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“Ria, I need you to do this job.”


“I’ve got this.

I’ll make sure the calculations are correct.”


“Are you done yet Look over these documents and draw up the contract after that.”


“Okay, here’s the next one.”


…What the heck is going on here


Why was I so busy Both of these brothers really like to torment me, don’t they


Although I manage to complete all of my work on time because I am determined to get it done, it would be impossible for a normal caretaker to do this.


I could see why they wanted to quit.


Just when I thought I had finished all of the paperwork, twice as much paperwork would be piled on top of it.

No matter how fast I may be at reading, it takes a lot of energy to concentrate for an entire day.


It was mentally tough to work endlessly….

But when I was working, I had the feeling that Vian was doing the same amount of work, or maybe even twice as much.


He was always working nonstop and never took a break.

Someone like him was probably the very image of a hard worker.


It was a tough job to be the first prince….


Hmm I wondered if Duke-sama could do this amount of work without any difficulty.


“What are you just standing there like that You haven’t finished this yet.”


Vian said, while assigning me more work to do.


Ah, I’m so tired! I had been using my head all day.

My brain wants to scream.


But I was not a lame villainess who would complain.

It was just a matter of patience.

With patience and perseverance, anything was possible.


I braced myself and did the job I was given.


“It’s nice to have a good talent who can do an excellent job here.”


Vian muttered quietly, and he, too, returned to his own work.


The sudden praise made me feel out of sync.

But it was this kind of boss who would become extremely popular….


This was not the kind of work I wanted to do, but there was no way someone who couldn’t even complete the task in front of them could do anything else.


For now, I intend to finish this work!


I stared desperately at the documents through the cloth covering my eyes.


Hmmm… What is this


I involuntarily stop my hand from turning the paper over.

And then, something I never imagined entered my field of vision.


[About the saints that existed in the country of Duelkis.]


Where in the world did they get this information…


I concentrate on the contents of the article so that Vian does not find out.


[It turns out that there is a saint in the country of Duelkis.

Her name is Liz Cather, and although she is from a commoner background, she was admitted to the Magic Academy as a special exception.

She is an exceptional magician of all attributes].


Hey, why did this information find its way to Ravaal Kingdom…


Was this why wolves from Ravaal Kingdom invaded the Academy, hoping to learn more about Liz-san


The fact that she was a saint was a secret even among the nobility of the Duelkis.

When did Vian get this information


I wanted to ask him, but it would be too unnatural to ask him right now.

If he becomes suspicious, things will be difficult in the future.


“Is there a problem”


Vian approached me, perhaps sensing that I was acting strangely.


“No, it was nothing!”


I said and hurriedly rolled up the paper.


The dots have slowly started to form lines… I still haven’t been able to grasp all of it, though.


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