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Chapter 1123: Principles

The phone call from Jiang Wanyun had been rather unexpected.

Yun Xi was left feeling rather apprehensive after Jiang Wanyun had updated her on what shed overheard.

Her mother was truly in a league of her own when it came to being shameless.

However, nothing that she did ever strayed far from what Yun Xi expected from her.

What she found really surprising was that Liang Xiuqin wanted Yun Xi to ask Liang Xinyi for help.

Yet, it was understandable.

Liang Xinyi had always lost to her throughout their lives.

It was natural that she would want to try to find a way to humiliate Yun Xi by making her beg for a favor.

Han Wanlings return had given Liang Xinyi the confidence to try to provoke Yun Xi once more.

These two individuals would be thrilled beyond belief to watch Yun Xi humiliate herself.

If Liang Xinyi was there tomorrow, Han Wanling would be there too.

She would be there not only to witness their exchange, but also because she was needed as part of the plan.

“Dont worry about me, maam, I can handle it.

I wont let myself get taken advantage of.”

“Thats good to hear.

If Second Master Jiang dares to bully you, you let me know, and I will handle him.”

“It will be all right.

Second Master Jiang has principles when it comes to work-related matters.”

Jiang Wanyun totally agreed with Yun Xi about Jiang Chenghuan..

The man might be unserious and a prankster on a daily basis, but he was still capable and logical any time when the situation demanded that he needed to be serious.

As she hung up the call, Yun Xi inhaled a deep breath and looked up at the sky.

She closed her eyes to the bright rays of the sun.

Although she had planned for this and expected it, how her mother was willing to sell her out mercilessly still came as quite a shock to her.

Thinking about this, Yun Xi decided this could be a blessing in disguise.

If Liang Xinyi had made this proposal, Yun Xi might as well pull in Han Wanling also and finish off the pair of them.

She wondered if she could pull Su Donglin and Second Master Jiang into the mess as well.

The more the merrier…

Yun Xi swiped reject when she saw Liang Xiuqins incoming calls..

She wondered if her mother would be waiting at the gates of the school again because Yun Xi had not answered her calls.

As expected, the lady in question was waiting for her under a palm tree a short distance away from the school gates.

Autumn was just around the corner, but the noon sun remained as deadly and unforgiving as it was in the summer.

Yun Xi eyed the faraway figure and turned nonchalantly into a nearby bookstore.

She took her time browsing through Chinese medical books and emerged a few hours later.

By the time Yun Xi emerged from the bookstore, Liang Xiuqin felt as if she was seconds away from dehydration.

The sight of Yun Xi sent her practically running toward her.

“Where have you been, you jinx Why didnt you answer my calls Do you think youve outgrown me You wont even pick up my calls”

Stopping in her tracks, Yun Xi gave Liang Xiuqins harsh attitude a cold look and she answered her casually, “What do you mean, Mother My phone broke when I dropped it.

I just got it fixed.

Whats the matter”

“Come to the Jingdu Grand Hotel tomorrow at noon.

I need your help for something!”

Yun Xi lifted her eyebrows, but Liang Xiuqin continued before she could even answer, “You have to come even if you dont want to, you wretched child! I still havent gotten over you leaving me at that construction site.

Dont expect to ever come home any more if you dont show up.”

“Okay, I got it, what time did you say” Yun Xi inquired emotionlessly.

She was unwilling to waste another word speaking to her mother.

“Tomorrow, at 11:30 in the morning.”

“Got it.

Ill be heading to class now.”

Yun Xi turned away without another word and headed toward her classroom.

Her mother did not want to remain there any longer either.

The afternoon sun had almost fried Liang Xiuqin.

Liang Xinyi came in as Han Wanling was working on yoga at home.

She listened to Liang Xinyis story and gave her a smile.

“Not bad.

It looks like youve learned a thing or two.”

“Sorry I dragged you into this without telling you, but I think you would like to see Yun Xi asking for help.

But, knowing how Yun Xi is, will she really ask for my help”

Han Wanling laughed lightly and she shook her head.

“Youre so naive.

We will see.”

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