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Chapter 22: Scar

The sunrise from Lugu Mountain was beautiful, especially from the south direction.

If the curtains were pulled open in the villa, the golden-orange sunrise could be observed up close, as if it could be touched by hand.

Yao Yi was used to such beautiful scenery, and she only opened the window to let in some air.

But she didn’t expect to see Fu Chuan in the opposite villa, who was also sitting by the window.

He sat on the edge of the window and didn’t notice Yao Yi.

Yao Yi’s eyes didn’t completely fall on Fu Chuan, but looked at the place where he was sitting, thinking that the design of his villa was different

The place where Fu Chuan sat was a bay window with a concave design.

He sat there and looked down at a book.

The warm winter sun shone on him, illuminating him with a light golden glow, causing people who witnessed this scene to feel warm.

For the first time, Yao Yi felt that her room was a bit shabby.

Not only did she not have a bay window, but even her curtains were not as large as the ones hung on both sides of Fu Chuan!


“Yi Yi, come out to eat.” Mother Yao knocked on the door from outside.

“Oh, coming.” Yao Yi retracted her gaze, turned and walked out of the bedroom.

Fu Chuan raised his head and glanced at the opposite window.

Someone’s gaze was too intense, and it was difficult for him not to notice.

At this point, Fu Chuan could no longer focus on the book.

He simply leaned on the comfortable pillow and closed his eyes to rest.

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It was just that she did not know how it evolved into Yao Yi following a bunch of adults all day long to wholesale various items in the urban area.

And then it led to them shipping items up for resale.


The Yao Yi who did not even know how to comb her hair when she woke up in the morning and would only lie on her bed to do math problems now had a very good relationship with the local merchants in Lugu Mountain.

They would always bring Yao Yi with them when they sold things, and she only earned a small amount of money.

However the merchants were actually willing to give her a small profit.

Mother Yao remembered that once Yao Yi came back with a bundle of sticks on her back, saying that she wanted to sell it to tourists who went up and down the mountain as walking sticks.

During that time, Mother Yao had seen all kinds of strange things.

When the two mothers with the same kind of problems were together, the conversation naturally increased.

The two mothers had been in contact all this time, but Yao Yi and Fu Chuan had never met.

After a hearty breakfast, Mother Yao and Father Yao headed in the north direction to walk around, and Yao Yi was urged to inform Fu Chuan to come over for lunch.

Yao Yi was actually more familiar with the gathering place in the north direction of Lugu Mountain, and she has basically never visited the villa group in the south.

Slowly walking across the road, she raised her hand and rang the doorbell.

This villa had always been cleaned regularly.

When Fu Chuan came yesterday, everything was already set up, just in case he came over someday.

Uncle Li immediately went to open the door when he heard the doorbell, and found that it was the little girl from yesterday.

He asked with a smile, “Did you come to find the young master”

Yao Yi nodded: “Is Fu Chuan awake”

“He’s awake, he’s awake.” Uncle Li replied quickly: “Young master is reading upstairs, what do you want to drink, young classmate”

“No need, I just need to talk to him about something and then I’ll leave.” Yao Yi didn’t want to waste time, she still had math problems to solve later.

Uncle Li nodded: “The young master’s room is on the left side of the second floor.

Young classmate, you can go up and find him first.

I have something to do.”

What would Uncle Li have to do He was a driver and didn’t have to drive right now.

However he thought that this young classmate was different from other people, and it was good for her to have more contact with the young master.


“Oh.” Yao Yi walked upstairs according to Uncle Li’s directions.

Fu Chuan’s door was not shut tightly, but was slightly opened.

Yao Yi hadn’t even started knocking, and the door opened as soon as she touched it.

Yao Yi stood at the door and didn’t go in.

Looking at Fu Chuan sitting on the bay window, she raised her hand and lightly knocked the door: “Classmate Fu Chuan.”

“Why are you here” Fu Chuan was dressed in comfortable home clothes, and his long hair was casually scattered on his shoulders.

He looked a lot softer.

“Do you want to come to my house for lunch at noon” Yao Yi asked directly, “My parents said they would like to thank you for taking me home.”

“It was on the way.” Fu Chuan didn’t want to admit that he sent her here specifically.

“Oh, then are you coming for lunch” Yao Yi nodded to show that she knew.

“…” Fu Chuan closed the book, stood up, and walked to the door.

When Yao Yi saw that he was walking towards her, she couldn’t help but step back.

However, Fu Chuan just stood one meter away from the door: “Uncle and Aunt have already invited me, so naturally I will go.”

Yao Yi was about to say something when the phone in her pocket suddenly vibrated, it was her mother who called.

“Yi Yi, don’t just inform him, remember to invite Xiao Fu to come and sit at our house.” Mother Yao suddenly remembered her daughter’s dullness while she was walking around, and hurriedly called to remind her.

After hanging up the phone, Yao Yi looked at Fu Chuan again: “You come to my house and sit down, my mother told me to.”


In the end, Uncle Li watched his young master and his classmate walk to the opposite villa together.

The interior design of the villa was designed by the owner themself, so each villa was different.

Unlike the villa where Fu Chuan lived, where the lines were tough and it had a Northern European style, the Yao family’s villa was much more comfortable and full of warmth.

Of course, except for the outdated straw mat in a corner, and a pile of books on the far right of the living room.

