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The Incubus System Chapter 391. Father and Son II

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The Incubus System Chapter 391. Father and Son II

As I searched for a way to defeat him, my brain recalled Larry's words when we played an MMORPG game two years ago. We had to fight 2 vs 2 in the PVP arena and our opponent had a much higher level than us.

'Seriously Those players are stronger and have better gear than us. How do we beat them' I complained.

'That is easy. If they are stronger than us, we have to use our brains to defeat them. Strategy is an important point to win any battle. Hit and run is the best way for this situation. Pay attention to your enemies and strike when you have the chance. '

'What if they didn't give us any chance'

'Then just create one. Diversion is always a good choice. But the most important thing is to concentrate on your enemy. Ignore the others.'

At that time, I thought we would lose, but the results showed something else. Even though it was a hard fight, we won. Somehow I could understand why he was able to rise to the top demon hunter so quickly. Maybe, he used all of his game's strategy in the real world.

I took a deep breath to shake off my nervousness, fear and hesitation. The look in my eyes changed. The prey would run, but the hunter would attack. So instead of prey, I would position myself as a hunter.

'I must defeat him.' Those words kept repeating in my head. I couldn't run away from this fight and I didn't want Lord Damon to laugh at me. I came to clean up this mess and I would prove I could do it. Even though it was bitter, I had to admit Lord Damon was right. If I couldn't defeat him, how could I possibly defeat another demon lord

"What happened Did the cat get your tongue" he mocked upon my silence.

I responded by recasting my Demonic Energy and lunged at him. My focus was only on him. Even if I couldn't kill him, I would make him admit me!

"That won't work," he said. His black lances appeared in front of him and hurtled towards me.

'Demonic Spike!' But instead of straight attacking him and countering it like before, I aligned my lances in front of me, making them my shield without stopping my steps.

Those lances collided, a loud explosion accompanied by smoke in front of me. Swiftly, I snatched my two lances and flicked my wigs to bring my body up, through the smoke that covered my body. Instead of restraining it, I used the explosion's impact to go faster.

As I came out of the smoke, I threw the lances at him.

He simply broke them with his death scythe. But just as he lowered his hand, another batch of my Demonic Spikes greeted him.

But instead of sliding normally, I grabbed two of them and threw them so they went faster than the others. At the same time, I also stormed with them.

"Cheap tricks!" he said coldly.

Again, he countered it by using his Demonic Spike. So I simply used my previous method, lining up my spikes to form a huge shield in front of me.

Another explosion and puff of smoke appeared in front of me.

"It won't work for me!" he lunged as he expected I would appear from above the smoke like earlier. Like what I wanted. As a shadow appeared through the smoke, he drew his death scythe, ready to split whatever came out of it in two. Unfortunately, he was wrong. He was shocked when he realized it wasn't me who came out of there, but my lance.

Instead, I pierced through the smoke and exited right under him. My hand directed to him.

'Hell Thunder!' Since our distance was too close, he had no chance to use his barrier or any other skills.

The black lighting that came out of my palm grabbed his body.

[You have struck Damon Arcano Malignus for 228 HP]

I managed to land my first clean strike, but I was sure it was nothing compared to his HP. He didn't even flinch when he took my attack. So I had to do something to deal with a big amount of damage and I knew what I had to do. It was just that I was not sure about the impact or the side effects.

I flew to him. Rather than dodge, he also lunged and was ready to use his death scythe on me. We gritted our teeth and confronted each other, head to head.

But of course, it was just a trick. With the difference in our strength, there was no way I would have made that fatal mistake.

'Demonic Spike!'

This time my spikes didn't appear in front of me, but above him and rained down on him. In one swing, he threw his Demonic Spikes to counter it. The thick smoke filled the room and covered my position but my attack didn't finish there.

'Hell Thunder!'

The black lightning tried to grab his body once again. But he simply tilted his head to the side, letting my black lighting pass through the side of his head. Unbeknownst to him, I controlled the rest of his lances in several directions. As I moved my hands, they launched at him. While I escaped from the bottom.

He gave me a condescending chuckle.

"You should stop doing this stupid trick." He broke them with his weapon with ease. His eyes were on the smoke since he guessed my position was where I shot my Hell Thunder. But he was wrong since I had replaced myself with one of his spikes. At the same time, I glid to him as fast as I could and swung my claws.

He only realized my presence at the last second. From my attack stance, he guessed I was going to strike his chest so he raised his scythe, preparing to ward it off. Again, he was wrong. Rather than his body, I aimed for his hands.

In one move, I managed to injure his hands.

[You have hit Damon Arcano Malignus for 118 HP] X2

It was only a small and insignificant wound for him but it managed to weaken his grip. Deftly, I snatched his weapon and retreated as my black flame pillar burned his body.

[You have burned Damon Arcano Malignus for 228 HP]

No screams of pain escaped his mouth. His expression didn't even change. But I could catch his surprise from his face.

"I see... So you were after my weapon from the start," he said coldly.

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