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The Incubus System Chapter 194. The Next Demon Lord and The Demon General

Ethan's PoV

When we came out of my portal, we were in Emma's room.

[The portal has closed! ]

Emma turned to me and took my hands.

"Thank you for today, Ethan," she said with a gentle smile.

"Don't mention it. You've helped me a lot today," I said with the same smile as her. I needed to admit, Emma's intelligence and her knowledge of magic technology far surpassed mine and it really helped me a lot.

"You know --- I don't mind joining you again tomorrow."

Her words made me want to tease her. I brought my face closer to her and smirked naughtily.

"Joining me for what The games or the night hunt" I said in a teasing tone.

She released my hands and pouted.

"Of course, the night hunt," she retorted.

"So you didn't enjoy the games" I asked in the same tone.

Emma just opened her mouth to reply to me, but then she pressed her lips and turned her face the other way. Her face turned red.

"I enjoyed it ...." Then a trace of worry started to appear on her face.

"But --- after hearing Mrs Tania's story, I want to prioritize myself to help you to cover the cracks."

My smirk disappeared as a breath escaped my mouth. My mind returned to all of Tania's explanations. The human world was in serious danger, I could only hope that I could help them close all the cracks and get a clue about the energy disturbance's origin. And also hoped that Nephilim's descendant could replace Lord Damon's position as soon as possible. Well, since he was raised as a human he should be pushed himself since he was racing against the time. I just hoped it didn't end like a thousand years ago's incident, where two demon lords ended up fighting each other.

"Thank you for helping me," I said in a grim tone.

She turned to me, her eyes were locked onto mine. Her hand held and rubbed my cheek gently, greeted my skin with her glove.

"Don't give me that face. I know you did your best, I believe, if your father were still alive, he would be proud of you."

Her words reminded me of how my father's corpse was when it was found. It made me curious about how he fought, how he could face hundreds of demons with his limited Magic Power.

"Emma ... Can you tell me how my dad fought What made him the best demon hunter"

A bitter smile appeared on her lips as she lowered her hand.

"He is the only demon hunter who can fight without using his skills, without using his MP. In addition, he is rarely injured and able to kill dozens of demons alone."

My eyes widened in shock.

"He can kill demons without using his skills" I said in disbelief. This was the first time I had heard of something like this. If I were an ordinary person, I probably wouldn't believe this.

Emma nodded her head.

"That's why I was so attracted to your abilities when I saw how you fight for the first time."

Now, I understood why she was so insistent on recruiting me to join the demon hunter association before. I couldn't deny that this ability was rare, especially since my father had proven it.

'If dad was so strong, I wonder why I was so weak before I became a demon' I remembered, Bern was even able to beat me up easily before and I couldn't give him any resistance since I was too powerless.

"It's getting late. I think you should go home now. Your sister will be worried about you," Emma's voice broke my reverie.

I turned to the clock near us.

00.37 AM

Then I returned my gaze to her.

"You are right..."

"See you tomorrow." Then she ended with a light kiss on my lips.

"Bye," I said with a smile. I reached out my hand and imagined my room as my destination. Then I stepped into the portal as I deactivated my Incubus form.

"Haaaa!" A deep breath escaped my mouth as soon as I arrived at my room.

[The portal has closed! ]

After I took off my shoes and tossed my cap to my desk, I threw myself onto my bed nonchalantly, letting my soft bed greet my body.

"Why does it feel so complicated" I muttered. My thoughts returned to Tania's words, as well as some guesses, especially regarding the association, Mia and the Kingdom of Serpent Rock's involvement, as well as the light dimension.

"Demon and angel ..." I muttered. My eyes stared at my room ceiling but my mind was not there. Humans were used to demons, but not angels. In fact, many say it was just a myth that was born from humans' fear of demons. And the Nephilim myth was born from humans who usually had two sides in their lives, the light side and the dark side. Then my mind turned to the Nephilim. Even though Tania had said they were keeping his existence a secret to maintain his safety, I couldn't help my curiosity towards that mysterious creature. Moreover, he was raised as a human like me and we had two different sides. The difference ... Of course, he was much cooler than me because he had both the angelic and the demonic side to him, while I had my normal self and my alter ego. But since we had a lot in common maybe we could be friends and fight together. After all, we had to catch up with the others. He had to catch up so he could replace Lord Damon as soon as possible, while I had to catch up so that my status as a demon general wouldn't embarrass the dark dimension or other demon generals.

Thinking of my status as a demon General brought my mind back to the most puzzling question in my head. Why did Lord Damon want to see me And why did he let me go even though he found out I had sex with Lilieth Wild speculations and guesses ran inside my head. Some made me shudder in horror but some made that demon lord's image not as bad as it was written in our history books. But since I couldn't guess or draw any conclusions, I finally threw my thoughts away and sighed.

'The more I know, the heavier my responsibility,' I thought. I turned my body to the other side. My mind diverted to our investigation's results. Although I started to be able to draw a clear connection from all of the explanations, there were so many unanswered questions. Well, I couldn't say Myra related to this since I hadn't found any evidence yet. But still, this was really --- weird. I was sure Ian didn't lie to me and even though the demon slavery plan had nothing to do with energy disturbances at the border, at least I could find some documents related to it. That plan was a big plan that required careful calculation. But strangely, I didn't find any documents or information, that was what made me even more suspicious since that meant Myra covered it up neatly.

My brain was deep in thought, trying to find another place where I could search information about this and Miguel's house crossed my head. I came to this conclusion because I got this information from Ian and the others, so there should be traces or something regarding this plan in his house.

I knew this was the best time to investigate it since everyone was asleep. Moreover, I already knew the house when I took over Ian's body this morning, so I should be able to send Foxy and open the portal there easily. However ... There was tremendous drowsiness overtaking me. Even though my body wasn't tired, my mind was demanding me to rest. As I couldn't hold my drowsiness, my eyes closed slowly ...-

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