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The Incubus System Chapter 226: Fight Side by Side

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The Incubus System Chapter 226. Fight Side by Side

Emma, Olivia, Camila and Pearl's PoV

Camila, Olivia and Pearl were shocked. Their jaws dropped and their body shuddered in horror. They couldn't take off their eyes as the man in front of them suddenly turned into a demon. Their hearts beat faster and faster as if death was waiting right in front of them. They retreated since just from his appearance it was clear he was no ordinary demon. They believed he was a great demon, surpassing the perverted demon inside the crack.

They were already shocked by Emma's real identity as a demon hunter and thought that Damian was a demon hunter just like her but they were wrong. Even though their heads were filled with many questions, especially why a demon hunter like Emma could cooperate with a demon like him, they could only swallow it since their situation didn't allow them to ask.

'Now I understand everything,' thought Pearl. His transformation answered all of her questions. How he did find out about Miguel's plans before, how Miguel could submit to him without any cause, how they got through the gate without any impact and why he could have sex without getting tired or even a sweat... It was because he was literally a demon.

That perverted demon swung his claw at Damian and he swiftly dodged as an invisible force pushed that demon along with the red demons into the crack.

Then what happened next made them even more confused, that demon's slave suddenly flew to Damian and he lay her down near them. Even though the woman's gaze was as blank as Miguel's, it was clear Damian was trying to save her.

"Emma, help me to stop that device. Cut down the energy flow slowly and stabilize the tubes," said Damian.

Pearl and Emma were shocked since he shouldn't have understood how a magic technology worked yet his words indicated otherwise.

"Okay," replied Emma since she could already guess he knew it from reading Myra's mind.

Without wasting time, Emma cancelled her lance and approached the device not far from the gate. Her gaze looked at the unfamiliar buttons there. Her brain tried to figure out how to turn it off. Meanwhile, Pearl, Olivia and Camila looked at Damian, the demon who had used his powers to protect them in confusion before their gazes shifted to Emma. They knew they had to help her, but their legs felt heavy and their bodies felt weak. Their feelings were mixed. Panic. Afraid. Confused. Shocked. But amid those negative emotions, there was a sense of relief… Yes, relief because even though Damian was a demon, he protected them. Even they could feel his sincerity when he made his confession.

After they watched how Damian fought and Emma went back and forth from the device to the tubes to check the energy flow for a while, they finally swallowed all their fear. This was a life and death battle, there was no time to hesitate. They could ask all the questions until they were satisfied if they made it through this alive. But now... Survival was the most important.

Without saying anything, their feet moved on Emma.

"Tell me what to do," said Camila as soon as she arrived beside Emma.

"I will watch the tubes' measurement," said Olivia as she was in front of the tubes' indicators.

While Pearl stood behind Myra's desk. Her tentacles moved on the keyboard, trying to find a faster way to stop the device and making sure they didn't make any mistake that could blow up those magic tubes. Her eyes immediately focused on the monitors in front of her.

Emma told Camila what to do and asked Olivia to tell her every time the tubes' indicators turned yellow.

"Make sure the indicator number is above 60% or those tubes can explode at any time," Pearl added Emma's explanation. Then she turned to Emma and Camila. Her hand pointed at a large button on the device.

"We can slow down the energy more quickly by decreasing the flow, but you have to turn the button slowly." Then her index finger pointed to another.

"And those two buttons are used to balance the two magic powers in the tubes." She could figure out all of this in the short time since she had been observing the device ever since she arrived at that strange lab.

Without further ado, they tried to do their best since their lives depended on it. No... Not only their lives but also half of Nighthallow City people's lives.

"Tube number 3, yellow 65%!" shouted Olivia.

Emma and Camila turned the buttons to regulate the energy flow. And Pearl tried to find a way to make the device stabilize its energy automatically.

After some time, Damian suddenly warned them.

"Emma, they're coming out of the crack! Prepare yourself!"

"Tsk!" Emma clicked her tongue since she had no other choice but to fight and leave this to someone else. She turned to Camila.

"Can you handle this alone, ma'am"

At the same time, Pearl approached them.

"Leave it to me!" She had managed to set some of the device's functions automatically via Myra's computer.

"Thank you," said Emma as she took out her white lance and charged at a red demon that was quietly approaching Olivia. The demon was about to pounce on Olivia, but Emma thrust her lance into the demon's mouth.

"Arrgggg!!!" As the demon was still in pain, she swung her lance once more and cut off the demon's head. In an instant, the demon turned to ashes. Two other demons came to them. Again, Emma swung her white lance and killed them. She admitted that ever since she made a contract with Ethan, she could feel her strength was increasing, plus the barrier that protected her, allowing her to attack and defend herself well.

Olivia looked at her best friend, the girl who always had an elegant and feminine image. An image that made no one think she was a demon hunter. But she had turned into a fighter in an instant now. Still, even though Emma could handle those demons well, Olivia knew her Magic Power was limited and she couldn't let Emma fight alone.

Her mind returned to Myra's magic device. She turned to Camila.

"Mom, replace me to watch over the tubes." Without waiting for Camila's answer, she quickly approached Myra who looked lifeless now. While Camila could only do what Olivia asked since she had no other choice.

Without permission, Olivia removed the bracelet from Myra's hand. Her eyes looked at Myra's face which was filled with tears and her eyes stared at her ex-demon lover in disappointment. Her broken heart was clearly visible on her face. Her mouth muttered a sentence over and over again.

"Zael... Why did you betray me...Why did you betray me..."

Olivia used that magic device on her hand and ignored Myra's mutter. Even though she felt sorry for her. After what Myra did to her and her mother, she didn't care anymore even if Myra died. Especially after Myra told them all her and Miguel's plans.

"Olivia!" Pearl's voice made Olivia turn to her. Pearl threw her Demon Shield bracelet at Olivia since she immediately understood what Olivia wanted to do. And Olivia caught it.

"That's my Demon Shield Bracelet. That barrier may not be as good as Emma's but I'm sure it can protect you," said Pearl without taking her eyes off the device in front of her. With her tentacles, she could cover the work of two people with ease, but she knew she couldn't lose her concentration on this.

"Thanks!" said Olivia. She used the bracelet on her other hand. With those two devices, she was sure she could help Emma deal with the demons.

Olivia ran to Emma as a red demon pounced on her from behind and Emma didn't notice it. Even though Emma had her own barrier, it was still a terrible sight for Olivia. Olivia's hand reached out to the Demon as she prayed in her heart that she could control the device.

'Mana Strike!'

A white lance shot out from her palm and slid to the demon's head. Olivia was quite surprised, not expecting her first attempt could pierce a demon. While Emma swiftly took Olivia's white lance from that demon and moved those two short lances in crossing motion on the demon's neck, mimicking a scissors movement. As that demon head detached from his head, his body turned to ashes.

Emma turned to Olivia, their eyes met. From their gaze, it was clear they wanted to say a lot to each other but they knew this wasn't the right time. Emma returned the white lance to Olivia and she took it. Olivia turned her gaze to the two red demons that were slowly approaching them.

"You owe me so many explanations," she said without taking her eyes off her enemies. Her hand gripped her white lance tightly as she swallowed her fear.

"I will explain everything to you after we take care of this," said Emma, her eyes fixed on the demons.

A smirk appeared on both of their faces since even though they had been friends since childhood, this was their first time fighting side by side. As those demons jumped at them, they also swung their white lances at the demons.-

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