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Chapter 187: Gilles


PoV: Gilles


I didn’t think Duke would be willing to expel Alicia so easily.


What the heck do you think you’re doing You’re in love with her, right Protect her! I shouted at Duke in my mind.


Then, in a fit of rage, I raised my voice demanding that Alicia and I be deported together.

I have no desire to stay in this country.

I’m going to live with Alicia, and I can easily abandon this country for her.


As Alicia walked out of the room, Duke said something in her ear that made Alicia laugh in surprise.

I couldn’t hear what he said.

I’m sure only Alicia heard it.


But I do know one thing.

The expression on Alicia’s face was that of someone who had been had… …I could tell from that look that Duke didn’t have amnesia.


…You’re really good at this, aren’t you


Alicia had barely spoken a single word, but her expression showed that she wanted to go to Ravaal.

Especially since the appearance of the Ravaal Wolf, she had been showing more and more interest in that country.

There was no way that the daughter of a noble family could go to another country so easily.

Rather, it’s unlikely that anyone would be able to go to another country.


The five major noble families are in charge of diplomacy, and merchants don’t normally cross the borders.

Besides, this country does not do much in the way of diplomacy.

This was because the country could barely survive on its own.

The villages in poverty didn’t seem to be a priority for the nation, though.

I will keep that stupid king in my mind for now….

The sooner Gramps becomes the king, the better.


“Well then, please have a pleasant evening.”


Alicia said and left the room.

I forced myself out of the guards’ arms and headed towards her.


I knew it was impossible for us to go to Ravaal Kingdom together, but I would at least see it through to the end.


“Hey! You!”


“It’s fine, leave him be.”


Duke’s low voice echoed in the room.

With that voice, the guards instantly became quiet.

Even though he’s a prince, he’s quite dignified.

…I guess that’s natural for a prince like Duke.

He must be living in a very rigid world.


I’m sure Duke would love to go to Ravaal.

But a prince couldn’t do such a selfish thing.


It’s because he trusts Alicia that he took such a drastic action…


I left the room and went after Alicia.


She was so full of life without me, so poised and confident on her own, and she could shine anywhere.

But I needed her.

I wanted to be more worthy of her.

I want to be someone she requires in her life.

I’ve thought that over and over again, and I’ve come this far.


But at last, she was going to completely abandon me.


Outside the castle, Liz Cather and the others were the only ones there.


Now I know for sure that Duke did not suffer from any form of amnesia.

If they really wanted to make an example of her, they would have deported her to the Ravaal Kingdom by parading her as a prisoner in front of all the citizens.

But who knows what the citizens would do to Alicia at that time To avoid that, there were only a minimum number of people in the castle.

I’m sure they’ll announce her deportation after she’s safely out of the country.


“Ali, Ali~”


“Hey! Get away from her.”


Mel shouted, her eyes watering, and tried to hug Alicia, but the guards stopped her.


I wondered how she could take that action when everyone here looked like they had a lot to say.


“Lady Alicia!”


Carol has tears streaming down her eyes.


Albert and Alan look a little uncomfortable, wondering if their sister would really need to be exiled, and Eric was giving her a look like she deserved to be exiled.


…Curtis and Finn look at her with pity, which is understandable since both of them did not realize that they were still being duped by Duke.




“Big Brother Henry, you look terrible.”


“…I’m sorry I couldn’t help you.”


“Why are you apologizing …Please send my regards to Mother and Father.”


Herny nodded as he looked at Alicia.

He probably felt sorry for his lack of strength, but Alicia was probably just thinking how lucky she was to be going to Ravaal.

Maybe later I’ll tell him that Duke was just acting …or maybe not, though.

I should not divulge it without permission.




Liz Cather lowers her eyebrows and looks sadly at Alicia.

I was annoyed by her expression.


“Goodbye, Liz-san.”


“…I’m going to ask Duke to intervene.”




She had been acting cool, but this was the moment Alicia’s true colors came out.

She looked at Liz Cather with a fierce expression.


“What did you just say”


“I’m going to ask Duke to stop the exile.”


Liz Cather said to Alicia in a serious tone.


Righteous Flower of Evil:

HAHAHAHAHA! I’m dying XD It’s such a Liz thing to do, and such an Alicia thing to be outraged that someone is going to try to stop her from being exiled.

I love it! LOL.

It’s the nature of their relationship in a nutshell hahahaha.


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