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Protecting Her

Su Binglan blinked, looked at the sky, and said, “Alright, then follow me. If you feel unwell, let me know.”

“Dont worry. Ill be fine.” Luo Jinan looked indifferent as he continued to walk forward.

Su Binglan looked at Luo Jinans figure and felt that he was a very tenacious person. Looking at Luo Jinans figure and thinking of the wounds on his body, Su Binglan suddenly became curious about his past experiences.

What exactly did he experience

Since Luo Jinan had experienced so much pain, he could follow Su Binglan to the back of the mountain with barely any issues even though his body was in a terrible condition.

Is it because Luo Jinan is numb, or the pain he feels now cant compare to the pain he experienced in the past

Su Binglan became increasingly curious at this thought. She wanted to know what happened to Luo Jinan and almost asked him. However, she accidentally fell when she got distracted by her thoughts.


Luo Jinan was walking beside her, so she naturally reached out to catch Su Binglan.

Su Binglan fell into Luo Jinans arms, but since the inertia of her fall was too strong, and the path was rocky, Luo Jinan couldnt hold on to Su Binglan firmly.

Both fell to the side, but Luo Jinan instinctively protected Su Binglan.


The two fell to the ground heavily.

“Ugh!” Luo Jinan grunted.

Su Binglan was fine since Luo Jinan protected her. Hearing Luo Jinans grunt, Su Binglan hurriedly got up, looked at him, and asked, “A-Are you okay, Jinan”

Luo Jinan frowned. Even when he frowned, he was handsome. But Su Binglan couldnt care less about appreciating the mans good looks. She knew Luo Jinan was in great pain.

Su Binglan quickly got up and pulled Luo Jinan up. Then she saw a few stones on his back.

Luo Jinan fell on the stones to protect me.

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Su Binglan almost fell onto a large rock, but Luo Jinan was quick to react.

“You must be in terrible pain right now.” Su Binglan felt guilty.

She reached out to remove Luo Jinans shirt as she spoke, wanting to see how badly Luo Jinan injured his back.

Luo Jinan immediately pressed Su Binglans hand down and asked in a deep voice, “What are you doing”

Su Binglan felt that Luo Jinan held her hand too hard, and she couldnt break free. “Let me see if your back is hurt.”

Luo Jinan said lightly, “Im fine. Its just a minor injury.”

Su Binglan replied, “Thats not a minor injury!”

After that, Su Binglan looked at Luo Jinans indifferent expression. She realized something and said, “You must have suffered a lot in the past, huh”

Upon hearing this, Luo Jinans body trembled. He lowered his head and remained silent.

Su Binglan noticed Luo Jinans depressed expression and apologized, “I-Im sorry. I didnt mean anything by those words. Did my words trigger some bad memories”

Luo Jinan said, “I-Its nothing. Thats all in the past now.”

Luo Jinan knew Su Binglan was clever when he saw her expression.She mustve found out something about me.

“Werent we almost at the back of the mountain Lets continue our journey,” Luo Jinan said to change the topic.

Su Binglan knew Luo Jinan didnt want others to know his secrets.

“Can I take a look at your back I want to see if its bleeding.”

Luo Jinan got injured because of Su Binglan, but she couldnt leave him to suffer and wanted to make sure he was okay.



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