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The Incubus System Chapter 146: Mirror Mirror on The Wall II (18 )

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The Incubus System Chapter 146. Mirror, Mirror on The Wall II

I released my hands from her breasts and tucked one of them behind her knees, while the other behind her back. Then I stood up as I took her in front of the big mirror. The mirror was able to accommodate three adults from head to toe. A soft fur carpet in front of it.

I sat on the sofa which was less than 2 meters from the mirror and shifted Diamond who was on my lap to face the mirror. My lips drew closer behind her ear.

"Show me your best expression," I demanded in a sweet voice. A seductive smirk on my lips.

"Yes ..." Her eyes stared at her reflection in the mirror.

My hands moved to both sides of her waist and slowly climbed up into her sweater. I took off her bra hooks and pulled it out. My hand played with her breast again and the other tossed her black strapless bra to the floor. Then I leaned my body against hers.

"Why are you wearing a strapless bra today So I can take it off more easily" I guessed. I remembered when Celia was complaining about how uncomfortable a strapless bra was and how she was annoyed since her bra kept slipping down her torso. She said almost no woman used it unless she had to wear a strapless dress or something. That's why I guessed Diamond did it so I could undress her easier.

"Yes ... I wear it for you," she answered me with a flushed face.

"How thoughtful of you ..." My other hand also shifted to her breast and played with it.

"Ah ~ Ethan ..." She moaned softly. Her face got even redder.

After a while, I took my hands off her breasts and opened her sweater. But after her breasts were completely exposed and the sweater opened up to the top of her breast, my hands stopped and brought the centre of the sweater closer to her mouth.

"Bite it," I demanded.

She bit the hem of her sweater obediently, making her breasts clearly visible in the mirror. I pulled my body and lowered my zipper. My hands took her hands and pulled it backwards, tucking it into my underwear, making her hands touch my cock directly. Then I leaned my body on her back, locking her hands behind her. My face was behind her ear.

"You know what you have to do, right" I whispered in a seductive voice. My hands moved to her breasts.

She nodded her head. Her eyes locked to the reflection in front of her.

"Good." My hands squeezed her breasts again, my fingers playing with her erected tips. While her hands rubbed, shaking my cock, trying to wake it from its sleep.

My waist began to move in rhythm with her hands' movements that were getting wilder, her fingers trying to reach my balls and tickle it. I chuckled as I was satisfied with her reaction.

"Good girl," I complimented her with a naughty smirk. I could see her face was getting flushed red, holding back the pleasure and shame mixed in her without being able to let out a sigh from her mouth. Her breasts moved up and down in excitement. Our eyes focused on the reflection in the mirror before us and watched each other's expressions

"Now, open your skirt," I demanded again. My cock started to harden and her expression really turned me on. My waist's movements were getting wilder and faster as my underwear was getting narrower. My cock demanded to release it from its cage, but I still wanted to play with her breasts and enjoyed her flushed expression.

Again, obediently, her legs turned into tentacles which removed her panties and skirt. As her skirt and panties fell to the ground, I whispered again.

"Show me ---" My lips drew closer to her ear.

"Your beautiful petal ..."

She paused as her eyes stared at the mirror in front of her, staring at her flushed face in embarrassment.

I chuckled again.

"What's wrong Are you embarrassed Didn't you do it voluntarily in the car Why are you embarrassed by your own reflection" I asked. My lips went down to the base of her neck once again and kissed her one more time.

"Now, spread your legs ..." I whispered in a sweet voice.

Finally, she spread her legs, showing her pale petal clearly in the mirror. Her face got even redder. I quickly saw her entrance which was soaked with her liquid that was dripping between her tentacles.

I chuckled again. Now I understood why she was embarrassed.

"You're really hungry, aren't you I haven't touched you there but you're already that wet." I licked behind her ear and she shivered upon her spine.

"Fine, I will feed you well. Until you are satisfied ..." I whispered in a smirk.

And she responded to me with a pleading look.

My hand crept to her entrance which was already wet. My thumb rubbed her clitoris, letting it wet with her liquid and pressed it. My other hand squeezed her breast and played her tip between my fingers.

"Mhhh!" she gasped but she didn't move from her position. Her hands continued to move in my crotch.

Then one by one, my fingers plunged into her pussy. But different from before, this time I started it with two fingers.

"Hmphhh!" she gasped again, her eyes closed in pleasure.

I kissed her neck upon her reaction.

"You know --- I really like how your hole swallows my fingers," I said with a smirk. My fingers moved to find her sweet spot.