There was no one else in the Yao family.

The cleaners came to clean it every two days, and they did the rest by themselves.

After leading Fu Chuan to the sofa in the living room, Yao Yi wanted to go back to her bedroom to do math.

But after recalling her mother’s polite manner lessons, she could only sit in the living room and accompany the guest, Fu Chuan.

Originally, Fu Chuan didn’t plan to come, but after seeing Yao Yi’s embarrassed expression, he suddenly changed his mind.

“What do you want to drink” Yao Yi put her hands on her knees, her back was straight, and she was very polite.

“Water.” Fu Chuan glanced at Yao Yi, and then continued to look at the villa he entered for the first time.

Yao Yi first poured a glass of water for Fu Chuan, then ran to the TV to turn it on and then went to the refrigerator to get a bunch of food and put it in front of him.

“The remote control is here, you can watch whatever you want.” Yao Yi had a wishful thought in her mind.

After completing the etiquette to greet the guests, she could settle to do her own math problems with a peace of mind.

After speaking, Yao Yi ran into her room, grabbed the book, and sat next to Fu Chuan: “You watch TV, I still have problems to finish.”


“…” Fu Chuan was silent.

“Since you are silent, I’ll take it as you agree.” Yao Yi burrowed into her own problems happily. 

Since the height of the sofa and the coffee table was about the same, Yao Yi always liked to put the book on the coffee table and sit on the floor when she was doing math problems in the living room of this villa.

The height was just right.

Fu Chuan was not interested in the TV, and his eyes fell on Yao Yi from time to time.

Staring at the swirl of hair on Yao Yi’s head for a long time, Fu Chuan suddenly asked, “Have you ever been injured before on your forehead”

Yao Yi was absorbed in her own world, she couldn’t hear the outside world at all.

Seeing this, Fu Chuan reached out and nudged Yao Yi.

“What’s the matter, do you want more water” Yao Yi looked up at Fu Chuan blankly.

“…What’s wrong with your forehead” Fu Chuan asked again.

Yao Yi immediately reached out and touched the scar on her forehead.

This scar was not obvious as it was from a long time ago, but if you examined it closely, you could see the seriousness of the injury.

“I don’t remember, it should have been a fall.” Yao Yi couldn’t remember when she was injured.

Fu Chuan’s eyes flashed, and he didn’t ask any more questions.

The two continued to stay in silence.

When Yao Yi saw that he didn’t speak anymore, she started to work on the problems again.

After a while, Fu Chuan asked again, “Do you come here often to live”

Yao Yi scrawled quickly without raising her head and answered, “I didn’t often come to this south villa before.”

Before, they generally lived in the urban area, and the neighbors who went to study in the United States were also from the urban area.

In recent years, Father Yao and Mother Yao had always liked to come to Lugu Mountain to rest, so Yao Yi came directly to the villa to live.

“Then… where did you go to often before” Fu Chuan asked after some consideration.

“The gathering place of scenic spots in the north.” Yao Yi finally figured out the answer to the problem, and her tone became relaxed.

Fu Chuan replied, “Selling things”

Yao Yi thought it was Mother Yao who told Fu Chuan, and nodded matter of factly: “Mhm.”

Yao Yi was very satisfied until Father Yao and Mother Yao came back.

Classmate Fu Chuan was easy to greet, and would not bother her except for a few questions from when first came in.

By the time Yao Yi heard the door open, Father Yao and Mother Yao had already entered the living room.

Yao Yi was afraid that her mother would scold her, so she hurriedly stuffed the book into her arms, pretending that she had been talking to Fu Chuan.

Fu Chuan stood up, just blocking her from the sight of the two parents.

Every time Mother Yao saw Fu Chuan, she would sigh in her heart: This child is too handsome, with elegant eyebrows, especially so with a red mole in the center.

There would always be an illusion that he was here to escape the tribulation.

But Mother Yao only thought of it in her heart, and greeted Fu Chuan with the same attitude as she would treat an ordinary person.

“I heard your mother mention you all the time, but I didn’t invite you to come over and play.” Mother Yao walked over and smiled, “If our family hadn’t been moving from home to home all the time, we would have definitely invited you to come and play.

“But now you two are both schoolmates, and you can come and go frequently in the future.” Both of Father Yao’s hands were full of things.

Yao Yi hid the book well and let out a long sigh of relief.

The corners of Fu Chuan’s mouth curled slightly: “Classmates, we should be in the same class next semester.”

Mother Yao was surprised: “Yi Yi didn’t tell us about this, that’s great, you can take care of each other.

Xiao Fu, if you have any questions about your studies, you can ask Yi Yi.

Her grades are quite good.”

“Okay.” Fu Chuan nodded.

At this time, Yao Yi piped in, “I have nothing to teach you about high school knowledge.

Didn’t you learn it well yourself”

Father Yao, who was standing in the back, had a dark face.

He was really helpless when it came to his daughter who didn’t know how the world worked and how to use polite words.

The curvature of Fu Chuan’s mouth continued to deepen: “There are still many knowledge points to ask Yao Yi for advice.”

“Oh, that’s also fine.” Yao Yi was a little unsatisfied, but agreed.

Mother Yao watched the interaction between the two and thought that Xiao Fu was not as indifferent as his mother Jiang Lan had said, but a rather gentle boy.


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