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The Incubus System Chapter 244: Siblings II

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The Incubus System Chapter 244. Siblings II

I fell silent. In an instant, my heart was beating fast. My mating urge started to rise. My eyes were on Celia's ripe breasts. Her skin was smooth and her breasts were half out of her clothes as if they were like two tasty fresh fruits. Even though I had done it with her before. At that time, I wasn't in my full consciousness since I was fighting my Incubus instincts.

Seeing that I didn't respond and just stared at her in silence, she put down her pen and moved to sit on my lap. Her front body faced me. As her ass landed on my thighs, I leaned against the back of my chair in reflex. My eyes were locked on her breasts which were in front of my eyes now and my mouth remained locked. She overlapped her arm under her breasts with her other arm, making her chest look fuller and bigger than before.

"Am I not sexy enough for that Am I not appetizing for you" she pouted with a flushed face. Her annoyance was clear from the tone of her voice.

My breath was getting heavier. I could feel my cheeks heat up as my desire burned my body just by the beautiful sight in front of me. Although I hadn't touched her, it was enough to tickle my mating urge. Her beautiful breast hung beautifully as if inviting me to enjoy it. Her pink nipples invited me to play with them, making my mind go wild.

"Brother~" she whined in annoyance as she leaned towards me.

Finally, after I was able to take my focus and my wild thoughts away from her breasts, I shifted my gaze to her face.

"Don't regret this..." Well, it wasn't like I was in a state where I could stop myself.

At the same time, I flicked my index finger pointing at her window's curtain.


[A curtain is in your control. ]

The curtain shifted to close the window by itself. Although the window of Celia's room did not face Mrs Clea's house, who knew someone was trying to peek at us.

That curtain's movement turned Celia's attention to it.

As she turned her head the other way, I shifted my hands on her waist. My mouth grabbed her pink tip, yes, only her tip, and sucked it hard. My tongue licked her nipple, waking it from its sleep. Her flowery body cream scent tickled my nose.

"Ah!" Celia flinched and turned her gaze to me. Her eyes looked at how I was playing with one of her sensitive spots. I glanced at her with a naughty smirk, looking at her reddened face. I could feel her heart beating as fast as mine.

My hands shifted to her buttocks and squeezed them. Her body shivered. Her nipples were getting harder on my tongue, indicating her body has been burnt with her desire like mine.

I sucked hard once more before I released it. My saliva dripped from her erected nipple, showing how much I had toyed with it.

She was just about to move her arms that hugged her under boobs, but I held them and made them hug her breasts even tighter.

"B-Brother..." she said in a stammering voice.

My gaze shifted to her. My naughty smirk on my lips.

"I won't hold myself like last time," I said in a serious tone. I snapped my fingers and cancelled my Demon's Clothes.

In an instant, all my clothes turned into a dark aura that disappeared like smoke. I stuck my tongue and licked her other nipple. Again, only her tip.

"Nhhh!" she flinched and her tip erected on its own.

Couldn't hold myself any longer, I licked the tip a couple of times before I shifted to her mound and showered it with my kisses and gentle bites.

I shifted my hands to her back and pulled her body closer to me, burying my face in her soft breast.

"Ummm---umm...." A humming sound escaped my mouth. My mouth was busy enjoying her breasts as well as my tongue, like a kid eating big cotton candy. I could feel her heart beating faster and faster. Her sweet floral scent was getting clearer on my nose.

My face felt hot and so did my body. My cock was getting tense without a touch. My waist moved back and forth slowly, trying to rub my half-awake cock against her body.

"Ahh-- ah-hah... B-Brother..." Her ragged breath and moans between her voice.

Hearing her voice, I released my mouth and pulled my head away. I panted my eyes on her face and her trembling lips.

"Celia... I think I'm gonna lose my mind," I whispered in a ragged breath. Quickly, my hands separated hers before unbuttoning the rest of her pajamas. My heart was beating wildly. My body had been waiting for this since the last time we did it. Moreover, at that time, we did not do intercourse.

I pulled her upper pajamas and tossed them to the side nonchalantly before I placed her hands on either side of my cheeks, letting her feel how hot my face was. Meanwhile, my hand was on her cheeks which were as hot as mine. Our eyes locked with each other.

"Are you sure you won't regret this" I said in a trembling voice as I desperately clung to the last common sense that reminded me we were siblings. I knew I had said it before but I want to make sure once again. Since after I took her virginity, this would be something that couldn't be fixed anymore. And I didn't want her to fall into a depression because of it.

A smile bloomed on her lips.

"I won't..." she whispered. Her confidence was clear from her voice.

A smile also developed on my lips. Our eyes kept glued to each other. Then slowly our faces approached each other, our lips met. Her tongue entered my mouth and twisted with my tongue. Our hands held each other's heads tightly. Without a request, she brought her body closer to mine, pressing her breasts on my chest.

"Mmpph-- Mmmhh - Mmpph ..." We tilted our heads and deepened our kisses, spilling out our forbidden feeling, something we had been holding back all this time. The bitter feeling from the past was replaced by something sweet as we free ourselves from our guilt and hesitation. We didn't even give a f*ck to the outside world or think about how other people would see us.

I wanted her. My heart, mind and body wanted her. I didn't know why I craved her so much, more than before. Why did I want to make her mine so badly Despite the same blood flowing in our veins. Or... Was that the reason

The strange feeling that tickled my heart returned, but this time I realized this feeling, why did I feel weird when I looked at her.. Because deep in my heart... I realized, only Celia was the same as me, a Nephilim just like me. That's why I wanted her. I wanted her to be mine... And this time... It was for real...

We broke our kiss and stuck our tongues. Our tongues moved to tickle the tip of each other. We were like a couple who were really drunk in love. Our minds went blank. Our saliva was clear from our tongues, showing how hot our kiss was. Our ragged breath was getting clearer and clearer.

Without a warning, I grabbed her buttocks and stood up without letting our tongues play. I walked to the bed and dropped her onto it. As our kiss broke, I crawled down. My hands moved quickly to peeled off all her remaining clothes and tossed them.

I brought my face closer to her calf and slowly crawled up as my tongue traced her leg with soft kisses in between. My hand traced her other leg up to her thigh. As my lips reached her thigh, I separated her legs wider, exposing her wet pink petal to me. Gently, my index finger caressed around that wet tiny hole before I inserted a third of my finger into it, just to check how tight and narrow it was.

"Ngghhh..." A soft moan escaped her mouth. But just for a moment, I pulled it. Then without a word, I buried my face on her pink petal. My tongue licked her entrance and entered into it, feeling her narrow and warm inner wall. My hands separated her legs wider. My mouth was busy sucking her wet pussy, enjoying the sweet taste of nectar that filled my mouth.

"Ahnnn ... Unnn ... - hah - ah - ahh ..." she flinched and moaned.

Just for a moment, I distanced my face. My thumb wiped her nectar on the side of my lips before I crawled upward and spread my legs, locking her upper body with my weight, placing her head between my thighs, showing my fully awake cock clearly in front of her face.

"Do you mind giving your beloved brother a nice service, Celia," I said in a ragged breath out of lust.-

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