"Is it here" I guessed.

"MPPPHH!" she gasped with wide eyes and I could tell I guessed it right. Her liquid that soaked my finger more and more.

I let out a seductive chuckle and inserted my third finger.

"NGGGH !!!" she flinched and leaned her head on my shoulder in resignation. I could feel her heavy breathing on my neck. Her waist moved back and forth to insert my fingers deeper. Her tentacles crept into my jeans, clinging to my face and hands. But it couldn't slip into my front shirt and my groin because it was covered by her body. Her tentacles swayed wildly and her suckers kissed my body as if begging me to satisfy her as soon as possible.

Then she took off her sweater that was in her mouth since she couldn't hold herself anymore.

"Hah-ah-hah -... Ethan ... Please f*ck me ... I think ... ah-hah -... I'm going crazy ..." she begged.

"What if I don't want to" I teased.

She shook her head side to side.

"No ... Please ... Hah-ah -... F*ck me ... I can't stand it anymore ..." she begged. Her eyes glinted in lust. She tilted her head closer to my ear.

"Ah-hah -... Ethan ... Please f*ck me ... Please ..."

"Fine," I replied. Besides, I also almost reached my climax.

I took my hands off her and brought her on four legs in front of the mirror. Well, I couldn't say 'four legs' because she had eight tentacles plus two hands. My hands lower my jeans and underwear to my thighs.

She spread her legs willingly. I knelt between her tentacles, put one of my arms around her waist, while my other hand pressed the side of her head onto the carpet and made sure she looked at her face clearly. Then I swiped my hard cock at her entrance, soaking it with her liquid.

"I'm going in," I said. Without hesitation, I put all my possessions in one push, feeling her warm inner wall.

"Aghhhh ..." she startled in pleasure. Her hands gripped the carpet. My waist moved back and forth roughly, shaking her body every time I thrust her.

"Yes ... Ah ... - hah - hah - Ethan ... Hah-ah-ah ... harder ... Oh ... Yes ... F*ck me harder ..." she moaned loudly as she called my name.

"As you wish," I said with a smirk.

'Demonic Erection lv 2.'

[Demonic Erection has been activated.]

My cock enlarged and extended inside her. At the same time, I pulled my cock without completely releasing it from her and pushed it again in one rough push.

"Aggghhhhh!" A loud erotic voice came out of her mouth as her body jerked in surprise. She struggled, trying to pull her body in reflex but in vain since I held it with my hand. While I continued to move my waist. Her sweat soaked her body and face as our bodies were getting hotter.

I chuckled again, I really enjoyed this.

"You make a good sound ..." Then I pressed my body against her back. My eyes stared at our faces in the mirror which was only a few inches away from her face.

"- hah-ah-hah -... and you make a nice expression," I whispered. Then I kissed her on the cheek before pulling my body away. My waist moved back and forth as my hand pulled her hips in tune. Rammed my waist with her, making sure my cock fully went in every time I thrust her, making sure I could stimulate her innermost part, filling her pussy with mine.

'Demonic Erection lv 3.'

Again, my cock was enlarged and extended inside her.

"Oh --- Ohhhhh!" She screamed as she struggled. Her eyes turned upside down, her mouth formed an 'O', her sweat soaked her body. I knew she really enjoyed it.

Meanwhile, I tilted my head slightly backwards in pleasure.

"Ohhh---Yesss !!!" I shouted. My waist moved non-stop, feeling her inner wall getting narrower and the friction that was getting rougher. I was immersed in ecstasy of pleasure.

We were immersed in pleasure and forgot ourselves. Her body trembled violently every time I penetrated her. Our room filled with the sound of our banging flesh.

"Aghhh! Ethan --- You are the best ... Ohhh --- Ohhh --- ... Ahh ... Agnhhhh!" My waist movements were getting rougher and rougher upon her compliment. Soon, her body tensed as I fired my semen inside her. A great satisfaction swept across my mind as we reached our climax.


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[You have gained EXP! ]

[Congratulations! You have raised your partner's Love meter.]

[Diamond Seabloom - Hybrid-beast (20)]

[Love Meter 5/10 - Dear heart, why him ]

I chuckled once again and hugged her from behind. My face drew closer to her face, which was flushed with pleasure and exhaustion in orgasm. My eyes stared at our reflection in the mirror.

"Do you see it I really like that expression ..." I whispered. Then my kiss landed on her cheek once again.

"Take a rest. You did well."

Note: This chapter illustration is in my Discord channel.-

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