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The Incubus System Chapter 235: The Demon Prince V

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The Incubus System Chapter 235. The Demon Prince V

"That's the spirit," Lord Damon answered me in the same tone as before. A satisfied smile replaced his smirk.

"Since I did well. Can I ask you one more thing" I said.

"Tell me."

"Teach me how to make my own clothes," I said. I was the only one who was shirtless in this room, so it was kinda bugging me. After all, with that skill, I could change my clothes more easily whenever there was a demon attack.

"You don't know how to do it" he said. I guessed since it was a basic skill, he concluded that all the demons already knew that, including me. Even that skill didn't appear on Foxy's skill list. What he forgot, I came from a human, not a demon, so I never knew that skill.

I shook my head from side to side in reply.

Lord Damon turned to Lilieth.

"You haven't taught him yet" he asked in confusion.

"Oh my. How could I forget about that" said Lilieth. She approached me and smiled at me.

"I will teach you how." Her hands held both sides of my face and her face came close to mine.

'Oh great. Another pain,' I thought as I recalled how Lord Damon unlocked my Energy Siphon skill. Luckily, my guess was wrong. As my lips and hers met, without any pain an announcement appeared in front of me.

[Unlocked Basic Demon's skill: Demon's Clothes.]

[Demon's Clothes lv 1(Requires 0 DP) - Making your own clothes from your own DP. The clothes will disappear if you take them off.]

"Thank you," I said as we broke our kiss.

She replied to me with a smile.

"Don't mention it. The most important thing, you have to take good care of yourself." And I answered with a nod.

"I leave the rest to you, Damian," said Lord Damon. He snapped his fingers. Myra, who was lying weakly in the corner of the room, went up by itself as if a large hand had grabbed her body and carried her to him. Lord Damon was just about to open the portal. While Lilieth walked to him. But I stopped them.

"Wait a second."

Lord Damon and Lilieth's attention returned to me.

"Be careful with the Incubus Lord. He is the demon lords' rebellion's mastermind," I said in a serious tone. Then my gaze shifted to Lilieth.

"And he's the one who gave you the final blow."

In that instant, the atmosphere around us turned heavy as anger was evident on Lilieth and Lord Damon's faces. Lord Damon unfolded his hands and clenched them. A cracking sound could be heard clearly from there, showing how strong he clenched it. Meanwhile, Lilieth's hand shifted to her stomach, her killing intent was evident in her eyes.

"How did you know that" asked Lord Damon. His anger was clear from the tone of his voice.

"From her memory," I said as I shifted my gaze at Myra.

An evil smirk appeared on Lord Damon's lips.

"What a coincidence--- We are just about to visit him and give him a little 'gift'."

"Thank you for your information, Damian. We will greet him nicely today," said Lilieth.

I returned my gaze to them.

"Also there is a high possibility that other Demon Lords/Demonesses know about this crack. Please watch your back," I added.

"You don't need to warn us. We already know that," said Lord Damon. After those words, a portal opened behind them.

"You also have to watch your back. We will be waiting for you in the Dark Dimension. Good Night, Damian," he said. Then they turned and walked into the portal together with Myra.

After the portal closed, I turned to Yuffy and the other future demon generals. I extended my hand to them.

"Alright. Since my DP is fully charged, how about we make a contract now."


09:03 PM

[Demon's Rule has been successfully done.]

[Congratulations! Now, Olivia Creststream is completely yours! ]

[Olivia Creststream's strength has increased by 30%]

I released my kiss and pulled myself away from her. Olivia touched her lips and I could see her flushed face clearly.

"Is that weird I mean--- This is the first time I kissed you in this form," I made a wild guess. Since even though I already wore the black shirt from my Demon's clothes, I was still in my Demonic Form. After I made a contract with Yuffy, Luna and the others, I decided to bring my partners into my Demon's Rule skill to protect them given the possibility that other demons would target me. Yuffy also had healed the maid with her healing skill, removing all her wounds without a trace. That way we just needed to take her to the hospital without needing to give the nurse or doctor any explanation.

Olivia lowered her head and turned to the other side, trying to cover her reddened cheeks.

"It's just... A little weird kissing in a crowded place like this," she said in a stammering voice.

Pearl's giggling voice answered her.

"You shouldn't be embarrassed. Otherwise, how can you join our next game"

Pearl's words made Olivia's face blush even more.

Noticing her flushed face, I patted her head gently.

"I don't know what both of you have been talking about. But I hope you don't push yourself. I know you and your mother need some time to calm down." They just lost Miguel. Worse, they just saw the demons kill Miguel in front of their eyes, I believed that incident would traumatize them. Plus Ivy would be staying with them as Miguel. Even though he had done a lot of bad things to them, I was sure both of them never wanted Miguel's death.

"Also I don't want you to do reckless things like today ever again," I said in a serious tone. Of course, what I meant was when she decided to meet Myra alone. I couldn't imagine what would have happened to her and Camila if I hadn't read Miguel's mind.

"I'm sorry. I won't do it anymore," she said in regret without daring to look at me.

I looked at her gently.

"Never mind. The important thing is you--" My eyes turned to my other partners.

"---and all of you are fine," I said with a relieved smile. At least this problem had been solved. I had found the source that made the crack worse and took care of it. Camila and Olivia's problems were also over and they were free now. Moreover, I had ordered Ivy, who would change her appearance to Miguel, to withdraw the divorce file tomorrow. So Ivy would stay with Camila and Olivia and look after them for me. I had also warned her not to flirt with other men except me especially since she would take Miguel's appearance. Meanwhile, Maria would pretend to be Myra. Since she had copied Myra's personality, I was sure she could carry out her role well. As for Yuffy and Luna, even though they said they wanted to stay with me, I had to refuse and ask them to stay with Pearl. At least for a while. Since I had to buy a new, bigger bed. I would say it was a bit ironic since despite my position as a Demon Prince, I had to struggle with basic things like this, not to mention the bank wanted to confiscate my house.

An announcement followed by a voice dismissed my thoughts.

[You are connected to Ian.]

'Mr Damian, the demon hunters have arrived. They said they detected a huge Demonic Aura from this place,' he said.

'Hold them as long as possible!' I ordered. Of course, how could I have forgotten The demon hunters had the Demon Compass. Although it couldn't detect me, Lord Damon and the other demon generals, but I was sure they had detected the Incubus and Sex Demons' presence.

'Okay, sir.'

[You have disconnected with Ian.]

"What happened" Olivia said. I was sure she had already noticed something was going on from my expression.

"It's the demon hunters. They came for that Incubus." And they were too late. Since I didn't want to take the risk and make the association suspect us, we had no other choice but to destroy this lab and use my portal skill to escape.

But Pearl had another idea.

"What if we use them to cover all of this"

"How" I asked.

Pearl smirked.

"Since the demon hunters came for the demons, how about we give them the 'demons'" She turned to the others.

"I just need a little acting from you guys."

"Tell us," I said.

Note: I made extra chapter when Lilieth decided to make Ethan as her son and turn him into an Incubus. Please check


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-Demon Lord's Succubus for The Incubus System's prequel.

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