lin Mo let out a low laugh. The assassin looked around vigilantly, but he could not find Lin Mo at all.

In an angry tone, he said, “So, you only know how to hide”

As if his provocation had worked, the assassin caught a glimpse of a black shadow from the corner of his eyes. The assassin converted his spiritual power into a punch. Like a ferocious tiger, he roared as he charged forward.


There was a huge hole in the wall. Still, Lin Mo was nowhere to be seen.

The assassin continued to throw out punches.

Unfortunately, he could not even touch Lin Mos shadow. Eventually, he was exhausted.

The”Dust Rising Steps” was indeed a powerful technique. Even Lin Mo was amazed. Clearly, the assassin was not weak. Yet, he could play him like a fiddle.

Another one of the assassins punches missed. Then, a mocking voice could be heard coming from behind.

“This game is over.”

It was like the whispers of a grim reaper.

The assassin immediately understood the situation. Lin Mo was simply toying with him. It was like a cat chasing a mouse. He knew he was in danger. A cold, winter-like wind assaulted his back. There was no way he could put up any resistance. All he could do was surrender.

There was only one thought in his mind, and that was to run!

The assassin dared not turn his head around. He just ran forward. Despite that, he was no match for Lin Mos speed.

In just a few seconds, Lin Mo had caught up to the assassin. A chill ran down the latters spine.

The assassin regretted taking this mission, but it was too late. He circulated all the spiritual power in his body and dashed to the door. At the same time, the ice and snow followed him closely from behind. No matter how hard he tried, he could not shake them off.


There was a burst of scream. The commotion attracted many peoples attention. A huge frozen sword appeared from the void and it pierced through the assassins chest at lightning speed.

The assassin did not even have time to react.

His hopes of escaping had shattered. He was filled with doubt and disbelief. Then, he closed his eyes forever.

The icy qi spread rapidly in all directions. Even the floor was covered in a layer of thin ice.

This scene shocked the crowd. By the time they had regained their senses, the cold air had dispersed.

If it was not for the puddle of water and the assassins corpse, one would not even believe what had happened earlier was real.

“He killed someone!”

No one knew who shouted, but the crowd was finally able to speak.

“This is the first time Ive seen him make a move.”

“He has a few tricks up his sleeves.”

“I knew he was not an ordinary person.”

“Yea, this was enough to show his power.”

“Another expert has appeared in Qingyang City. Looks like the factions are about to undergo change again.”

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Just as everyone was busy discussing, Lin Mo made another important announcement.

“In a few days, this auction house will hold another auction. There will be tier 5 resources. Everyone is welcome.”

After saying that, Lin Mo turned around and left. He did not really care about the crowds reaction.

Another auction!

Everyone was dumbfounded. Lin Mo had only held an auction a few days ago. Not only were there tier five resources, but there was also a tier six cultivation technique. Where did he get so many resources

It was too soon for the next auction. After all, resources were hard to come by and high-level items were even rarer. Even in large auction houses, there was quite a bit of time between auctions. Moreover, a lot of preparation time was needed. Only those auction houses in the capital would be able to hold an auction so frequently.

Additionally, Lin Mo was only a newcomer.

A man rubbed his hands together.

“I wonder what treasures will appear in this auction. Im looking forward to it.”

Another person said disdainfully, “Is he just afraid of being irrelevant Thats probably why hes holding another auction so quickly.”

“I dont think he even has many good resources left.”

Everyone had different views on this matter, but most of them were still looking forward to the auction. After all, a tier six resource had appeared last time. Those who had missed it were determined to not make the same mistake.

Lin Mos announcement had stirred up quite a storm.

A few people turned their heads and left. They were spies from other factions that had been keeping an eye on Lin Mo.

In Qingyang City, there was more than one family who was in a hurry to deal with Lin Mo.

No one knew what to expect from the second auction.



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